Diesel judgment in the news ticker: Auto-free Sundays suggested

Diesel judgment in the news ticker

"Better air quality": Cologne government president suggests car -free Sundays

Diesel judgment in the news ticker: Auto-free Sundays suggested-judgment

Site/Wochit Diesel-hammer: A city could ban diesel ban in a few weeks

The Federal Administrative Court has decided: German municipalities are allowed to impose diesel driving bans independently. All reactions and developments in the news ticker from Site.

  • Groko plans for diesel retrofit-that means for drivers
  • So the companies prepare for driving bans
  • That’s what the decision of the Federal Administrative Court is about

Note: The Federal Administrative Court has not introduced any driving bans. The question was whether cities can order driving bans according to applicable law and thus even without a nationwide uniform regulation in order to comply with pollutant limit values. The judges came to this judgment. (File number BVerwG 7 C 26.16 and BVerwG 7 C 30.17)

Cologne government president suggests car -free Sundays

Sunday, 4. March, 10.34 a.m.: The Cologne government President Gisela Walsken considers driving bans on weekends to be a particularly suitable means to improve air quality.This worked in the Norwegian capital Oslo, said the SPD politician "KOlner Stadt-Anzeiger". Therefore, German cities should also consider such a measure. From Walsken’s perspective, weekend driving bans do not have to be limited to diesel vehicles.Walsken also advocated reducing the speed in inner -city road traffic: "The introduction of speed 30 within Cologne is an effective measure that must be considered seriously.“Tempo 40 can also be introduced where that is possible.The government president also asked employers in the region to create more opportunities for working from home. "Home office can make a previously underestimated contribution to climate protection."Many citizens benefited from such measures: the employees were spared many hours in traffic jams. With the Cologne district government, 30 percent of employees had already decided on the home office model.

Who should control that? Police considers diesel driving bans to be not feasible

Who should control that? Police considers diesel driving bans to be not feasible

Diesel judgment in the news ticker: Auto-free Sundays suggested-auto-free

Site/Wochit Who should control that? Police considers diesel driving bans to be not feasible

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10 thoughts on “Diesel judgment in the news ticker: Auto-free Sundays suggested”

  1. Environmental aid
    All just stupid chatter. They all just want to get their posts.You can do this … No longer hear or.Read. We can’t save the whole world. Finally understand. The whole world is already laughing at us.

  2. Every time
    When driving bans are pronounced…. General strike let’s see how those responsible in Berlin and Brussels are stupidly looking out of the laundry politicians are not an absolute ruler … They were chosen for temporary representatives of the people. And not more. It is time to show this euro crowns who the sovereign is

  3. Good that there is resch
    No better votes collectors cannot exist for the AfD, keep resusing it, you can make it until 2021, the AfD can put a monument later

  4. Nobody needs duh like that
    Everything is said with measurements that are not the EU. Driving bans due to false measured values are simply not noticed by me

  5. the environmental aid knows what it does??
    The ladies and gentlemen do not seem to have guessed that CO2 emissions in diesel vehicles are clearly noticeably less than with petrol engines (and as long as the electricity in Germany is mainly made from fossil fuels, electric cars are even worse, because there are two efficiency Up to the fore, it is lost twice, so that much more primary energy sources are used up)! The ladies and gentlemen should take care of the climbing of the sea level, which can be clearly demonstrated!!

  6. Only recently is an interesting one
    Article on the machinations of the DUH published by young freedom . I miss a critical report at site. Google!I said it right from the start, the DUH only pursues its business model (warning) under the guise of health and environment!It is strange that the politicians even reject an investigation of the limit values .The result would not only herald the end of the DUH, it would again show the politics of our government again.The 8 gentlemen get 4 million from the DUH from us to the taxpayer! And you know what, as an engineer, I can tell you that the DPF can almost save yourself through the optimization of combustion temperatures! Analogous to the vacuum cleaner, all filters must be changed (produced).

  7. Measuring
    the EU according to the picture. Public prosecutors should take a look at the decision -making: Who decided to set up the measurement stations so that the maximum values are recorded. In Stuttgart, the values on the opposite side of the street third !

  8. Environmental aid is just an association!
    In this weak state, every club can slowly make politics.If we had a strong chancellor, it would have built up so much public pressure on the automotive groups that they had voluntarily paid the complete conversion.Merkel is a paperiger, abroad you laugh about her behind her hand.Apart from that, the hype with supposedly 6000 deaths is only a fog candle from the party’s dropouts.Smokers live a lot more dangerous and even from them not everyone dies of lung cancer.

  9. The fainting of the citizens
    Against professional warners who earn a lot of money with it. One has the feeling that the lawyers’ lobby is well represented in the federal government. It affects all areas of life. Hardly finished, a lawyer today has unlimited opportunities to earn good money at the expense of fellow citizens. If a warning association, like environmental aid, even receives funding, then the suspicion against the herbing caste is even greater. There are still no legal regulations to limit earnings in the event of warnings. Process assistance would also have to be changed so that a lawyer would have to pay for unnecessary lawsuits. That would prevent many complaints.

  10. One wonders you
    Where do we live when an interest -controlled association has the opportunity to cause damage to citizens and look at the state and judiciary? As a state, I have to have the power to turn off my citizens, no matter what form. If you set the limit values up and good, if you don’t like it, you can pull somewhere else. But a state of rejected asylum seekers enables to complain about state costs, is huddled and doomed to doom.


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