Dacia jogger in the first test

Driving report Dacia Jogger TCE 110

More car for money is not possible: Dacia’s new family van in the test

Dacia jogger in the first test-first
Manufacturer Dacia jogger

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Dacia replaces the Lodgy and the MCV by the jogger. Apparently with success: much more car for manageable money is not possible. Site has already tested the car.

Dacia replaces the Lodgy and the MCV with the jogger and does a lot right. Much more car for manageable money does not work. Site has already tested the car.One for two. So the motto for the Dacia Jogger could be. Because the crossover of the Renault subsidiary replaces an established duo with the Lodgy and the MCV. The streamlining of the model range makes sense from an economic point of view, since this measure costs are saved. Especially since the jogger is only available as a LPG version with 74 k / 101 hp and with a three-cylinder petrol engine with 81 kW / 110 hp. An automatic is searched for in vain, the six -speed transmission is operated by hand. You won’t find an automatic in the equipment list in vain.

Electrical? Nothing there – small petrol engine, little consumption

What could be more obvious with the continued SUV and crossover hype than giving the jogger a rustic off-road look. This also fits the leisure dynamic name of the new. The two pounds with which the Dacia jogger prolifer is the place and the price. Whoever is satisfied with five seats pays at least 14.490 euros, the LPG version costs 500 euros less. Thanks to bivalent drive with a 40 liter LPG and 50 liters of petrol, this model comes up to 1000 kilometers according to product manager Andrea Guinea.

Dacia jogger in the first test-Korea clears Audi VW-price-performance ratio
Manufacturer Dacia jogger

If you want the seven -seater, you have to at least 15.290 euros (81 kW / 110 hp petrol engine) or 14.Lie down 790 euros (LPG version). The jogger fans have to wait until next year for a hybrid (HEV). A PHEV version is also feasible and will come, after all, the jogger shares the CFM-B platform with the Sandero and the Renault Clio. “The plug-in hybrid only comes when it is absolutely necessary and the market requires it. Our customers do not pay extra for this, ”explains the global product manager Xavier Martinet with refreshing openness.

Dacia jogger in the first test-first
Manufacturer Dacia jogger: trunk

Seven seats, lots of space, large trunk

The crossover also offers a lot. "With the jogger, Dacia reinvented the seven-seat family vehicle," explains Dacia boss Denis Le Vot. A daring statement that only receives substance if the two extra chairs are more than just emergency seats. Since the Dacia is comparatively short with a length of 4.55 meters, the interior designers are not allowed to waste a centimeter space in the interior. The seat test is right to the Dacia boss. In the third row, adults with a height of 1.85 meters can also be found. A trip from Garmisch to Flensburg is not necessarily a pleasure, but there are always short -haul routes in it.

Korea SUV clears Audi and VW-price-performance ratio is unbeatable

Dacia jogger in the first test-test

Site Korea SUV clears Audi and VW-price-performance ratio is unbeatable

In addition, the luggage compartment is still quite variable. When the seat is full, the trunk shrinks to a manageable 160 liters, with five seats it is already a decent 565 liters. To get a flat loading area, you have to fold up the seat cushions vertically or completely remove the last row. This is easy to do, as a chair weighs less than ten kilograms. If you are only traveling in pairs, the capacity grows to at least 1.807 liters (five -seater 1.819 liters). The two back rows disappeared, the loading area is two meters long and one meter wide. This means that the often quoted shelf can be stowed in the jogger. If that’s not enough or go on vacation with the family, the roof rail can be transformed into a roof rack with 80 kilograms of load load with a few simple steps. Sounds somehow like Simply Clever, it is too.

A lot of hard plastic, but clever details

In the interior, the jogger cannot deny its origin. The new Dacia shares the CMF -B platform with the Sandero and therefore also the instrument panel including a touchscreen with a size of up to eight inches. The operation of the infotainment system does not give up very big puzzles and if necessary you can integrate your smartphone with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The interior is not necessarily a leather oasis, rather dominates hard plastic, but fabric applications loosen up this ambience. Small things like a hook for the bag on the passenger side and a smartphone holder including the USB-A connection next to the monitor are positive.

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Dacia jogger in the first test-clears Audi VW-price-performance ratio unbeatable

Site Germany’s cheapest van in the big video test

In addition there are some shelves in the interior that have a total volume of 23 liters, including a lockable glove compartment that holds seven liters. In addition to the infotainment, the jogger offers an LED reputable light, on request, among other things, a automatic climate automatic, a seat heating, a dead-angle warning, a reversing camera with parking sensors at the front and back or a keyless GO function. They are standard+ as standard when it comes to the top equipment. Of course, the seats could offer more side stop, the leg covering longer and the cushions an idea thicker, but for less than 19.000 euros you get a lot of car and we have completed a good 200 kilometers without getting back pain.

This is how Dacias Jogger drives

The jogger is the first Dacia with the newly developed TCE 110 full aluminum unit. The Anti-liter three-cylinder has low-friction coatings of the bush bushes and centrally placed in the combustion rooms. In addition, there is the partially cylinder head integrated exhaust manifold, a variable adjustment of the intake shaft and the need -controlled oil pump. The three -cylinder engine is not a quiet treter, but gets along well with the crossover weighing just 1280 kilograms.

Dacia jogger in the first test-jogger
Manufacturer Dacia Jogger: Cockpit

However, we were on the road alone, if the cast is full, the unit should be a little more difficult. Anyone who likes to use the six -speed manual circuit makes it easier for the jogger to make progress due to the maximum torque of 290 Newton meters, which is 2.900 rpm. After 11.2 seconds the Jogger reaches country road pace and is a maximum of 183 km/h. However, the sixth gear is translated quite long and is best suited for level stretches. Dacia specifies 5.7 liters per 100 kilometers as an average consumption. We only needed 0.6 liters more on our first test drive. Anyone who fancy the big family adventure can now look around at the Dacia dealer from March.

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Dacia jogger in the first test-first

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Type Dacia Jogger TCE 110
engine Three-cylinder turbo gasoline engineer
Displacement (cm3) 999
Performance in PS (KW) at U/Min-1 110 (81) at 5000
Max. Torque (nm) at UMin-1 290 Nm at 2900 rpm
Speed (km/h)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec.))) 11.2
transmission 6-speed manual circuit
drive Front -wheel drive
Fuel great
Consumption EU third mix (L/100 km) 5.7
CO2 emissions (g/km) 130
Length (mm) 4547
width (mm) 1784
Height (mm) 1674
Weight, manufacturer-
Specification (KG)
Max. Payload (kg) 582
Price (euro) 18.790.00 €
Exhaust gas standard Euro 6 d

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