Disgust alarm at Tesla: 60.000 euro SUV molds from the inside

Tesla Model Y

Disgust alarm at Tesla: mold in 60.000 euro SUV

Disgust alarm at Tesla: 60.000 euro SUV molds from the inside-disgust
Site Mold alarm: Tesla Model Y is not completely tight

Over 60.000 euros expensive and still mold alarm? According to several media reports, Model Y from Tesla has problems with penetrating water in several places.

Several international media reports speak of leaking vehicles of the Model Y type from Tesla. And that in several places. In South Korea, the owners of such vehicles fight, for example, with insulation mats that are soaked by water under the center console. According to a report on Teslamotorsclub.com already noticed.A corresponding video was also put online there, see below. There could be several reasons for this leak, it is said. On the one hand, it could be not or only inadequately flowing down the air conditioning water. Tesla Korea is said to have said the problem that water leaks could arise from small gaps when welding the body, but this has not yet been officially confirmed.

Lecks can be remedied even with sealing compound

There are also reports about leaky model Y in Germany. A small gap in the body seams near the rear fender leaves small amounts of water inside the vehicle. Where the water collects, there is no process and so insulation material sucks and can form harmful, odor -intensive mold. A corresponding video was published on the YouTube channel of the Tesla disciples Marcus Mayenschein, see video below.

I can dry the laundry in the apartment?

Disgust alarm at Tesla: 60.000 euro SUV molds from the inside-euro

Bit projects I can dry the laundry in the apartment?

According to the video, the leakage can be closed with a bodyight mass. If you do not trust the necessary work, you can also contact a Tesla service center or a mobile Tesla font. The drilling of a drain hole is also conceivable. However, every owner of a Tesla Model Y is likely to shy away from drilling holes in the body. Each owner of such a vehicle can easily determine whether his vehicle also has the leaks or not.

Site says: please more care!

Complaints about poorly or inadequately processed Teslas are abandoned. Not only is Model Y affected. Cars in this price range should not have such defects. We would like a little more care during the production process or the final acceptance of Tesla. It is simply not acceptable to be exposed to a risk of mold due to penetrating water that cannot run again.

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Disgust alarm at Tesla: 60.000 euro SUV molds from the inside-alarm

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13 thoughts on “Disgust alarm at Tesla: 60.000 euro SUV molds from the inside”

  1. Tesla has secured raw materials
    Tesla has secured the raw materials for the batteries for the next decade. The amount … should be enough for 11 million e-cars per year. Of course only theoretical. Because Tesla not only builds cars, but also house batteries, electricity memory for wind turbines, electricity memory for charging stations, electricity memory for countries in order to take over the power supply for at least several hours in the event of short -term electricity. Not to be forgotten next year will be the robots on offer, which of course also need batteries. Some drivers with an explosion engine are criticizing the mistakes of the Tesla Autos. Tesla cars have a 4 -year guarantee. Therefore, the technicians know exactly what weak points the cars have. Constant changes in production will secure the lead.

  2. There is
    The Megahohe profit margin near Tesla on which other car manufacturers are jealous. If you look at such a Tesla, by the way, every model, it is clear how this profit margin comes about. A charismatic corporate boss that can make a certain genre of people with a lot of roar and pomp and then ultimately from Sch…. Money makes because he gives his customers the feeling of something "Better" to be. Ultimately, a feeling is sold for a lot of money and as an encore there is still a car. Not necessarily with high quality but as "Emotional provider" indispensable. There are a few people who can do what Musk can do. Those who can be gifted sellers. Few of them also manage to influence the media and thus save advertising costs.

  3. Worrying
    This quality. The manufacturing quality corresponds to Seat in the 80s. It is questionable at all how different models from Tesla could even get an approval. Partly life -threatening. Z.B. Model X: The rear doors are difficult to open manually when the on -board battery fails, i.e. not the drive battery. So Z.B. After an accident and short circuit of the on -board electronics. To open the doors from them, you have to remove the sound chief, reach into a small hole to feel the train there and then pull it vigorously. Clear…What you think of after an accident, especially when the box has caught fire. Probably not feasible in the event of a case, d.H. You can’t get out of the car. In addition, these grids were often glued.

  4. Basically
    should not get KBA approval in Germany. I would just be interested in whether and how much money flowed here. The same with too weakly designed wishbones. Here, too, there should be no approval after initial accidents. But is electrical and a lot seems possible. Or just through money. Makes a lot possible too.

  5. Model Y has 4 years of guarantee!
    With German cars, it could be a problem after two years if the guarantee has expired. I feel disgust when people can be invited to Spain for a week, in the Super Hotel with ZIP and ZAP and the forest mouse to test a new car. Of course, such a car cannot be influenced, but the good performance of some models is already disgusting. The fact that Tesla does not pay any advertising stinks one or the other tester because they live on it. It is all the more surprising that Tesla is so popular without advertising. The only thing that is better at Tesla is the drive, the battery, autonomous driving, control and operation, otherwise this is a normal car.

  6. Unfortunately not only Tesla
    Almost all car manufacturers have quality problems. They increasingly roll up quality control to their customers. Long lists of recall actions testify to this. Corrosion problems are available even with premium brands. Likewise leaks on the body. Extremes are z.B. Flewing water in the Holm at VW-Polo, rust on load-bearing parts of the Mercedes Vito and in the G-Class. And all that after tens of years of manufacturer experience. That is shameful.

  7. This is true
    I think that’s impossible, unfortunately it is due to the greed and the associated austerity measures. There is saved on everything until it is unfortunately also negatively influenced by the quality. I have an MB G-Class that is almost 2 years old, so far I have not noticed anything negative. I hope it stays like this. Bad enough that you can only hope for wagons of this price range.

  8. Don’t be like this …
    Some original Tesla building foam and the thing is tight again … Maybe at Tesla you should not only have the lead times in view but take a closer look at the rain test. I’m really curious to see what it looks like with the mills after 6-7 years. Americans have never been able to build quality … after 2 years like a trash can … but the main thing is V8 after 2 years. So the Ami ticks. After all – and I have to admit that – I have now seen 4 out of 50 Teslas where nothing was built in. Progress! I am amazed myself

  9. I keep saying it:
    The gaps, which are so downplayed by the Teslagemeinde, are only the tip of the iceberg. In the invisible areas it looks much worse. Unfortunately also in the security -relevant area. Tesla builds vehicles of less quality at a high price, the quality problems of which can be covered by oh so great but senseless software gadgets. I do not understand how these vehicles are hyped. These are not premium vehicles as we always want to show us. Processing technology located at the back.

  10. Homologation
    Above all, it cannot be understood that even with safety -relevant product defects, the authorities obviously look away.

  11. All inclusive ?
    Yes, there is almost everything in the complete package. They are always good for a surprise. The hype around these boxes, if it really gives it, may understand who likes….I dont understand ! Actually thought that cars were nowadays "densely"….So you can be wrong ! Oh, it doesn’t really matter: the fans of this brand would even cheer if they forget the paint in the factory, or ?

  12. Tesla not completely tight….
    Friends of neat sarcasm would formulate it like this: fits perfectly with the drive concept. That is not quite tight either. Just like detached steering wheels, lost rear aprons during the journey, while foam foam fillings as rust amplifiers (instead of protection), quickly rotten cheapest interior, grotty car life expectancy, grotty speech recognition even with control basics, "Autopilot" the "Crasher" Better hits, no/barely accessible mechanical emergency openings for funds passengers. Something underground to prevent amounts for up to 6 -digit amounts should be more fraudulent than any previous VW diesel than any previous VW diesel. A €-karre in the truest sense of the word. Even countries are not entirely tight that for such eschrott subsidies billion. senselessly…


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