Dacia Jogger: Giant family carriage at a mini price

Dacia jogger

Giant family carriage at the mini price: New Dacia van on the IAA

Dacia Jogger: Giant family carriage at a mini price-dacia
Dacia Dacia jogger

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

The car originally operated under the name "Bigster", Now Dacia’s new Maxi van comes as "jogger" With seven seats and enough space for the whole family. There are small petrol engines and hybrids under the hood, a diesel rather not. The first information.

If Dacia pulls the cloth off the car on the former car and now mobility fair IAA Mobility in Munich, it will offer a real special feature: it will be one of the very few innovations on the show that does not drive with an electric drive. The German car manufacturers in particular – and apart from them there are not many large exhibitors at the trade fair – drive only with electric cars.

IAA: combustioners remain the exception

BMW actually wanted to show other models in his home game in addition to its electrical i4 and the IX as well as a new study. However, according to information from the industry, there was concern at the company’s headquarters that burners no longer arrive well on the crazy IAA . So you actually pulled back cars like the new 2 or some SUVs from the exhibition.

This does not have much to do with reality on German roads, which is still dominated by petrol engines and diesels. But that could change in a few years, and the IAA wants to swing in the new line completely. Anyone who as a visitor stands on e -mobile – or just want to try one – has the opportunity to do so in Munich: on the "Blue Lane", A lane reserved for electric cars through the city, you can test vehicles.

Korea SUV clears Audi and VW-price-performance ratio is unbeatable

Dacia Jogger: Giant family carriage at a mini price-family

Site Korea SUV clears Audi and VW-price-performance ratio is unbeatable

Dacia Jogger: New Maxi SUV

The 4.55 meter Dacia jogger, on the other hand, is very classic – with a petrol engine. The wheelbase of 2.90 meters and the height of 1.63 meters are two indications of how the space equation should rise. A first sitting test verified the result. The third row is not only suitable for the F-youth, also adults with a height of 1.85 meters find space. A trip from Munich to Hamburg will not be the pure pleasure, but there are always short -haul routes in it.

Dacia Jogger: Giant family carriage at a mini price-giant
The Jogger Photo: Dacia offers up to seven seats Dacia Jogger – Place for seven

If you are only traveling in pairs, fit 1.819 liters in the trunk. With five seats it is 565 liters and 160 liters with full seating. To get a flat loading area, you have to fold up the seat cushions vertically. If the space is not enough, the roof railing can be transformed into a roof rack with 80 kilograms of load capacity.

Many parts of the Dacia Sandero

In the interior, the jogger cannot deny its origin. The new Dacia shares the CMF platform with the Sandero and therefore also the instrument panel including a touchscreen with a size of up to eight inches. In addition there are some shelves in the interior that have a volume of 24 liters, including a lockable glove compartment that holds seven liters. In addition to the infotainment, the jogger offers an LED reputable light, on request, a automatic climate automatic, seat heating, a dead angle warning or a keyless GO function.

Dacia Jogger: Giant family carriage at a mini price-carriage
Dacia/dpa-tmn Rustic family transport: The Jogger from Dacia in off-road look offers seven seats, but gives away all-wheel drive.

At the market launch, there are two charged Anti-liter three-cylinder petrol engines to choose from. Including the newly developed TCE 110 full aluminum unit. The engine has low -friction coatings of the trucks and centrally placed in the combustion chamber injection nozzles. In addition there are the partially cylinder head integrated exhaust manifold, the variable adjustment of the intake and the need -controlled oil pump. This technology package results in an output of 81 kW / 110 hp, a maximum torque of 200 Newton meters at 2.900 rpm and low consumption.

Dacia Jogger: Giant family carriage at a mini price-family
Three options for multimedia Photo: Dacia Dacia Jogger – Place for seven

The alternative is the TCE 100 ECO-G. As the name already illustrates, this is a bivalent engine that can also be operated with LPG (LPG). The jogger should consume 7.6 l / 100 km with this engine and so more than 1.Come 000 kilometers. In order for this to work, two tanks are installed. In addition to the 50 liter petrol container. At the beginning of 2022, the Dacia e-friends will get their money’s worth with a full hybrid variant of the jogger. The drive train of the HEV version is taken over by the Renault Clio, so the range should be a similar one.


The CMF-B platform of the Renault-Nissan Group on which the new Dacia is supposed to build up also enables electrification. The jogger would then be optionally available as a plug-in hybrid model. All -wheel drive would even be feasible via an electrical rear axle, similar to the Opel Grandland X Hybrid. The catch: This would probably be too expensive for the Dacia Bigster. So it looks more like that the Bigster will only exist with front -wheel drive. Against a plug-in hybrid also speaks that Dacia specifies the consumption of the car with 6.1 to 8.5 liters per 100 km/h-so that sees a lot after a normal petrol engine and maximum one "Mild"-Hybrid from.

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Dacia Jogger: Giant family carriage at a mini price-giant

Dining Quickly prepared: You only need a few ingredients for this peanut butter bread

Save time and dishes: delicious one-pot pizza bars are quickly prepared

Dacia Jogger: Giant family carriage at a mini price-giant

Dining Save time and dishes: delicious one-pot pizza bars are quickly prepared

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  1. Full hybrid is only available in 2023…
    …not 2022 for the jogger. That’s a shame, but the wait is worth it. Because the 140PS enable … …not 2022 for the jogger. That’s a shame, but the wait is worth it. Because the 140PS system performance enable rapid acceleration in mixed operation and swimming comfortably on the highway without sports impact on 70% electric motor trips in the city. The Clio e tech has already proven this from which the system comes. The jogger is already a great car for everyone who still buy a car for a real utility value and not to calm down any stupid eco. Speed is families with 2 children and 700 liters of trunk for folding strollers, the main thing is space. And the expensive designer SUV of the Premium brands no longer have that. The jogger will go away like cut bread! Also Z.B. For artisans, dog owners, anglers, etc.

  2. An inlet three -cylinder with 110 hp
    In a car of this size with seven seats? And that should still consume little. Whoever believes is to blame yourself. We prefer not to ask for durability at all. Nobody has to tell me that the 200.000 holds through. The engine is overwhelmed with such a car, especially if fully occupied on a long journey. This downsizing is a nonsense before the Lord.

  3. With Dacia on war foot?
    With Dacia, Sebastian Viehmann doesn’t seem to have it that way. Yesterday the jogger’s claim was the car, which was announced as a bigster. Today again Bigster in the jogger article and then any claims about a plug-in hybrid, with Dacia clearly announcing a full hybrid today (technology from the Clio). With all the sympathy for Mr. Viehmann, but quality in reporting is not exactly … the more the jogger is a real announcement! In times of large SUVs with a small utility value, Dacia presents a car with a large useful value at a small price. Brave and refreshing against the zeitgeist. Can I have some more, please!

  4. Bigster
    Dear editor, dear reader, no panic, the right bigster is still coming, hopefully also after de, despite ‘electrical hysteria. The ‘jogger’ is more likely to replace the former ‘McV’!

  5. progress
    Thus, politics and uneducated, huepic children hinder the progress in the area of locomotion and reach the climate goals. So, with electricity and the lack of power supply, the unlooability of the problem that there is far too little electricity as an energy carrier and will be available for the next few years, it will never be something in Germany. And the "stupid" buerger must pay for its hard -earned money the electricity that has to be imported from abroad. It can all be a single Boeser dream. Where is the good fairy (because of the gender it can be a he) and the Germans are awake again?

  6. If you already delete…
    Then please delete Mr. Ebinger’s comment too. We still have freedom of expression in Germany that Mr. Ebinger would probably not want to see in Germany anymore. Apparently he just wants to read opinions that fit into his world view.

  7. If there is z.B. …
    -There are small petrol engines and hybrids under the hood, a diesel rather not.- … The Duster Motors get in is likely to be diesel, on the other hand, the 1.3 liter petrol engine is one reason to look at it at all! Even as a hybrid!


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