Crazy traffic light regulation: If you drive over yellow, you lose your driver’s license


If you drive over yellow, you lose your driver’s license

Crazy traffic light regulation: If you drive over yellow, you lose your driver's license-light

In the Chinese capital Beijing, there is a dense crowd in the city center at almost any time of the day, with a number of traffic fatalities every year. Whether that is with the gelb violation changes, has yet to be revealed

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In China, drivers are being shackled. Since the beginning of the year, the authorities have been punishing crossing a traffic light when it is yellow. This is how speeders should be stopped, but now there is chaos at intersections.

E.A new traffic light regulation is causing displeasure among Chinese drivers. Since the beginning of the year, the traffic authorities in China have been punishing driving over a yellow traffic light just as harshly as it is red.

This is intended to discipline road users. The driver then risks six points in the offender’s register. At twelve points, the driver’s license is gone for the time being. A one-week follow-up training is then required to get it back. The WDR reports.

The tightening of the traffic rules should reduce the number of road deaths. Every year around 60,000 people die in traffic accidents in China. According to the authorities, the number of accidents in the first three days after the introduction of the regulation fell by 22 percent compared to the same period last year.

Traffic jams already at green

Drivers, on the other hand, consider the new regulation to be too strict and even counterproductive. Two small inattentions are enough to lose your driving license. In addition, the traffic slows down so much that many road users approach an intersection only very slowly, even when it is green, so as not to take any risks. There were also frequent emergency stops at traffic lights, which increased the risk of rear-end collisions.

In large parts of China, the authorities suspended the change on the first day. The official reason is that the surveillance cameras at the traffic lights would first have to be changed.

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