Delayed delivery: Disgruntled Tesla customer beats up Model S.


Angry Tesla customer pummels Model S.

Delayed delivery: Disgruntled Tesla customer beats up Model S.-delivery

After the outburst of anger: Yu Xinquan has himself photographed in front of the Tesla Model S, which he previously hit with a wrench by hand

Source: Stringer – Imaginechina / laif / Wang Qian / Imaginechina / laif

A car customer in China freaked out. Shortly after receiving a Tesla Model S, he demolished the car. Because a dream fell through a delivery that was delayed by months.

F.For drivers with a penchant for spectacles, it’s a nice idea: to be one of the first to own a new model – in a country where cars are still undisputed status symbols. But if you then have to watch powerlessly how others who have ordered their Tesla later get a chance beforehand, then that can be annoying.

With a customer in China, the upset went so far that he freaked out on the day when all frustration could actually have fizzled out, as the website reports. Yu Xinquan, an e-commerce entrepreneur from northern China, picked up a heavy wrench and hit a Model S with it.

Because the car was not the one million yuan car (around 125,000 euros) that he ordered in October. To make matters worse, he got stuck at customs because of inconsistent papers.

Instead, the Tesla branch in Yizhuang, a suburb of Beijing, offered Yu a “brand new” copy from its own showroom, which turned out to be a demonstration vehicle on site. That broke the barrel for the e-commerce entrepreneur.

The reason: a lack of infrastructure

The windshield shattered at the outburst. Yu is said to have said that he would never drive a used car, who retrospectively classified his freak as a “protest against the company”.

In April, six months after paying the 250,000 yuan down payment, Yu learned that his car had yet to be built. The fact that other customers in Beijing and Shanghai were given their Model S earlier, even though they had ordered later, did not have a particularly reassuring effect.

According to, Tesla explained: You don’t deliver according to the motto “First come, first served”, but rather orientate yourself towards the charging infrastructure for the electric cars. This is not yet as well developed in northern China as it is in the metropolises. "Nobody at Tesla said anything about this when I placed the order," fumed Yu, whose dream of being one of the first Model S drivers in China has now come to an end.

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