Cupra will remain loyal to the Extreme E e-rally series in 2022

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Cupra will remain loyal to the Extreme E e-rally series in 2022-extreme

Cupra is committed to Extreme E and will remain on board in 2022: The Spanish brand will continue to work with ABT Sportsline in the racing series for purely electric SUVs and will start in the second season with a racing vehicle based on the Cupra Tavascan Extreme E concept vehicle. That’s what the Challenger brand gave before the finale of the inaugural season on the weekend of 18. and 19. announced in the UK in December. Cupra is therefore also focusing on sustainable motorsport in 2022.

The sporting goal for the ABT Cupra XE team in the second season is also clear: Even more podium places and the attack on the title in the Extreme E. Ahead of the “Jurassic X Prix” at the weekend, ABT Cupra XE and the duo Jutta Kleinschmidt and Mattias EkstrOm are fifth overall. The duo recently celebrated first place on the podium at the event in Sardinia. However, the drivers for the continuation of the project in the 2022 season have not yet been determined and will be announced at a later date.

One thing is certain: an evolutionary stage of the 400 kW (550 hp) e-Cupra ABT XE will be included in the luggage for the new season. Because in 2022 the ABT Cupra XE team wants to start with the Cupra Tavascan Extreme E. The concept vehicle impresses with LED technology and a holistic approach to the use of natural materials. This makes it more sustainable and makes subsequent adjustments and repairs easier. As motorsport traditionally serves as a development laboratory for the road, the new concept vehicle hints at the design language of the future Cupra Tavascan production model. This will be designed and developed in Barcelona as the second all-electric vehicle from the Challenger brand and is scheduled to be launched in 2024.

Extreme E: sustainability, electrification and equality

The Extreme E is not just motorsport, but also a wake-up call with a view to the climate crisis. It is the first racing series born out of concern for the destruction of ecological systems around the world. The aim is to draw attention to regions that are already threatened by climate change with the help of electric races. This is to encourage people to take action to protect the future of our planet. Because the racing series is also based on the values that Cupra, according to its own statement, also relies on: electrification, sustainability and equality.

The Extreme E is a powerful blend of exciting sports action and science education to accelerate the adoption of electric cars to reduce carbon emissions and achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

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