Diesel: With this fuel made of food remnants, you drive almost climate -neutral – car

HVO 100 is synthetic diesel, made from vegetable raw materials that can be easily recovered – for example from vegetable oil. The affordable biosprit should almost like something like something like "Climate protector" do. What’s up there?

How can we improve our ecological footprint? Despite numerous negative headlines, many people in Germany still drive diesel cars and are dependent on their cars. One of them is 33-year-old Moritz Dhom. The special thing about his 12-year-old diesel mercedes: he drives with a very special fuel. With HVO-100, as reported by the evening show of BR television.

Diesel fuel HVO with 90 percent less CO2 emissions

This synthetic diesel fuel is not available on every corner. Moritz Dhom has to drive almost 40 kilometers to refuel. But HVO is worth this long way? Dhom says: "The engine just runs better with HVO. He starts better and runs cleaner." But the most important thing: HVO-100 is almost climate-neutral. About 90 percent says Moritz Dhom. So 90 percent less CO2 emissions in a 12-year-old diesel. Can this be?Upon request, Thomas Koch from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) says: "HVO is generated on the basis of biogenic components. This includes food residues, plant fats, etc. The fabric ITS therefore significantly better in terms of CO-2 balance sheet!"

No admission from the Federal Environment Agency

Nevertheless, the fuel HVO-100 has no approval from the Federal Environment Agency. The authority doubts its sustainability and has concerns that palm oil could also be processed in it. But which is not the case, Nico Zieglmeier assures. The medium -sized petrol station operator simply disregards the ban on sales. One has to start, he says.

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Diesel: With this fuel made of food remnants, you drive almost climate -neutral - car-made

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The original to this post "With this fuel made of food remnants you drive almost climate -neutral with your diesel" comes from Bayerischer Rundfunk.

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15 thoughts on “Diesel: With this fuel made of food remnants, you drive almost climate -neutral – car”

  1. Fuel from vegetable oil?
    This is too much for me as an absolute e-opponent. You look at how many hectares of land … to be cleared in South America per hour and day to plant the rapidly growing palm oil trees. As much as they cannot clear them as the world would need fuel, there would only be this option. If there was fuel that is to be produced fully synthetically without causing environmental disasters elsewhere, I will sell my petrol engines if they couldn’t swallow the stuff

  2. A former colleague
    Already 20 years ago that has been qualitatively less vegetable oil from a nearby oil press and french fries with a converted diesel procedure. Otherwise would have had to be destroyed. E-mobility in its current form only helps the car manufacturers because they themselves do everything to mutate the vehicles after the batteries are broken into electronic waste themselves. Good lobbying.

  3. On the one hand
    If there is never enough waste oil for even 1000 cars in life, on the other hand, batteries are not broken after a certain amount of time but are processed and used again. This is a technique of servant for decades, everyone should actually know that.

  4. Give the chance for clean combustion engineers
    Since I come from diesel production, I condemn my myopia that only allow e-mobility to have modern improved combustion technology. Z.B Commonrail diesel technology can be achieved much better results in terms of exhaust gases, but that is not interested in men politicians who have to be controlled by the lobby policy. First, VW causes the diesel scandal, then world savior through electric cars by improving the marketability of e-fuel, or organic diesel z.B HVO 100 that is blocked by the environmental office for fear that yes palm oil could be added .mobility "Must" In all possible variants that allow the environment to make the environment more braver, more courageous .What does an E-car use for me that on target group u-30 to 40 year olds that over 60.000 euros costs ..

  5. @KOpnick The battery has an efficiency of 60%
    to best over 70% (energetic efficiency). In addition to Ohm’s resistors, the big difference between charging and discharge voltage is responsible for this. The heating/cooling of the battery and the losses of the loading device itself are added. A very good electric motor can have an efficiency of up to 95%. Even without a loading device, this only results in 0.6 * 0.95 = 57%

  6. Unfortunately you can only see the battery cars as a solution
    Even if these are increasingly rising in flames, and immense amounts of dangerous pollutants are released. Even entire bus depots have already burned down. The battery technology has its dark side, which is hidden, the pollutant emission in such fires does not appear in any statistics. Promising alternative approaches are not promoted, even torpedoed. The e-lobby dominates politics and the media. Everything is placed on one card, only the blind ideological guideline counts, not science / common sense. Away from the oil, yes, but not from the rain into the eaves regarding the ecological footprint.

  7. @Friedrich the technology center in Landsberg was up to
    recently not even known to the research report of the University of Ulm on the subject of dendrites. Was only invited during my phone call. Read the ADAC magazine? Find something critical on the subject of battery cars? One might think that the ADAC represents 100% battery car driver. Only who pays the contributions? Is as if the hunting club only represents the interests of vegans.

  8. And who already palm oil
    If the oil was previously used for fries and was therefore already in the trading group, it is out of place.

  9. question
    This also runs a current generator? Because in 2035 we need one of them at least in every household, or believes one that comes through the socket by 2035? And all all biologists and climate sessions here, nobody can calculate everything by 2035, but until 2035 new projections every day, but it won’t change if you do not have a plan B but only a a a a. Except for statistical gimmicks with values, beautiful hobby. Something comes somewhere everywhere "dirty" out, it is better to start living with it instead of always gringing us up to normal what if, you can somehow not see it anymore, read, hear, hear it. Of course something will change, but not to the extent, good thing wants to have a while.

  10. not really new
    Years ago, a resourceful inventor from the Rhineland had converted old diesel for operation with organic fuel. Cheap vegetable oil from the discounter or old frit fat were completely enough.

  11. Organic fuel
    The drawers are great and all the patents disappear into it. The lobby is the gentleman in the house (z.B Bundestag approx.740).

  12. I have
    missed something? Recently it was still to be read here that in the future the fuels are more "Biosprit" should be mixed, by sustainability. There was also explicitly talk of palm oil, which led to many, justified, outraged comments here in the forum. And now such a fuel does not get any approval because possibly palm oil could be added? Yes what now? You even talk to each other in Berlin? And if so, it’s actually about your job, or just about your vacation?

  13. The diesel only has to be old enough,..
    Then he can drive with old, filtered frying fat. Then smells of french fries and is not welcome by the tax office. But goes. Only CO2 is still pushing out.


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