Diesel drivers threaten the adblue crisis-car and truck affected

Cars and trucks affected

The engine is striking without an addition: Diesel drivers threaten the adBlue crisis

Diesel drivers threaten the adblue crisis-car and truck affected-crisis-car
Cattle man Adblue canister for refilling are sold at petrol stations. The addition AdBlue is carried in a separate tank and cleans diesel emissions from nitrogen oxides

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Modern diesel cars and especially trucks need the diesel additive AdBlue to adhere to the EU nitrogen oxide limit values. The ammonia shortage produces less adblue. There could be bottlenecks – and AdBlue will be much more expensive in any case.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information who drives a diesel can actually be happy: Despite the price increase, diesel is still cheaper than gasoline at the petrol pump and a diesel is still considerably more efficient than a petrol engine when the gas foot is economical. But in addition to the increasing fuel prices, a part of the diesel owners are now waiting for a new problem: the adblue crisis. Because the important diesel additive is already scarce in some European regions, is already becoming more expensive – and from the first quarter of 2022 it should experience a clear price jump again.

Why do some diesel need adblue?

Because of the sharp limit values of the EU for nitrogen oxides, diesel vehicles have only been creating exhaust gas standards for several years by adding Adblue into the exhaust gas in the form of a so-called SCR catalystor. The aqueous urea solution chemically reduces the pollutants and makes them harmless. Advantage: The diesel engine becomes cleaner, its nitrogen oxide problem is almost eleminated with new diesel. Disadvantage: The AdBlue must be refilled more often depending on driving style and kilometer performance. There is also a small extra tanker next to the tank lid. If you drive an older euro 4 or Euro 5 diesel, you are lucky: these aggregates did not need SCR catalysts yet.

The diesel engine is still to be saved?

Diesel drivers threaten the adblue crisis-car and truck affected-crisis-car

The diesel engine is still to be saved?

Adblue consumption corresponds to about 5 percent of diesel consumption, but also depends on the driving style. Incidentally, it is not a solution that is simply not a solution: if the AdBlue tank is empty and the driver ignores several warning levels, the engine can no longer be started, Because the exhaust gas cleaning then no longer works according to the prescription.

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All modern diesel engines of the newer Euro 6 standards have a SCR system. Even those who committed the mistake to equip their older diesel with a SCR retrofit system on the advice of eco-associations such as the German Environmental Aid (DUH) depends on the AdBlue problem with it. In terms of quantity, however, truck traffic is the largest item, because the diesel engines of the brummis have been driving as a car with AdBlue for a long time and of course also need a lot more of it.

Diesel drivers threaten the adblue crisis-car and truck affected-drivers
Cattle man Diesel cars with a SCR system require the cleaning fluid Adblue. The consumption depends on the individual diesel consumption and AdBlue must be refilled regularly. If the container is empty, the car can no longer be started. Even upgraded cars must correspond to this legal EU requirement

Why Adblue becomes scarce – and expensive

At first glance, it is not clear, which is why, when diesel prices rising, AdBlue is also affected. After all, the solution is not taxed. However, ammonia and urea are required for the production of AdBlue – and natural gas as an energy supplier. Because of the gas prices explosion, production is therefore uneconomical, there is production breaks. So far, the AdBlue warehouses are still well filled, says the mineral oil industry association (MWV). But local bottlenecks have already been reported in the transport industry, for example from Bosnia.

Diesel drivers threaten the adblue crisis-car and truck affected-threaten
Daimler For trucks and buses, ad blue is already standard today

German petrol station operators are already reporting problems, such as the Bavarian entrepreneur Nico Zieglmeier: "Due to long -term delivery contracts, we can still offer AdBlue, but will limit the quantities per customer", So Zieglmeier to site. The diesel addition has already become more expensive.The freight forwarder Jan-Hendrik Linnenkamp from Bielefeld, in whose companies 25 trucks drive, told Site that the liter price of originally 29 cents had almost doubled. "This makes Adblue a cost factor", Linnenkamp calculates his truck: "With a vehicle, for example, we had 115 liters of adblue consumption at 3800 liters, with another it was 300 liters of Adblue at 7000 liters of diesel." The freight forwarder assumes that in the first quarter of 2022 a significant price increase will take place.

Diesel drivers threaten the adblue crisis-car and truck affected-diesel

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Empty shelves also in Germany?

Since-despite a delicate trend towards electric truck-diesel trucks on German roads will dominate for years, the AdBlue production will sooner or later be boosted due to constant needs. Price increases, however, will probably pass on the transport companies directly to their customers, even if the post Adblue is only very small compared to the diesel price.The lack of truck drivers should be more problematic, because it is already emerging – and Great Britain has shown how quickly this can result in care bottlenecks.For private diesel drivers, it could not hurt to create a sufficient AdBlue supply. While the addition for trucks comes directly from your own petrol pump, you can also cover the need for cars from canisters that you can get at petrol stations, in hardware stores or in internet shops.

Price explosion in the supermarket: that is behind it

Diesel drivers threaten the adblue crisis-car and truck affected-adblue

Site/Wochit Price explosion in the supermarket: that is behind it

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  1. I love my electric connector vehicle …
    You can live without diesel … And without the liquid chicken chicken, it helps exhaust gases … to be more pleasant to reimburse. The Rhine will soon have low water. Let’s see what’s going on again.

  2. That will be yes …
    -In terms of quantity, however, truck traffic is the largest item, because the diesel engines of the brummis have been driving as a car with AdBlue for a long time and of course also need a lot more of it- … Not all grums concern: Almost the entire Eastern European fleet has installed ad-blue switch-off systems. The engine control does not interfere whether Ad Blue is in the tank or is injected!

  3. Incredible
    It is unbelievable that new diesel cars are still being sold in DE and are re -approved. The diesel car should be abolished very quickly. There is now a good offer on the Eautos. Petrol and diesel must increase dramatically in price so that the traffic sector also fulfills the climate goals.

  4. Ah yes Mr. Malowicz
    You tell me as a small employee who lives in the country and rely on the car and cannot afford euto and quick charging station. The euto is not an alternative. Where does the current come from? The balance of an eauto is catastrophic.

  5. A question to the site
    It is possible to write an article that does not require a full -age? Adblue is urea. The farmers also use it as liquid fertilizers. If the soup is no longer available at the petrol station, you should try the Raiffeisen cooperative.

  6. Chip tuning
    If there is no longer any Adblue, only the way to illegal chip tuning remains. There are providers who program the adblowed. After that, the diesel runs without AdBlue, but no longer fulfills the exhaust gas standard.

  7. Bought old car
    I have now bought an old car and drive it until the TuV or a driving ban takes me. I sold the new diesel with Adblue more expensive than bought two years ago. From the profit, I can, even at a 3 € fuel price, several 1.000km drive "free of charge".

  8. The ad-blue lie
    Ad-blue is correct and important. But as has recently been determined, the amount is far too little to be able to fulfill the meaning and purpose. Whether the product will be scarce is already overdue in the alibi quantities that are added in the engine. Dutch studies already found in 2016 that the amount is too low by 40-80%.

  9. That is exactly what…
    …The greenlings and FFF younger. Still all diesel. Except, of course, mums SUV, because otherwise we have to go to school in the rain. The warped troop, which has so far not had to do without anything, should stand before (almost) empty shelves. No organic cucumbers from Spain and avocados from Chile. No chic new sneakers, clothes, play station and smartphones from South-East Asia. Let’s see if they still crake then?

  10. Here you could ad blue
    Buy recently in a bargain market at a special price. Since it is urea, you may also make a difference.

  11. so..
    ..I don’t drive a diesel….also have other reasons…But when I two varieties "Stuff" has to pour into the cart…Is that too much. Incidentally, the difference petrol/diesel will soon be gone anyway….

  12. Alarmism
    Oh, again such an article…You don’t even like to read the heading, not to mention the content. Is it really a journalistic masterpiece to permanently stir up these anxiety? How about positive? How about more researched background knowledge? Oh what the hell – up your hands – weekend 🙂


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