Daimler: Electric cars after notification of start delays but in the plan

Daimler: Electric cars after notification of start delays but in the plan-start

At the beginning of the week, the announcement was that the market entry of the Mercedes electric rake “EQ”, as the Handelsblatt knew, was delayed. Due to internal Daimler sources, the Handelsblatt assumed that the SUV EQC will be presented in September, but not as planned at the beginning of 2019, but only in June 2019. Furthermore, also with a shift in the market introduction of the electrified S-Class would be expected.

Daimler were now denied these statements. If it goes to the Stuttgart car manufacturer, the planned market launch of battery-powered luxury cars still lie in the schedule. If the Handelsblatt announces a possible introduction of the EQC for June 2019, Daimler now gives way back that it has not yet set a start date for the EQC model. Thus, both in early 2019, as well as June 2019 or even at the end of 2019 would be conceivable. Everything a little wax soft.

With regard to the development of a plug-in hybrid version of the new S-Class you lie in the plan. Whether and when they actually come to the market will also show. With emerging problems with electrification, however, not only to fight Daimler. Especially the battery production can become the bottleneck, as more and more car manufacturers change their model series on electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.

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