Cupra Born (2021) with 204 hp can be preconfigured immediately

Cupra Born (2021) with 204 hp can be preconfigured immediately-2021

After Volkswagen with the ID.3 is the VW subsidiary CUPRA DRAN: With the Born named after a district of Barcelona, Seats sports mark sends the first fully electric model into the race. He is intended to promote the expansion of the brand in new markets and enable an efficient and more sustainable sales model. The similarity to the VW ID.3 is unmistakable, yet the Spaniard acts clearly extroverted and not least even sportier. By the way, the Wolfsburger also comes from the technology. By the way, based on the MEB platform of the VW Group, the Born is the first model of the brand, which is delivered CO2-neutral (net). The born will be available with two power levels: 110 kW (150 hp) and 150 kW (204 hp). The latter version is now from 37.220 euros preconfigurable!

This is only 260 euros more expensive than the ID.3 Pro with Performance Upgrade and Self-Specification (36.960 Euro). Among other things, the paint color “Vaport Gray” and 18-inch alus called “Cyclone” are included in the base price of the sports SEAT. Also possible are 19 or 20 inch rims for up to 1.350 Euro extra. Metallic paints are between 600 and 900 euros. There are some extra charge option packages with lots of amenities that are so “in” today – such as an ar-head-up display for 990 euros. Lots of connectivity and assistance systems, such as a partial autonomous driving mode, round off the high-tech cupra if necessary, but then the price tends quickly in the direction of 45.000 EURO. But you should not forget the funding premium, which may be deducted from the total price: the so-called “e-mobility premium” in the case of Born 9.570 euros. It consists of the manufacturer’s share of 3.570 euros gross and the state promotion of 6.000 EURO.

Born mentioned variant is the preliminary PS top model. Whether there is still a stronger variant – maybe even with four-wheel drive, this is not expressed in Barcelona sometimes. However, it is clear that the born, similar to the ID.3, can be configured in the future with a larger battery (77 kWh). Currently, preconfiguration spits only those motorization paired with the 62 kWh Liion battery (gross). As with the ID.3 we speak here of 58 kWh net. Regardless of this, the Born receives an optional e-boost as a unique selling point (special package e-boost only available from the year 2022), which increases the performance for a short time at 170 kW (231 hp). From zero to 50 km / h are then 2.6 seconds in the data sheet and tempo 100 are in 6.6 instead of 7.3 seconds in it. But even without a booster, the Spaniards press the pace. Where other corporate models are committed at 160 km / h top speed, all Born – except for the basic model – may be 180 km / h quickly race.

While the Born is at the best case and with a large battery up to 540 kilometers (according to WLTP) far-around, it is the model 427 mentioned, which is also a configuration-specific value. For maximizing the range – especially with colder temperatures – but always recommends the option of heat pump for 990 euros. While the basic model can be loaded as standard only with 50 kW DC (optional also more), it is 100 kW DC at the 204-hp model with 62 kWh battery. Here is a charging time of 34 minutes in the configuration without extras when the boron of 5 to 80 percent (SOC) is “supplied”. When loading with AC (11 kW) it takes from 0 to 100 percent (SOC) over six hours. With the large 77 kWh battery are like the ID.3 maximum 125-kW in it.

Finally, the first configuration of the Cupra Born shows where the journey goes. Safe is: With the first electric brand of the Spanish VW subsidiary, our streets will be even more exciting in the future. What do you all mean?

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2 thoughts on “Cupra Born (2021) with 204 hp can be preconfigured immediately”

  1. So you have to say, the Born looks like a lot of sharper as the ID3. The ecos may be reflected again, but only so you get people to the e-car. Of course, you can also drive a ugly box, but if I spend so much money, that should I also like the car visually. And the Born does not look bad.

  2. Off Topic ..
    Happened someone information about whether cupra or others plan a retrofit solution for a trailer hitch? The car, Ahk can not, for me an absolute no-go. Bicycle on the roof does not work on the car.
    I’ve been dragged back and forth for months with my decision which car I should lease (buy e-car seems too much in the face of rapid development, keyword u.a. Sodium ion battery). My ‘Idea’ is still why ID4 or Q4 ETRON, if in our driving profile, 95% hometown and surroundings, an ID3 or better a boron with AHK would range. For most long-range leave with four adults and luggage, you can rent more than a rental car from the saved money. And you have fewer problems with our imbalanced narrow parking books all year round.


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