Daimler: Battery recycling plant in Kuppenheim

Daimler: Battery recycling plant in Kuppenheim-battery

The Daimler Group wants to build a factory for battery recycling in Kuppenheim, Baden-Wurttemberg. The company has now officially confirmed this. There had been rumors about this for some time, but the decision on a location had not yet been made. According to Daimler, the start in Kuppenheim is planned for 2023. With the project, the carmaker wants to prepare for the growing number of batteries to be recycled. “Looking at the life cycle of electric vehicles, significant amounts of material to be recycled can be expected in the 2030s,” says Daimler. Only then will a large proportion of the delivered e-vehicles have reached their useful life.

However, the group still does not provide information on the scope of the recycling factory. Kuppenheim was initially mentioned as a possible location for a pilot project – but the later factory for recycling on a larger scale should be built elsewhere, it was said. Like “electrive.net” with reference to the “Badisches Tagblatt”, the Mercedes-Benz Group AG and Daimler Truck Holding AG have founded Licular GmbH with headquarters in Kuppenheim. The spin-off and spin-off report, which is intended to regulate the demerger of the Daimler Group in mid-December, states: “In the future, both Daimler Truck AG and Mercedes- Benz AG will each have a 50 percent stake.”

The research factory is therefore considered agreed, according to the newspaper. Although there are still several variants, such as the area between Gaggenau-Bad Rotenfels and Bischweier already mentioned in March, there are increasing signs that Kuppenheim once again has the best chances. It is said that an area of 11.3 hectares east of the pressing plant should be involved.

It is also unclear how many jobs will be created in the pilot and subsequent control factory. The mayor of Kuppenheim is said to have spoken of around 1,000 new jobs that could arise if the district were successful. Like “electrive.net” also citing “BT”, Daimler assumes that there will be 50 jobs in the pilot factory and 150 jobs in regular operation.

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