Dacia Spring Electric: 1.000 Pre-orders for the affordable E-SUV

Dacia Spring Electric: 1.000 Pre-orders for the affordable E-SUV-affordable

16 years after their market entry in Western Europe, the Renault daughter Dacia starts with the first purely electric spring in the electromobility. The launch in Germany is provided for autumn 2021. The E-SUV promises no less than “electromobility for all”.

The electric City SUV in the entry-level version “Comfort” should already start 20.490 euros available. Less the 9000 euro environmental bonus and value added tax savings of 570 euros (subject to inclusion in the list of eligible vehicles through BAFA, application process continuously) starts the spring at only 10.920 euros and is one of the most affordable electric cars in the German market.

That this price placement arrives can be seen at the pre-orders. To date, in Germany already over 1.000 pre-orders received. From now on, orders can be recorded directly at the market. The price of the equipment offered in this frame “Comfort Plus” is 21.790 euros.

Among other things, the Spring offers a 7-inch Navi with touchscreen and smartphone connection, a parking assistance with reversing camera and metallic painting. There are also orange design accents in interior and exterior. For a surcharge, a CCS quick load option with 30 kW charging power is available. With 230 kilometers in the mixed WLTP cycle and 305 kilometers in WLTP-City mode, the Dacia Spring allows everyday reaches in city traffic. We could already convince ourselves.

Even before the official market launch in autumn, the new Dacia Spring will be available from June in a so-called business version for customer test rides for participating Dacia partners in Germany. This variant is used in other European countries as car hire and car sharing.

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4 thoughts on “Dacia Spring Electric: 1.000 Pre-orders for the affordable E-SUV”

  1. If you get in mind what hype was made around the spring .. and then just 1000 pre-orders. A sad event.
    From e-upmiigo, just about 3500 cars per month are approved in 2021.
    The e-twingo does not run even though he is so cheap and the fans claim that you never need more than 80km real range anyway anyway.

    RENAULT INCL. Dacia has a problem.

  2. You can not argue about taste, but so we do not think of the design of the design.
    As far as the maue number of pre-orders is concerned, my tip of too small battery – nothing for commuters like me (with us in the settlement some dacias)

    Should Dacia be offering V2H and still optionally a larger battery pack … why not?!
    I can only repeat myself again and again – all the electronic gadgets such as tracking assisis, autonomous driving, etc need electricity that reduces the range
    If I want to be driven, I call a taxi.

    If VW does not make a car to offer for motorists, then it could become a Dacia for MCH .. Honestly, I’m waiting for the R5 &# 128521;

  3. So I think that’s the fact that he just can not be considered, and you can not make a test drive, a problem is.

    In addition, he is already a bit smaller than the Sandero, which is a pity, would rather rebuild the Sandero as electric. Nevertheless, I think that I will buy one, as a second car he is ideal, shopping, or even medium route down from 75-80 km into an abandonment are easily possible.

    I looked at one at the WE, and to the VW ID3 I only find the sitting a bit cramped, the materials are the same, and the Navi seems to be the same. at least very similar. Only for acceleration and range there are clear deductions, but still I would be ideal as a board or housewives car.

    I currently drive an old Opel Agila as a second car and Find Spring actually feels identical in any respect. Also while driving.

    For the price is the car Top I really have to say, you can not compare stop 11000 with 30000. Although VW, as I said, uses the same materials in the interior.


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