Diesel models on the Geneva Salon

Geneva Motor Show 2018

Diesel chaos in Geneva: How the Auto bosses want to save the diesel

Diesel models on the Geneva Salon-models
VW At the VW Group Eve, CEO Matthias Muller explains the group strategy "Roadmap E"

At the Geneva Motor Show, one might think that there have never been cars with diesel engines in Europe. But behind the scenes it is bubbling, because most manufacturers cannot and do not want to do without the diesel.

New models, lots of horsepower, fascinating show cars, showy tuning carts and small eco-handicrafts-as far as a normal day at the Geneva Motor Show. But this year a lot is different. The comb swells to the manufacturers of almost all brands when it comes to the subject of diesel scandal. Needs are presented with petrol engines or, as available, any form of electrification are presented. If you want to get a conversation to your lowest point, you just have to speak the word "Diesel retrofit" put in the mouth.Whether Daimler, VW, Volvo or Land Rover – the diesel diesel plays a major role in Europe if you take a look at the current model range. It is of little use if everyone wants to switch to other drive types more or less quickly: Sell and earn money you have to use the models you currently have. Site has heard itself at the Geneva Salon: what about the diesel?

That’s what Volkswagen boss Matthias Muller says

At VW you obviously don’t really know how to deal with the diesel. CEO Muller had recommended a few months ago that Germany should increase the tax on diesel fuel . Now he doesn’t want to do without diesel: "The diesel will experience a renaissance in the foreseeable future", Muller even said to journalists. The reasons are obvious: no other drive is so environmentally friendly that one could not do without diesel if one wants to achieve the demanding CO2 goals of the EU.

"No one buys"-this is how car dealers react when you address the diesel scandal

Diesel models on the Geneva Salon-models

Site "No one buys"-this is how car dealers react when you address the diesel scandal

It will be interesting to see how Muller’s Zick-Zack-course continues-new electric cars will only come from VW from 2020, until then it has to be a converted Golf. At the latest show Car I.D. Vizzion was completely dispensed with on the steering wheel, the car is supposed to drive autonomously. If you want to drive yourself and electrically, you can do so by then with the competition of Tesla, Hyundai or Jaguar.

Diesel models on the Geneva Salon-geneva
dpa/Thomas Geiger A serious Tesla competitor: The fully electric Jaguar Ipace with 294 kW/400 hp is said to go almost 500 kilometers with a battery charge.

That says Jaguar / Land Rover boss Ralf Speth

Speaking of Jaguar: The series model of the electrical SUV I-Pace, which comes around 500 kilometers and almost 78.Should cost 000 euros, was one of the stars of the fair. But as fascinating as the Stromer is and as much as the Britishes show the Volkswagen Group: The big brummer, the Jaguar and especially Land Rover mainly sell, are usually ordered with diesel under the hood. Jaguar and Land Rover boss Ralf Speth said at the press conference in Geneva: "A new diesel engine is a good choice". From 2020 onwards, customers will be given the choice between all drive types. The swivel from the diesel on gasoline or plug-in hybrid models should be a rather tedious way for the brand with the thick off-road vehicles, at least in Europe.

This is what BMW boss Harald Kruger says

BMW has invested a comparatively much money in exhaust gas aftertreatment, but, like many other manufacturers, sees itself exposed to manipulation allegations . The Pro-diesel statement is therefore a little quieter on the Geneva Salon than expected. "It is worth fighting for the diesel", so Kruger. He rejects driving bans and new badge regulations. "There are more intelligent solutions", So the BMW boss. At least you don’t have the problem with the new M8 Coupe: there are only petrol engines.

Diesel models on the Geneva Salon-diesel
dpa/Thomas Geiger A gallant appearance with lots of bullets: the BMW M8 Grand Coupe.

That’s what Hyundais says Germany boss Markus Schrick

Hyundai is fine at the Geneva Salon when it comes to image-the Koreans celebrate an electric double flash with the Elektro-SUV Kona and the slightly larger fuel cell SUV Nexo. But also Hyundai cannot and does not want to do without the diesel with his large SUVs. Germany boss Markus Schrick also clears up with a prejudice: "Anyone who buys an electric vehicles from us does not come from diesel – if you want to change there, choose a hybrid model", So Schrick.

Diesel models on the Geneva Salon-geneva
Mercedes Benz Mercedes wants to transfer the diesel to a second spring in combination with an electric motor. The plug-in hybrid diesel should initially be used in C, E and S-Class

This is what Daimler’s development director Ola Kallenius says

At Daimler, too, one continues to focus on diesel, although so far few models (previously only with the new CLS) meet the very latest emissions standard Euro 6D-Temp. Daimler relies on plug-in hybrids with a diesel engine; A real special path that Volvo has just left. "This is the next chapter with the new plug-in hybrids with an electrical range up to fifty kilometers", says Daimler’s development director Ola Kallenius. However, at Mercedes there are also petrol engines with plug-in module, a four-cylinder with 211 hp and a V6 with 367 hp, each supported by an electric machine. It remains to be seen whether the expensive diesel hybrid with its complex exhaust gas aftertreatment really has a great future ahead of it.

Now it gets complicated: With the most modern Q7 you have to fill three tanks – what that brings

Diesel models on the Geneva Salon-models

Site Now it gets complicated: With the most modern Q7 you have to fill three tanks – what that brings

That says Toyotas European boss Chief Johan van Zyl

The Japanese have a good laughter. They have not rely on the diesel for a long time, but on hybrid models, and therefore also support the controversial German Environmental Aid (DUH) financially . Toyota is now withdrawing from business with diesel cars worldwide. Diesel and hybrids were already on the same way in 2015. "Since then, hybrid sales have clearly exceeded our diesel sales," said Toyota-Europe boss Johan van Zyl in Geneva. Diesel models remained on offer in commercial vehicles such as the Hilux pick-up or off-road vehicle such as the Land Cruiser.

Diesel models on the Geneva Salon-cheaper find diesel bargain price
dpa/Thomas Geiger New generation at the Geneva Motor Show: The Toyota Auris is still offered with hybrid technology, but no longer offered with diesel engines.

That says Peugeot and Opel boss Carlos Tavares

The head of the PSA group (Peugeot, Citro├źn, Opel), Carlos Tavares, leaves the future of the diesel open and makes it dependent on the market: “If at some point there are no longer enough customers who want diesel, we stop diesel. But that depends on the customers", so tavares in Geneva.

Even Euro-6 suddenly much cheaper: How to find new diesel at a bargain price

Diesel models on the Geneva Salon-salon

Site/Wochit Even Euro-6 suddenly much cheaper: How to find new diesel at a bargain price

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  1. let me think …
    Finally someone took Mr. Muller on his side and put him that he was without his … Finally someone took Mr. Muller on his side and put him that he would not reach his fleet rate without diesel

  2. Maybe you should think here and
    Research and then write! The only fraud was that of VW in California to adhere to the extremely low (targeted anti-diesel) values. The border data, which is otherwise entered into the measurement requirements – from temperatures of the measurement via measurement process – have all been approved in the Transport Committee of the German Bundestag. Probably the newspaper that documents the document, trouble with Merkel – but if necessary. The Pulitzer Prize. In plain language: The desired (green) requirements were so unrealistic (see also polemics to limit values street/offices) that there are targeted measuring window gaps (cold start, less than 12 degrees) so as not to endanger the auto industry because of impossible wishes. So the auto industry has not cheated – it has largely implemented political requirements.

  3. Questions about questions:
    This actionism is also practiced with diesel drives in other European countries, or is it, like the completely hectic switching off of nuclear power plants to Germany. Who says that the limit for nitrogen oxides is proportionate? How were the allegedly 200,000 deaths counted by the diesel exhaust gas? It makes sense to manufacture vehicles in lightweight construction and then stuff with several 100 kg accu (E-Golf 320 kg)? How does the enormous energy z. B. To the motorway racing facilities. If I see the rush at the motorway stamps in summer, enormous amounts of charging stations are necessary to make the waiting time tolerable (45 kWh in 5 h = connection power of 9 kW at 50 stations 450 kW)? The hesitation of the German auto industry is understandable.

  4. the
    Mass on which most fraudsters and liars are gathered. And then they also want that all of this are paid by the taxpayer. It doesn’t work brazen. The government must act. In addition, the car manufacturers bathe in money and in the champagne.

  5. Conclusion
    For me there is only one conclusion because of this whole car. NEVER new car and never finance a car again! Purchase, solid technology with manageable electronics and easy to repair! Greetings Ron 11:15

  6. Buried alive
    Driving bans on Germany’s streets. The Supergau is approved in court. Even though you could convert the diesel to the nation’s clean man. To do this, only the right components and the suitable software should be on board. For exhaust gas recirculation and exhaust gas aftertreatment. The scandal is that the software has not fulfilled this task. The manufacturers have bent the existing rules with cheating for their own advantage. I admit it. I am a diesel fan. Sattes torque from the speed cellar. Very cheap consumption. Enormous range. It would be a shame to pull the plug in the diesel right now where it is preparing to be clean. But until that is done, nobody talks about him anymore. He will be buried alive and then exhumed again.

  7. The diesel will not be resurrected
    He has 3 birth errors that bring him to safe death after (only) 100 years – see my post from 6.3. 22:09 here in the blog. Buried alive, yes, exhumation no.

  8. Ford and Honda rely on diesel
    Why didn’t even take a look at the Ford and Honda stand and asked there? Ford and Honda have their top sellers (Ford F-150 or. Honda civic) against the "trend" The product range expanded with diesel versions – why only? Only for info: Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world with an annual production of 22 million engines. An answer from them would be interesting, because they will already know why they are doing this…

  9. Maybe Honda can just do it?
    And does not rely on mass fraud as with us? Maybe Honda has completely different markets worldwide? Maybe the engine was already developed before the market collapsed? I can’t say it, you know it so precisely?

  10. Homemade problem
    the German drivers, the EU including. the German government provides us. Why do you like that ? All the numbers are drawn on the hair. There are many worse causers where you could start. Everyone is driving and buying diesel, what should happen, you think you will shoot you if you drive with it, there is a park. Twenty to thirty million criminal tickets a year more, but the fine positions do not create that at all. The drivers just have to stand together. For everyone who cries off now, take a look at the permitted limit values for nitrogen oxides in road traffic and the allowed ones at the workplace, you will be surprised.

  11. Different NOx limit values at the workplace
    … And in the outside air, only the miracle who does not know how to come about can. Healthy adults are accepted in the workplace, the 8 hours. Work on 200 days a year a day. In the case of external air, children, sick and old people must also be taken into account, the u.U. the exhaust gases are exposed to 365 days around the clock.

  12. Diesel as a scapegoat
    Politics have now identified the diesel as a scapegoat and cause of all evils. That is completely exaggerated. And the e -car – regardless of the variant – to be transfigured into a salvation. Because the environmental balance of the e-car is sadly ordered. However, the appearance of VW boss Muller, which is hard to survive in arrogance, is bad. VW cheated on its customers and sold a product, which does not meet the promised properties. Instead of appearing big, he should rather ensure that the vehicles will be retrofitted soon or the corresponding exchanges.

  13. Efficient, powerful independently clean if..
    The diesel is predistional for vehicles/trucks that have to manage long distances under high load. E-mobility is not yet that far due to the battery technology and electricity replenishment. An Otto has a comparatively poor efficiency and provides us with a lot of fine dust. The diesel even has a cleaning effect. Unfortunately, the effective exhaust gas aftertreatment (NOx problem) is relatively expensive and "calculated" currently only with high -priced vehicles. On average in real driving, an Otto consumes up to 30% more fuel. CO2 problem. It is less to blame for the diesel than the car bosses, which have deliberately dispensed with SCR Kat or the software injected too little, because the tank is too small. The diesel is still needed


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