Cyber Security: New standard should “black shop” complicate

Cyber Security: New standard should

The Association of Electrical Engineering Electronics Information Technology (VDE) has published a new standard for the requirements of authentication to chargers. It should copy the copying and manipulation of RFID cards and thus the problem of “black shop” almost impossible. This reports “ “Calling on Association. The application rule “VDE-AR-E-2532-100” includes a solution developed by the companies Ebee and Wirelane with the RFID card manufacturer NXP Semiconductors. There is thus minimum requirements for a trusted and safe charging authorization, it means.

Cyber security is also a topic of charging columns, explains the VDE. Thus, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) warned that the fast expansion of the charging infrastructure is not sufficiently paid for protection against hackers. As an example, the black shop was called by means of easy-to-manipulating or copiable loading cards.

This problem is solved by the use of asymmetric cryptography, explain the responsible persons for the new standard. In the development of the solutions, too, a backward compatibility should be paid to currently in the field of charging solutions in Europe. So in the future there is the possibility to load through software updates of the Bender charging controller – without installation of new card reader – directly with new, secure RFID transponders to load. Existing backend systems must not be adjusted or reprogrammed according to the partners. The solution also enables known mechanisms such as whitelisting, offline operation and roaming in the market.

“The topic of loading infrastructure is currently developing very dynamic and in addition to a nationwide, rapid expansion, we attach great importance to the topic of cyber security, in addition to the topic of electrical safety,” says the VDE. “Due to the definition of minimum requirements in standards and standards, we create the basis for the most fast and interoperable startup of electromobility in the field.”

At Wirelane, the standard-compliant implementation according to the new VDE application rule is already at all charging points of the “Light & Charge” series, it says. Existing customers offer the manufacturer the free exchange of the previous charging cards against new NXP charging cards.

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