Daimler divides trucks and cars: the big Mercedes divorce

Trucks and Mercedes cars

Divorce on Schwabisch – Daimler divides on

Daimler divides trucks and cars: the big Mercedes divorce-cars
Sebastian Gollnow/dpa/archive picture A Mercedes star, the logo of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

The code name is at Daimler "focus" For the division into a car and a truck manufacturer. The actual separation is processed discreetly. Other corporations also dare to break.

Some truck classic cars have already been transferred to the commercial vehicle manufacturer Daimler Truck – otherwise the splitting of the Daimler car company should be sober and without much fuss about the stage. This Wednesday, after a long preparation and green light of the shareholders, it is so far: Daimler Truck with over 100 worldwide.000 employees will be released into entrepreneurial independence for the first time.Mercedes cars and trucks drive separate paths. The mega project ends the common history, which is up to the 19th. Century returns back. The trident star as a trademark is retained to both manufacturers. The image factor should not be underestimated, because the Mercedes-Benz brand is really expensive, according to experts. For example, it is rated by the US advisory company Interbrand with almost $ 51 billion (around 45.2 billion euros). That means eighth place worldwide – among the car manufacturers, only the Japanese competitor Toyota cuts off better.

Daimler Trucks comes to the stock exchange on Friday

The split is also not cheap – it will cost at least 700 million euros. These one -off costs concern, among other things, the division of business with financial services. Daimler Truck is scheduled for Friday next week (10. December) come to the stock exchange. The largest manufacturer of trucks and buses worldwide from its own perspective wants to qualify for the DAX stock exchange index until the end of March. According to the plans, Daimler shareholders are waving a business because they receive additional shares of the commercial vehicle manufacturer.

A long time has been speculated about a possible splitting of the business with truck. Anyone who listens to managers and experts sometimes wonders why the car and truck in Stuttgart were so long for so long. "Trucks and cars are two completely different shops", summarized CEO Ola Kallenius in October.

Corporations could be more susceptible to attempts at takeover

The split is late, but not too late, industry expert Ferdinand DudenhOffer judges. Connecting technologies such as diesel are history. "The similarities between car and truck are as big as the similarities between submarines and aircraft", said the director of the private center Automotive Research (car).

Daimler is not alone in the world of large corporations. Siemens brought medical technology and energy saved to the stock exchange. The US industrial industrial General Electric (GE) is to be broken into three parts. Swabia is about increasing the value of the previous group areas and becoming more competitive. In particular, the previous commercial vehicle division, which has been in the shadow of the prestigious car business for so long, wants to become more profitable.

Of course there are also risks – for example, it is about undesirable influence of major shareholders. The previous group sectors could become more susceptible to attempts at takeover, it is a fear. The entire industry is faced with huge challenges because of billions in investments in electric cars and self-controlled vehicles, which are also associated with dangers. The lack of semiconductors and other electronic components also causes considerable unrest from the manufacturers.

Kallenius wants to profile Mercedes-Benz as a luxury brand

In the remaining car division, Daimler boss Kallenius Mercedes-Benz wants to profile as a luxury brand. This strategic orientation also acts like a return to old values that have moved into the background in decades of visions and expensive expansion projects.

As a form of light, the experts Willi Diez is the former top man Joachim Zahn, who made Daimler a world company in the 1960s and 1970s. "He has created desires where other companies have positioned themselves and profiled as a cheap needs coverer", writes Diez in a still unpublished book about the group with the star. The downside of the era tooth: at that time there were delivery times of up to four years.

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Daimler divides trucks and cars: the big Mercedes divorce-divides

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