Dangerous defects in Germany’s cheapest electric car

Callback for the E.Go

Dangerous defects in Germany’s cheapest electric car

Dangerous defects in Germany's cheapest electric car-defects
Image: Next.E.Go Mobile SE Callback: Several problems with the E.Go

The small car E.Go was once celebrated as innovative with a lot of political support – but the mini -stromer has considerable technical problems. Now the cars have to go to the workshop for eight hours.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. The brand E is immersed in more information.Go in a recall overview. The electrical small car comes from Aachen, more precisely from the local technical university. The outdated manufacturer went into bankruptcy, but found a new investor last year. He now has to deal with quality problems from the time before the takeover.

Various construction sites for the E.Go

There are several construction sites in the cars built between June 2019 and June 2020. All three problems would be resolved at the service partner at once, said a spokeswoman for the Next.E.Go Mobile SE on request. This takes approx. eight hours. The work orders are: replacement of the hand brake cables, conversion of the front hood fixation and replacement of the front passenger airbag.

Dangerous defects in Germany's cheapest electric car-dangerous
Police Aachen E.Go under bankruptcy screen: Now the police are buying the German mini-stromers

The dangers that are turned away are a vehicle that is not fully secured against a roller, a front hood solving during the trip and a failure of the front passenger airbag at very low or high temperatures. "There were no traffic accidents in which third parties were damaged or even accidents with personal injury," emphasized the spokeswoman.

Airbag can fail

The manufacturer has given its own action code for each problem. They are "Sa 20/016" (Airbag), "Sa 20/028" (handbrake) and "Sa 20/029" (front hood). According to the spokeswoman, the 750 affected customers have known about the upcoming workshop stay since the beginning of November. The implementation of the measure is understandable due to the submission applications submitted by the service partners.

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And that should be a car replacement? Last wheel practical test reveals weaknesses

Dangerous defects in Germany's cheapest electric car-dangerous

Site/Wochit And that should be a car replacement? Last wheel practical test reveals weaknesses

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12 thoughts on “Dangerous defects in Germany’s cheapest electric car”

  1. great !
    You can’t slowly put the report on the files ? In terms of content, not exactly the and … You can’t slowly put the report on the files ? In terms of content, the racer and advertising for e-cars are really not…..

  2. Even a "Trabbi" Would be even safer than
    this "Hut box". This E (SELS) cart the operating license would have to be withdrawn immediately. I don’t know why such a fervor on such a fervor "technical misconception" holds onto. The British startup "Riversimple" shows that the BZ drive also works in the car of this size. Instead of concentrating on this concept and accelerating the existing petrol station network for the climate -friendly (er) e "H2 tank" upgrading is with "ideological tunnel view" adhered to the BEV concept that has been technically failed. Just everything else "Sick", So one wonders where in Germany the "Political and engineering pragmatism" respectively. "common sense" has remained…

  3. Lithium carbonate quickly becomes scarce & expensive
    The mine owners wanted to start in 2020, but then the car manufacturers canceled orders and a lot was put on hold. The BEVS will only be interesting at the high price level and for frequent drivers for years. Whether fuel cell, whether Superethanol E85 Mildhybrid, everything that will get by with sodium ion batteries will become mainstream. The EU is sleeping in sodium and lithium.

  4. Oh well
    It’s not a real car. But if you want to whine because of quality, when a bike guide when driving is supposed to be the most technologically leading manufacturer, Tesla simply breaks when driving. And we don’t talk about a cheap car. Is that polemical now? No, it’s just the truth. There is no other manufacturer that makes such errors. Especially when you see how few vehicles are on the road compared to the quantities that sell the other manufacturers. They are certainly not perfect, as you can see on recalls. But really breaking tie rods does not occur.

  5. From the concept
    not bad. We should all stand up for the fact that the electrical future will look like this and not as the large car manufacturers want to fool us. Unfortunately, this concept is not perfect either. No exchangeable batteries that could also be loaded outside the vehicle, too little payload, too low range and priced beyond good and evil. Vehicles of this size should be located in the middle 4 -digit price segment in order to become compatible with the masses.

  6. Mr. Roth
    No exchangeable batteries, you already know that such a battery weighs more than 500 grams. And again politics and the economy want to determine what we have to drive and when I was able to …. You can continue to run after the flute if you like the music. Your hype will be over in 10 years, or earlier because the range is only 30 40 percent…..

  7. Cool !
    Things look as if they had accidentally fallen from the children’s carousel. the "chic" Police macking doesn’t make it better….. What are they actually used for ? Bun ? They have an airbag for what actually ? Frontal crash with shopping cart in front of Lidl ? A great example of how to bring a product into the market that nobody wants……and has almost no advantages….if any ?!

  8. Largely free of facts …
    The E.Go is at 24.000 € more expensive than a VW EUP!, But has only half the range for this and invites you to the household socket forever with 2.7kW. Nobody knows with 260kg of payload and whether the airbag that is now exchanged makes sense at all – I didn’t read anything about Euro NCAP asterisks. A motivated university profile with a few students is not an Elon Musk and also no automobile manufacturer

  9. Cheap?
    There is more to buy for less money, electrically, from Dacia. But other vehicles with added value are also located in the same price range.

  10. successor
    This is the successor to Trabi, including technical defects. Already brilliant what Germany has for highly qualified specialists in the meantime.

  11. Clown mobile
    I saw a similar car in the circus many years ago. It drove into the ring, stopped and then 9 clowns got out. I wonder how many clowns in the E.Go fit?

  12. Made in Germany
    Is that now also made in Germany? Otherwise you will decorate yourself with things made in China with a made in Germany. And this is made in Germany and only scrap? I prefer to trust Made in China. Apparently they know how man makes.


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