Daimler CEO strives ionity 2.0-quicker network on

Daimler CEO strives ionity 2.0-quicker network on-board member easy fast load

If you want to break a discussion in the electromobility community from the fence, then the ionity rapid store network is enough to mention. Not only E motorists, like you and me, have made their experiences with it. Also VW boss Herbert this has evidenced the ionity shop network. Not just friendly. And yet it seems to find his advocates. Mercedes boss Ola Kallenius Strive even a version 2.0 of the quick-release network.

At the IAA in Munich, he expressed itself as follows to ionity: “We are a founding member of Ionity and I have to congratulate the team: Ionity has reached the destination set at the beginning. And that was to build a European rapid store network along the highways. I charate regularly at ionity, it works outstanding. And with our latest vehicles such as the EQs or the EQE with the plug-and-batch functionality, it even creates a five-year-old child or a Daimler board member, easy and fast to load!”

The latter remark could be quite understood as a side block to industry colleagues, which on his Italy vacation with the VW ID.3 did not have such positive experiences. On LinkedIn he heard his voice hearing: “Too few charging points at the burner! Only 4 – clear, everyone stops at the shopping center. occupied. So continued to Trento. Even after the criticism last year: no toilet, no coffee, a pillar out of operation / defective, sad matter. This is anything but a premium loading experience, ionity!”So it seems different opinions about the ionity network. Also under the founding members.

However, Kallenius also admits that it can go even better. He underlines this with the following statement on the IAA 2021: “Of course we will be a version 2.0. I can not speak for ionity, but let me put it that way: Mercedes will certainly support another expansion of this network massively!”Most recently, the network got support from Volo, Polestar, Kia and Hyundai, who strengthened the role of ionity for their own models. But EnBW has also decided – after a year-on time – to integrate ionity back into its own offer.

Nevertheless, this does not seem to the Daimler CEO. He shows impatiently and believes that Daimler has reached a point as a manufacturer with their own product offensive one point that is faster than the expansion of the charging infrastructure is preceded. Worldwide. For this reason, one wool worldwide as a group to promote the expansion of the loading infrastructure on a political level. “We always said that we will take care of the products. And we did that. But if our common goal is to build a CO2-free world, the words must now follow the words in terms of charging infrastructure! Here politics and industry need to work hand in hand. As a technology optimist I am absolutely believing that that can work!”Finally, Killenius.

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5 thoughts on “Daimler CEO strives ionity 2.0-quicker network on”

  1. “And with our latest vehicles … it even creates a five-year-old child or a Daimler board member, easy and fast to load!”

    In my time at Daimler we always said a feature must be kif-fair, so for children, idiots and executives. I wonder if Mr. Kallenius is aware of this joke among employees and he actually made an allusion to it in an interview ..

  2. Anyway, it is good that the topic ionity is publicly discussed by CEOs relevant automotive companies. There comes now pressure. For example, it can still not plug every ionity column&Batch.

  3. This says the hard truth and also likes to record what could happen if you do not remain.
    Daimler or BMW likes to praise itself, everything is great what you do and it will be more super.
    Because when I go to the ionity side, I see that you still have not reached that a year late a year and reality shows that more often of 6 or even 4 columns, 1 is not usable.

  4. Here politics and industry need to work hand in hand. That sounds in my ears, like: “Give more funding so we do not have to invest so much and later we earn the money with the columns.”

  5. Ionity is indeed not bad – since without detour directly on the highway and on the whole very reliable.

    But the expansion speed must increase rapidly.


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