Delivery times when buying an e-bike: Bosch makes dark forecasts-e-bikes

The production of e-bikes suffers from a persistent partial deficiency and even simple mechanical components such as frames, fork or brakes are often no longer available. Therefore, manufacturers could only deliver comparatively small quantities over a longer period of time.

If you currently want to buy a new e-bike or have your old repair, you should take up waiting times. The situation caused by delivery bottlenecks could last longer, according to the Bosch Ebike Systems managing director, Claus Fleischer in an interview with the "Spiegel". The Association of German two -wheelers shares these concerns and speaks of months of delay in the delivery of individual new models. While the lack of computer chips mainly delay in the automotive industry, even mechanical components such as frames, fork and brakes are now scarce for bicycles. Coronapandemia has caused failures with producers in Asia that have not yet been caught up.

Even with Bosch, electronic components are missing

But also with the supplier Bosch, which produces parts for both e-bikes as well as for cars and commercial vehicles, there are increasing interruptions in production, since electronic components are missing. In addition to the lack of deliveries from the Far East, Fleischer is responsible for the generally increased demand for this. Since cars contain more and more electronics and have more cameras than before, the demand for so -called microcontrollers, consisting of a processor and board, is much higher than a few years ago, according to Fleischer. The production of the wafer, a semiconductor material and starting material for computer chips is a complicated process and the structure or. The expansion of a factory takes a long time. Therefore, new capacities cannot be expanded at short notice.

According to managing director Fleischer, Bosch has so far been able to supply all of his customers despite the adverse circumstances. Sufferers are currently at least at Bosch, at least at Bosch, to which you cannot deliver upgrading sets for the control "Nyon", since manufacturers have priority. Bosch supplies around 100 bicycle brands worldwide with components for e-bikes and pedelecs, but does not produce any bicycles itself. As Europe’s leading manufacturer, the electric motors, control units, displays and apps belong to its portfolio.

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