Digital license plates: the electronic license plate is coming


This license plate flashes when the car is stolen

Digital license plates: the electronic license plate is coming-plate

The digital license plate shows when the car has been stolen

Source: RPlate

More and more screens are moving into the interior of the car. In California they can now also be found outside. The US state wants to relieve the bureaucracy and do something against car thieves.

D.he State of California is currently testing the introduction of digital license plates. The electronic license plates use the monochrome screen technology of e-book readers and can not only display numbers and letters, but also, for example, toll vignettes or notes on access authorizations.

In the future, traffic information or advertising should also be displayed when cars are stationary. Currently, however, only an alarm function is integrated: If the car is reported as stolen or if it leaves a previously defined area, the license plate flashes permanently, the word stolen (stolen) appears and thus alerts attentive police officers.

In addition, the tablet license plate is equipped with GPS so that it can be located – in the best case with a car.

As part of the pilot test that has now started, up to 180,000 of the digital license plates can initially be issued. The authorities want to gain experience with the new technology, and from 2020 a decision will be made on the general introduction. The states of Texas and Arizona are already considering a permit for digital license plates.

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Digital license plates: the electronic license plate is coming-plate

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The target group are primarily fleet operators who want to save themselves the handling of bulky metal license plates by using digital license plates. Companies can also afford the relatively high costs most likely: Around $ 700 are due for the rear license plate. The only provider is currently the Californian company Rplate.

The digital license plate has just been tested in practice in Dubai. The head of the vehicle registration office in Dubai (Road and Transport Authority, RTA for short), Sultan Abdullah al-Marzouqi, says that the new license plates should make life easier for the driver.

The police are called in the event of an accident

If a car with a digital license plate is involved in an accident, the vehicle automatically calls the police and possibly also the ambulance. The digital license plate takes on the tasks for which we have been using the eCall emergency call system, which has been mandatory for new vehicles across Europe since March 31, 2018 responsible is.

The technology also enables real-time communication with other drivers. For example, traffic information about traffic jams can be exchanged, so the driver can better adapt his route to the current conditions.

With the help of the digital number plate, parking fees or the renewal of the license can also be debited directly from the owner’s account. The annoying walk to the admissions office, to have the signs replaced is also no longer necessary. The license plate adapts automatically as soon as you have entered the changes via the app or the website of the registration office.

Brazen wrong-way driver abuses the rescue alley

On the Autobahn 71 in Thuringia, a car driver turned in an emergency lane after an accident. Apparently he wanted to escape a traffic jam. The license plate is now known and proceedings are ongoing. Source: N24

The electronic license plate may make things easier for authorities, and it may also be practical and useful for large fleet operators and normal motorists. But the systems are not without controversy.

Especially privacy advocates consider them questionable. If the streets are fully equipped with reading devices, the movement patterns of almost every driver can be tracked with the help of the digital number plates.

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7 thoughts on “Digital license plates: the electronic license plate is coming”

  1. Professional car thieves will then just hack the license plates and feed in unsuspicious, new license plates. Then you don’t even have to bother screwing or unscrewing license plates.

  2. I am on a Harley for 3 weeks with something drawn on letter paper by the rental company and packed in a freezer bag "Mark" drove around 6 states. Nobody was interested in that.
    So you just have to edit the digital license plate with a hammer and stick a bit of paper over it…

  3. The police in the US can check the license plate number online very quickly. out of the moving police vehicle.
    When the paper sign "clean" then there is no problem. So if a car is stolen, you have to "suitable" Paper label on it. And the car must be almost new, because the paper label is only available on new vehicles … Used vehicles have the license plate from the previous owner.

  4. Nice gadget, that’s the first thing the thief unscrews or takes out the battery.
    What really helps are, for example, serial numbers lasered into all windows. Nobody steals such a car, the conversion would be far too expensive. Something like this is required by law, as the manufacturers are not interested in not being able to sell a car that has not been stolen.

  5. Take a look at your private car, where everything has a serial number on it. The manufacturer can trace exactly which vehicle (and which very specific vehicle) the component belongs in. The windows also have serial numbers that allow an exact assignment to a chassis number (as long as they have not been exchanged by a third provider)

  6. If the will was there, car thefts could long ago have been prevented. But there are too many profiteers. The manufacturers sell new cars with it, the insurance companies simply pass the damage on to the customers and increase the premiums. If so, then the state or consumer protection must put pressure on this. And that is long overdue.

  7. I totally agree. But with this digital license plate, the state also has the movement data and not just the automobile manufacturers.
    And these things are definitely not for hacking … cough …


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