Daimler Truck wants to reach transition to E-truck faster than the EU pretends

Daimler Truck wants to reach transition to E-truck faster than the EU pretends-transition

The Technology Board of Daimler Truck, Andreas Gorbach considers it possible that the diesel drive is much faster faster than from the EU to the siding of trucks. The truck manufacturer Daimler Truck, for example, wants to significantly reduce CO2 emissions of its own truck fleet by 2030, as specified by the EU. It is possible to “reach a share of 40, 50 or 60 percent of CO2-neutral battery or fuel cell trucks at our paragraph in the EU until 2030 and then also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions,” Gorbach said the German Press Agency (DPA).

The large range of percentages the Technology Board explains that it is difficult to predict “how electricity and hydrogen prices develop exactly, as the expansion of the infrastructure in both areas precedes and whether politics quickly reach the course for equal competitive conditions Truck sets “.

The EU requires that truck manufacturers need to reduce CO2 emissions of their newly authorized vehicle fleet by 15 percent by 2025 by 2025 and by 2030 by 30 percent, based on the reference period between mid-2019 and mid 2020. With non-compliance threaten high penalties. According to GOBRACH, however, other political decisions and incentives are necessary, so that the change to alternatively driven trucks for the buyers can expect as quickly as possible. However, Gorbach did not provide concrete proposals.

The transition functions on the truck market only, “if the economic added value for the customer is immediately there,” explains Gorbach. This is how “automatically a fast rising market share for climate-neutral drives.”With the car area, the truck industry is not comparable:” We as truck manufacturers can not say like a car premium provider: We now offer only electric vehicles and that costs the customer then a certain amount more per car “.

It is important for the success of the drive transition in the truck market, with battery-electric trucks until the middle of the 2020s and with fuel cell trucks in the course of the second half of the decade the total cost of ownership “to the level of today’s diesel vehicles” will find Gorbach. Because the business aspect is more important than the environmental aspect of many truck customers. Ultimately, “especially that the customer has to have a lot of money in the bag after a few years, in which he has in operation in operation, as he had had it during operation of a diesel truck.”On the other hand, customers may continue to decide on a diesel from some exceptions, as long as the operation of a diesel truck is more economical than that of a fuel cell or battery truck”.

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2 thoughts on “Daimler Truck wants to reach transition to E-truck faster than the EU pretends”

  1. Diesel subsidies (there are those at all? Gasoline trucks are only available in the cold Russia) must of course be deleted immediately.
    Generally, all desired rethink is only about price measures, or. economic incentives. Environmental aspects are also more secondary and cars (of which there are far too many) can not be expensive enough. This is especially true for combustions, but also for the massive electrical SUVs and city off-road vehicles.

    Another measure would be the acquisition of the Japanese model. Inner-city curb parking is not permitted, and the sale / approval of a car requires proof of a parking space.


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