Cyclists are reckless mentally ill people


I have a problem with cyclists

Cyclists are reckless mentally ill people-Hedgehog versus rabbit bike versus

A red traffic light does not always automatically mean a stop signal for cyclists

Source: picture alliance / dpa Themendie

No matter what you write about drivers and cyclists – there is trouble. Therefore: Cyclists are reckless mentally disturbed people, with one leg in jail and the other in the coffin. A polemic.

W.If all cyclists were militant car haters, I would even have a limited understanding of the anarchy they cause in road traffic. But most cyclists also regularly own and use their own car. Why only do they behave the way they do on the bike??

I would say at least 30 percent of all adult cyclists don’t use their lights. Oh what: 50 percent. In any case, I constantly come across lightless wheels in the dark, not infrequently I only see them at the last moment.

A classic cyclist goes like this: Oh, I’ll just roll down a one-way street in the wrong direction in the dark without lights, and I ride hands-free because it’s so cold and I’ve put my hands in the pockets of my pitch-black jacket. The drivers will notice that. And you have to be considerate, because I am so weak and small.

1.50 meters distance? Not this time

The other day I saw a particularly insane variant: A cyclist was out and about on a four-lane city street in the busy evening rush hour traffic. Dressed in dark, but at least with light and in the right direction. Standing on the pedals, he gave everything – but more than 25 km / h was not possible. The line of cars behind him grew longer and longer.

Germany’s cities are so unfriendly to cyclists

The ADAC has tested twelve German cities for their bicycle friendliness. The result: the conditions are inadequate. Dortmund and Dresden did the worst. Source: Reuters

Needless to say, there was a bike path that our cyclist could have used. As it was, however, he had to experience how the cars gradually pushed past him very closely. 1.50 meter safety distance? No way, he didn’t deserve it either. For my part, I even honked at him while overtaking, but he didn’t notice that – the headphones.

It’s not much better on a bright day. Have you ever noticed that cyclists do not stop at red lights, or only very reluctantly? That spoils the flow for them, and most of them don’t even reduce their speed, but glide past the stationary cars, just twitch their heads very slightly to the right and left and don’t care much about pedestrians.

They don’t do that anyway. They squeal loudly about the wicked motorists who are using their devil machines to dispute their space on the street. But when it comes to showing consideration for the weaker ones yourself, they are as sensitive as Attila, the king of the Huns.

There is an explanation for all of this

Cyclists prefer to walk on the sidewalks because they cannot be harmed by common cars. The few pedestrians should just jump aside. Or just go on, you will drive around them in such a way that nothing happens.

The dangers of opening the door

Cyclists are reckless mentally ill people-cyclists

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Zulfikar Celik has opened the door of his VW Golf when a cyclist rolls up and …

Source: Stefan Anker

Cyclists are reckless mentally ill people-Hedgehog versus rabbit bike versus

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… has to evade so that he doesn’t …

Source: Stefan Anker

Cyclists are reckless mentally ill people-reckless

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… drives into the door. The situation is posed for the photo and, according to Celik’s invention, could be considerably defused if every car opened a door …

Source: Stefan Anker

Cyclists are reckless mentally ill people-Finally green wave cyclists coming

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… would flash automatically. According to Celik, other road users would see the flashing light much sooner than the small red warning light in the door, which is located very low. But cyclists

Source: Stefan Anker

Cyclists are reckless mentally ill people-mentally

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… sit much higher than drivers; the door light, unlike the indicator, is barely in their field of vision.

Source: Stefan Anker

I doubt everyone can follow me, and I’m sure some are already checking to see if Grandpa’s gun is still in the kitchen drawer. But before you do something you later regret, I have an explanation for all of this horrific wrongdoing. And I have a peace plan.

The explanation is simple: whoever sits on a bicycle sees so infinitely more of their surroundings than the driver that they think they are godlike. In fact, from a height of just under two meters, the viewing angle is significantly larger, and there are no A, B or C pillars in the way. You can see to the horizon and you can assess traffic situations better than anyone else.

This security advantage, which is a human weakness, is immediately offset by an increased willingness to take risks. It’s like when they invented ABS for cars: The first buyers of the first ABS model (Ford Scorpio, by the way) received discounts from their insurance companies. However, these offers were quickly withdrawn because the ABS drivers believed they had better brakes and therefore drove faster.

Aggressive victim posture

But while motorists can throw themselves into the arms of their crumple zones and airbags in an emergency, cyclists are defenseless. May the silly helmets really protect your head, but who or what will take care of the rest?

Hedgehog versus rabbit, bike versus car

Bicycle versus Porsche 911. Where? In Berlin, from Alexanderplatz to Sanssouci in Potsdam. When? May 23rd. More about this from now on at Today we introduce the courageous cyclist: writer, ex-mechanic and intellectual Iron Man Ralf Bont. Source: The World

Cyclists are not stupid (just stupid), they know full well that their body would not be able to withstand a collision with a car. However, you do not draw the conclusion from this that you are cautious and defensive, but rather increase yourself into an aggressive victim attitude. I’m dead, but I had the right of way, you idiot – that’s the attitude with which they put on the clips in the morning.

This posture is never given up while you are in the saddle. How else would you explain the casual driving over red or the sudden pivoting into the middle of the lane in preparation for the left turn. Look back? Right or Left? The driver can kindly take care of me. And when in doubt, he bears a good part of the blame anyway – the operational hazard of the automobile is a classic of the jurisprudence.

Driving test now with video

With clips like this one should test the driver’s license knowledge. The question is, why do you have to wait here? Because of a) the cyclist, b) the children, c) the van? (correct: a and b)

Aside from the fact that I really don’t believe in the principle of being dead but being right – it would be a lot easier. Cyclists don’t even have to give up their fundamental contempt for motorists and can still cycle to their destination in a more relaxed manner. The magic word is: distrust.

Never overtake a right turn on the right

Drivers are mindless idiots who drive notoriously too fast, do not follow any rules and are on the hunt for fresh cyclist blood with 1500 kilos of sexual enhancer around them. You think so, dear cyclists, but anyway. Then just act accordingly.

When I ride a bike, which is not the rule, but does happen, then not only do I not ride in red. I even look left and right on green to see if some madman has drawn one line of coke too many and is blindfolded Dealer is looking for. I already do this in the car and I do it three times on the bike.

I also don’t ride on the road if there is a bike lane. Because I know that no car driver will keep the 1.50 meter safe distance anyway. For the same reason, I don’t ride next to a well-known cyclist to entertain myself. I cycle behind and call.

Russian roulette when turning

I also do not overtake a line of cars turning right, only to continue straight on. This really is Russian roulette – I would never expect anyone to pay as much attention as one demands of a turning driver.

This is the man who invented the net pillory

With a new app, cyclists and pedestrians can now report parking offenders to the public order office. Heinrich Strossenreuther calls it self-defense against the failure of the authorities – critics speak of Stasi methods. Source: The World

And I know you cyclists are annoyed again now. Because I advise you to back off and let the cars take the place of the fittest. Right, you can see it that way. So from now on I’m fighting with you for more bike paths, everywhere, if you like. Economic stimulus package three for bike lanes! Away with the debt brake, in with new bike paths!

Because I am really interested in the fact that we live in peace with one another, that you are happy. Before anyone of you comes up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintroducing Tempo 30 on all roads.

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