Cupra Tavascan Extreme E: Electric by sand and ice

Cupra Tavascan Extreme E: Electric by sand and ice-sand

The manufacturer Cupra has introduced his new concept vehicle for the electric racing series with the “Tavascan Extreme E”. The car is intended to be competitive under the toughest conditions – but also gives a design view of the future production model. The Tavascan is designed and developed after Born as a second purely electric vehicle of the brand in Barcelona. In 2024 he should come to the market in Europe and overseas. For the off-road races, however, he should also optically stand out – whether in the Arctic, in the desert, in front of glaciers or by the sea.

“We are fully behind the project Extreme E”, says Antonino Labat, director of strategy, business development and operations at Cupra. “Electrification, Sustainability, Gender Parity and Diversity – These are the common values that connect Cupra to the Extreme E.”For the extreme off-road vehicle, parts from the 3D printer are also. They can be made in six hours, it says. This allows the racing team to implement any modifications in record time – from smaller repairs after an accident to changes.

“The Tavascan Extreme E is also available for technical progress,” says Xavi Serra, development leader of the Cupra Racing Team. Thus, flax fibers would be used in the carbon elements of the body to improve sustainability. The corresponding exactly the claim race series. The technology is so mature that they could already be used in the production of production vehicles.

The Concept Car is equipped with a 54 kWh battery that is placed behind the cockpit to achieve a balanced weight distribution. It creates the sprint from 0 to Tempo 100 in about four seconds and thus fulfills the regulations of the electric race series. For pilot Jutta Kleinschmidt, still the only woman who could win the Rally Dakar is definitely clear: “I can hardly wait to compete with this newly designed version!”

Even with Abt Sportsline you are full of anticipation. “The development of its own body through the designers and engineers of Cupra is the next step in our close and successful cooperation,” says Managing Director Thomas Biermaier. “The Tavascan Extreme E impresses the smallest detail. Now it’s up to us to get the first trophies soon with this impressive race car.”

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