Diesel judgment: Hardware retrofitting no longer protects drivers from driving ban

From for Euro 6 diesel

According to the diesel judgment: Hardware retrofitting no longer protects drivers from driving ban

Diesel judgment: Hardware retrofitting no longer protects drivers from driving ban-longer
Twintecbaot Group The Twintec company promises to be able to convert diesel vehicles at costs around 1500 euros. According to an expert opinion, the costs are completely unrealistic

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

One EU judgment raises the current nitrogen oxide limit values for Euro 6 diesel. Accordingly, cars can be locked out with an emissions of more than 80 mg nox. This also makes the retrofitting required by environmental associations. A comment.

Environmental associations, SPD and green are actually eagerly promoting hardware retrofitting of diesel vehicles-it should reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions of diesel cars in real transport. Technically, this is quite possible to a certain extent. There are even direct connections to the environmental lobby to retrofit companies .Yesterday, the EU court decided that the limit values for Euro 6 diesel are subsequently tightened-with considerable consequences: the transition periods for car manufacturers fall away, the famous 80 mg must be observed immediately . One last transition period of 14 months applies. Means: From 2020, Euro 6 diesel may also be locked out of the cities if they do not adhere to the 80 mg in real transport. All national or regional proportionality considerations are of no use, because in the hesitating standards the following applies:.

Environmental lobby has operated farmers

"This gives us tailwind for our lawsuits for air pollution control", says the head of the Lobby Association German Environmental Aid (DUH), Jurgen Resch. The Greens also cheered the judgment. And apparently it doesn’t even notice how they shot themselves into their knees: the tireless advertising for hardware retrofitting now turns out to be a farmer catcher. If even brand new Euro 6 diesel can be locked out, this naturally applies to converted diesel. Because they don’t even reach the "Clean mode" The future Euro 6-D standard-and not only that: As the Ministry of Transport has confirmed, converted Euro 4 or Euro 5 diesel will not be broken down to a better level. This would not be possible at all, since an exhaust gas regulation is not only based on a nitrogen oxide limit value. A driving ban that includes Euro-6 diesel will not be able to rule out any exhaust gas standard underneath.

Compromises are no longer worth anything

The compromise negotiated by the SPD and CDU/CSU, after which converted cars with a nitrogen oxide emissions of a maximum of 270 mg of driving bans are excluded, is also evident with the judgment if it has existed. The DUH had even predicted this itself-but at the same time recommended the hardware solution to the diesel owners. With the verdict, however, the now becomes senseless. Not to mention the negative side effects such as multiple consumption and guarantee-insecured. The data of the ADAC, which is currently testing hardware retrofits at three cars in practice on behalf of the State Government, shows that the value of 80 mg is not even approximately reached, according to information from Site. The best value achieved in the crucial real traffic measurement (RDE) is 194 mg.

Diesel judgment: Hardware retrofitting no longer protects drivers from driving ban-diesel
ADAC Interim result of the ADAC test for hardware retrofitting

And this data still comes from the summer: "It is certain that the pollutant content of the unnecessary exhaust gases will increase significantly and the SCR systems have to warm up in winter to achieve their full efficiency," explains ADAC technology chief Reinhard Kolke. “That is why we expect an overall higher level of emission", So the expert.

The AdBlue line is heated by cooling water so that an icing is prevented in the cold. Modern diesel engines need heating catalysts that warm up the exhaust gas – because only then can the full cleaning effect of the system be carried out. At the start of the cold, the system must be heated electrically. However, this in turn increases the fuel consumption by up to six percent because the energy for heating systems must be generated by the alternator. In addition to the nitrogen oxide reduction completely inadequate for the new limit values, there is still a higher CO2 emissions.

Shot into the knees

The hardware retrofitting is therefore doomed from the outset-although the loudspeakers, who are now cheering on the new EU judgment. This is also embarrassing for the Greens and their Vice Oliver Krischer, who has always advertised the retrofitting as the mother of all solutions-although almost all real exhaust gas experts doubted the cost-benefit effect.The environmental aid and the VCD lobby association, both, forced by the taxpayer with millions of sums, can instead celebrate that they have reached an out-of-court settlement in Darmstadt: driving bans for two streets. The example of Hamburg has already shown that this does not work: The measuring points now registered on the prohibition streets more air pollution than before .The diesel drama-which, by the way, is a purely German, because not a single other EU country will already impose driving bans for young Euro 5 diesel from 2019-will finally become a farce, in which the car owners really betrayed from all sides were: by the car manufacturers, from politics and the environmental lobby.The fact that the Germans now also put on yellow vests like the French should not be expected. But one or the other car owner will probably keep in mind until the next election, how badly he was played.

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14 thoughts on “Diesel judgment: Hardware retrofitting no longer protects drivers from driving ban”

  1. The unthinkable think
    When these left -green swafologists think that Germany without cars and mechanical engineering … If these left -green swafologists think that Germany does without cars and mechanical engineering, then it will be time to cut the BAfOG without replacement. Instead, the saved funds, the graduates of the MINT subjects and the apprentices, including the master students should be made available. Then we would no longer have a shortage of skilled workers and would again be world leaders when it comes to inventions and technology. So you could do this "Lacquer" get out of the heads of the orchid subject students (Schwafologists). It is obviously too good for them. Honest work could work wonders.

  2. When the discussions started many years ago
    we decided not to buy new cars, in contrast to earlier times. Due to the joy of driving, cars with horse emblem and other, admittedly unreasonable driving subordinate, were dangerous. The reason for this refusal was and is that we decide whether and what we spend our money for or not for. This is only a small protest posture, which, however, means for our small unit alone an VAT reduction in the six-figure area for these political clowns in Berlin. Think about how urgently you have to go to the city and refuse.

  3. it is enough…
    …Politics do what it wants with us, we are being asked less and less. Driving bans and how it is handled from above is the pure expropriation. We live in a free country and we are no longer allowed to put up with it. We have to take to the street….

  4. My advice
    To the diesel owners: like to have you and drive to where you also want to go – politics recently advised you to buy environmentally friendly diesel, so politics should also live with it. I would not shear a driving ban either.

  5. Future
    Let’s just drive back with donkey carts. We have enough specialists in the country. Ms. Merkel has proven to be a wide view. The diesel is not the last chapter when the diesel is gone is the benziener on it with its CO2. If only electric cars remain environmentally friendly with coal current and the raw materials for the battery are broken down environmentally friendly by children in the Congo. The production of a battery produces as many pollutants as a diesel after 200.000 km and then there is no body drum yet. It is unlikely that the battery lasts so long. The diesel is whom you can see energy density of the fuel per liter of the most environmentally friendly exercise that we currently have. Only you don’t want to see that. Is just an economic stimulus program for the auto -lobby.

  6. Limit value resolution…
    When is a limit for a human being harmful? A smoker z.B. 1 cigarette generates 1kg fine dust per m3!..It is certainly worth striving to generate pollutants as little as possible, but at some point the physics are limited. In the end, no matter incinerators or electric motor energy is required and implemented whether gasoline or electricity and associated with any kind of environmental impact. With the electric motor, I shifted the problem in the breakdown and manufacture of the batteries and finally in the type of electricity generation. On the subject of electricity and nets you should read the book Blackout, maybe you realize what is hidden behind the topic of power grid and safety.And maybe everyone should think about that the electricity not only comes out of the socket

  7. Mr. Aalmann
    Please make yourself knowledgeable, just google. Read doctors on the subject.And now to your green electricity theory.Tell you the subject of the basic load, probably not, you need this base load to keep the power grid stable.And your green electricity falls when the sun is shining and wind goes so that it is not predictable.That is why you always need atom in FRG.Coal current

  8. Stop & Go does not capture any exhaust gas standard
    The courts decide based on exhaust gas standards that are not designed for the contaminated cities. Only one euro 7 that takes Stop & Go into account would might be suitable for this. Bosch showed some solutions for these traffic conditions months ago, but the legal basis is not in sight. Current car eight -up is absurd, because the exhaust gas tract is too cool at Stop & Go. Only helps for the other streets, which have long been 40µg/m³ or much less. For Darmstadt, instead of the environmental zone, the striking roads are now banned in comparison. In the medium term, probably totally closed to combustion engines. For an upcoming Bad Darmstadt but necessary.

  9. Now I have to have a few words
    To lose.I am certainly not an advocate of the Ottomotor or a "Damn" of the electric motor.Only every taxpayer should be open to what kind of mobility he chooses according to their needs, because not everyone can have a vehicle of over 30.000 euros.I am one of the few that could also afford an electric car, but as a mechanical engineer I am from the subject and have chosen a diesel of the 6D standard, knowing and that is that "mess" that I will probably have to expect driving bans in 2-3 years.But at speeds I get between 130-160km 800-900km and that counts, I fuel in 5 minutes.There will be no other battery technology in the near future.Lithium ions is an environmental life

  10. Mr. Aalmann
    I haven’t even knew that we already have the firm battery technology without electrolyte is currently the electrolyte with every battery lithium, so it is also called lithium ion battery.And Mr. Aalmann now count where, in addition to the vehicle, lithium ion batteries are also used.And then they explain where the 10-15 kg of cobalt comes, don’t forget u u. Cu for the engine

  11. I wonder what value has that
    the approval of a new vehicle at the vehicle registration office? And what value do the whole classifications of the "Euro – classes"? And what value does it have an approval at the Federal Office? What is the point of saying goodbye to the laws? All of this only costs the money of taxpayers and offers absolutely no legal certainty! Sorry, but none of this makes no sense at all! (Most recent example of the Green Party; with its hardware – retrofitting) not only that everywhere, especially at the highest level, is only a lie, but that politics has totally failed here!

  12. What value does it have?
    To choose the Union, to choose the SPD, to choose the Greens, to choose the left when you are a diesel driver? These parties have revealed taxpayers, voters and compatriots! I will consider a choice of these parties very well in the future!

  13. Why do they do something like that?
    One wonders why our politicians do something like that, allow and support such a fraud in the citizen…. Quite simply because you can and it is the easiest solution. In France, hundreds of thousands would have taken to the streets, the German takes it like everything else. We don’t want it otherwise.


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