Daimler works with high pressure to serial production of fuel cells

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Daimler works with high pressure to serial production of fuel cells-serial

Fuel cell systems will play an important role in Daimler Truck AG. To create a corresponding basis for this you have the Daimler Truck Fuel Cell GmbH & Co. Kg founded. We were already able to report this in June 2020. Now the company is consistently progressing and drives the series production of fuel cells step by step further. The corresponding know-how of the past ten years is now transferred to the direct preliminary stage of future serial production.

High investment in technology of the future

How to understand the company has invested in new state-of-the-art equipment, which cover each individual process stage of fuel cell production: from the membrane coating via the stack production to the fuel cell aggregate construct. “We pursue the vision of a CO2 neutral transport of the future. The hydrogen-based fuel cell is a central technology of strategic importance “, says Martin Daum, Chairman of the Executive Board of Daimler Truck AG and member of the board of Daimler AG.

Daum also states that they are consistently the way towards mass production of fuel cells and thus absolute pioneering work – “and beyond the vehicle industry. For this we invest a very significant amount in the next few years, “says Daum in his comment. Andreas Gorbach, Head of Daimler Truck Fuel Cell, in turn, to understand that you benefit from the many years of experience of your own experts. “This offers us a huge competitive advantage: As a result, we are already in a position to work very concretely in one of our most important milestones, and the technological template for the series production of fuel cell systems on a large industrial scale”, as the head of Daimler Truck Fuel Cell to understand.

Industry products think as a possible “unfair” advantage in production

Daimler relies on manufacturing technology for high-complex and highly sensitive products for this advancement. Because classic industrial production processes can not be directly transferred to both highly complexes and highly sensitive fuel cell stacks – stacks of fuel cells -. For example, the processing of numerous filigree components takes place in the micrometer range (1 micron = 1 millionthone meter). The smallest contamination could affect the functionality of the fuel cells, which is why a clean room with filtered air is built up for some work steps of the planned pre-production production.

Furthermore, it is so that the optimization of ambient air in production also has a particular importance, since even small variations of temperature and humidity can lead to significant material changes. This would make the further processing in the follow-up processes considerably more difficult. However, the biggest challenge is the achievement of short cycle times, since only such an economic production can be achieved. In order to achieve this, one thinks “industry questionnaire” and tries to use technologies for example from the packaging industry.

Current partnerships & projects

As is known, Daimler Truck AG and the Volvo Group plan to bring heavy fuel cell commercial vehicles in series for demanding and heavy long-distance traffic in the second half of the decade. Quite concrete opportunities for the commercialization of fuel cell technology through the planned joint venture with the Volvo Group shows the cooperation planned by Daimler Truck AG and the British technology company Rolls-Royce PLC in the area of stationary fuel cell systems. The Daimler Truck AG and the British Rolls-Royce PLC (not to be confused with Rolls Royce Motor Cars, since 2000 part of the BMW Group) plan a cooperation on the CO2 neutral emergency power supply of safety-critical facilities, such as data centers, with stationary fuel cell generators.

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7 thoughts on “Daimler works with high pressure to serial production of fuel cells”

  1. A gigantic effort that will never count on. Hydrogen from EE, there are practically not, and he becomes very expensive, so that one is really produced on a large scale. Today’s 9.50, – per kg do not correspond to the actual prices which would have to achieve a free market with duties and taxes.
    The last word have the sediors, because the numbers the bills. In the trade, one turns every € 2 times!

  2. The demand of the Semi of Tesla will exceed production for many years. How far will the Tesla share still rise and where will the other truck farmer be standing with their “dead horses” ?

  3. I find Markus Muller somehow sounds like an old acquaintance – how was your name right now – Oh yes: Egon Meier

  4. The battery rice halves every about 3 years. Until that in 10 years with the fuel cell with today’s battery technique on the market can be competitive, then the kWh in the battery costs just 1/8 from the present price (or you come twice as well as today for 1/4 of today’s price. The train for breast cells in the car (!) has left. To be silent from the charging structure, there is a power loading column massively cheaper in creating and maintenance. But yes, the hope dies last: Just as the Stone Age did not end because of a lack of stones, the oil age will not be over because of missing oil – but simply because of the price – and the price will also turn the H2 the cock.

  5. +1

    Financial problems? Mercedes? Ah … it is pushed on corona.

    Not on incompetent managers, false model policy and horrendous prices … and last but not least how to deal with customers.

  6. Research and develop in all directions, yes. I’m in development (software) and we practice that always. After a certain time, however, a decision must be made where to flow out the resources for implementation. In order to have a competitive product at the end that the coming decades survive then all force must be invested there.

    So why do not set a sign at BMW and Mercedes on the fuel cell ? A counterpole to Tesla and many other startups ? As Tesla relies on the battery ? Both could end up in the end / living side ? If Tesla should fail with his battery because you have set everything to a card, then Tesla will not give anymore and that was the market that has decided that so ? And that says one of the Tesla has been driving for 9 years, never worked with Tesla and never work there and does not have Tesla and other automotives and no hydrogen shares.

    I have my prefersenzes. That’s my right and may name them, but why do not otherwise get a fair chance. Why do you always have to act according to the motto: “Living and dying”. For me, the principle is in the end: “Leave life and life”.

  7. The know-how, which is built at Bev, can be used as well as the FCEV. But this is still the knowledge about the fuel cell. I do not see a contradiction. So far, you also had to be gasoline and diesel, which have many things together and many different ones. In any case, it would not be negligent to deal with fuel cells. In which vehicle types it is used, maybe only at truck, is secondary. The technology does not differ in principle. The rest will rule the market when a significant value was created.


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