Daimler on the all-electric future: “Faster is better”

Daimler on the all-electric future:

Daimler boss Ola Kallenius makes it clear that Mercedes has recognized the signs of the times. From 2025 almost all investments in drives will flow into electromobility, the Swede announced: “I see the chance that we can become fully electric between 2030 and 2035”. As he continues to perform, one no longer only wants to be a company with a great tradition, but one who works on a great future.

Kallenius demands from his workforce that they bring enough courage for the change to an ambitious electrical course. The opportunities are given for this: “We have a customer structure that can change faster. That’s why we logically find it that a luxury brand should lead this development. Faster is better. We want to make the company ready for a fully electric future at the end of this decade where it allows the markets.”

But he also states that burners will still play a role. In particular, because you have just renewed your own combustion portfolio. For this purpose, the CEO of the Group emphasizes: “We are there on forefront. And we will make many engines fit for Euro 7, but not all. Because electromobility is ramping up. However, where a combustion engine is installed in a Mercedes, it will be competitive.In his view, however, it is imperative that the charging infrastructure also stick to its ramp-up for the ramp-up of e-mobility: “Industry and the state have to work hand in hand,” says Kallenius. He would like the next federal government to “not change too suddenly” funding measures for electromobility. For example, he believes it would be wrong to cancel the purchase premium too early.

They themselves want to do their part, among other things by drastically expanding the IONITY fast charging network. Kallenius has already admitted in the past that things can go even better than has been the case so far. He underlines this with the following statement at the IAA 2021: “Of course we will have a version 2.aim for 0. I can’t speak for Ionity, but let me put it this way: Mercedes will definitely support a further expansion of this network massively!Most recently, the network received support from Volo, Polestar, KIA and Hyundai, who strengthened the role of Ionity for their own models. But EnBW has also decided – after a year’s break – to reintegrate Ionity into its own offering.

The already formulated goal of being climate-neutral by 2039 is a long way off. To do this, you have to be active in a wide variety of areas. Including recycling. Kallenius classifies this as follows: “The car that retires is the virtual mine”, for this reason they are planning their own battery recycling factory in Ruttlingen, for example. But the pressure on the supply chain is also increasing. Of course, they also have to rely on CO2 neutrality so that this runs through the entire chain.

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