Cupra study “Urban Rebel”: Inspired to the City

Cupra study

With the “Urban Rebelstudy, Cupra has now officially given a view of its expected electric cityscrews on the IAA Mobility for 2025. The concept vehicle interprets this claim almost martial – but is based on corporate information on the identical design as the road version and is based on the MEB E platform of the VW Group.

The three-door equipped with a huge rear wing and thick baking stretches with 4.08 meters a little longer than the current Ibiza. The far exhibited rear wheel archery may perhaps make it almost close to the series, which remains 435 hp drive but probably reserved more motivational activities. Who needs in the city center already an acceleration from zero to 100 in 3.2 seconds?

“Our ambition is to become a fully electric brand by 2030,” Cupra boss announced Wayne Griffiths. “We will bring the Cupra Born to the market this year, 2024 follows the Cupra Tavascan.”Meanwhile, Seat will continue to focus on hybrid vehicles and highly efficient internal combustion engines.

The urban electric vehicle is one of the strategic pillars of the company, so griffiths continue. Together with the VW Group, the Seat brand games a key role here. Target is it, from 2025 in Spain more than 500.000 vehicles per year for different trademarks of the Group to produce. As part of this E-offensive, the company in Spain pursues an ambitious project called “Future: Fast Forward”. After all, Spain is the second largest automobile manufacturer country in Europe.

Griffiths also explained that Cupra continues to exit all expectations in terms of growth. Since its founding three years ago, the brand has more than 100.000 vehicles sold. In the German plant Zwickau already started the production of the BORN – the first fully electric vehicle of the still young company. The philosophy is to unite contemporary performance and electrification in a vehicle.

Cupra Born rings a new era of change in our company and at the same time gives the starting signal for our electrical product offensive,” says Griffiths. With this vehicle, the proportion of CUPRA at the total sales of SEAT increase to 20 percent.

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