Dodge ends Hellcat era and focuses on electrification

Dodge ends Hellcat era and focuses on electrification-electrification

The automotive group Stellantis is committed to “Tear up the streets… But Not the Planet” for Dodge. This was sometimes the only information that was found to find electrification plans of the company. Meanwhile, the Dodge Hellcat models are only two years before Dodge is increasingly aligning with electrification.

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis said at the LA Auto Show 2021 this will happen to Dodge in the next two years. Regarding the HellCAT models, Kuniskis confirmed to Motor Authority: “I will offer this car, this platform and this powertrain, as we know him, to the end ’23. There are two years to buy a Hellcat, then he is history.”The Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat from 2021 was a unique model. The Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat was only available for a single year with a HellCat engine. The reason was no secret: this engine would no longer meet emissions regulations on this platform.

But that’s not true for all Hellcats. “With these cars, you can still meet emission regulations.However, you would have to pay CO2 emission penalties, which you do not want to bear. Therefore, starting in 2024, Dodge will end the Hellcat era with new platforms, new vehicles and electrification. Up to 26 “surprises” will be available by 2024. The finale, at the end of 2024, is the electric Dodge Muscle Car.

In the first quarter of 2022, Dodge will unveil a concept version of the 2024 electric muscle car. According to Kuniskis, the concept vehicle will be a fully functional model capable of high driving performance. Dodge will also present the electric car’s performance data as well as all the technology that Stellantis is patenting. The executive said that Dodge plans to “do electrification unlike anyone else. That’s why I’m waiting until I have all my patents ready,” says Kuniskis. Furthermore, a PHEV will be put on the road – although this is a completely new model.

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  1. The good thing is the message behind it. It goes to all petrolheads and says: Friends, it’s almost over. Your drug will no longer be delivered, you have to drive electrically. Very well!


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