Dominic Muller on sustainability & e-mobility in the hotel industry

Dominic Muller on sustainability & e-mobility in the hotel industry-dominic

A good two weeks ago, our review of the Hotel Ritter Durbach went online. On site, in the Black Forest, we looked at how e-mobility and sustainability can be integrated into traditional hotel operations. If you want to be successful in the hotel industry, you have to get integrated, as Managing Director Dominic Muller tells us in this episode of podcast to understand there.

In the interview, Mr. Muller clearly shows that sustainability can present itself in different ways in everyday life. In fact, this starts with the question of whether you want to start from scratch with your own hotel. Or whether you take on an old hotel and make it your own through your own ideas and investments. Both clearly have their advantages and disadvantages, which must be weighed up. The Muller family decided on an old hotel, which they have redesigned for themselves. Within the family, but also together with the employees, as shown by the conscious move away from classic star cuisine towards [maki:´dan]. A kitchen at star level, with a noticeable closeness to the guest.

Inside the house, sustainability is also reflected in the fact that upcycling is a top priority. In other words, objects that may have already reached the end of their life are given a “second life” – as is the case with electric car batteries. This is shown, among other things, by the fact that she has converted old flour sieves or metal sieves into wall lamps. “Broken” forks were also refurbished. Upcycling is the magic word, which is mainly promoted by hostess Ilka Muller.

Mobility is of course also a priority. Arriving by electric car is not a problem. In the meantime, the charging points have been expanded from four to eight. Further expansion is certainly conceivable. In the fleet of the Hotel Ritter Durbach you will not only find vintage cars, but also a smart EQ fortwo cabrio, which can be rented for trips through the vineyards. A Porsche Taycan is to follow. But Mr. Muller even has his own attitude towards vintage cars and is convinced that they can definitely make sense in the mix of mobility. Of course, e-bikes for tours in the vineyards around Durbach should not be missing.

In detail, I could give you a lot more to take with you in advance. But I am convinced that you will take away more from the conversation with Dominic Muller. So listen in and maybe drop by Durbach yourself afterwards. It is worth it!

You are also welcome to e-mail me with questions about e-mobility that concern you in everyday life. The answer to this may also be of interest to other listeners of the podcast. As always, about criticism, comments and Co. I’m happy of course. So feel free to contact us, also for the topic suggestions already mentioned. And of course I’m also very happy about a positive rating from the podcast provider of your choice! thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Dominic Muller on sustainability & e-mobility in the hotel industry”

  1. On our first road trip in the Model Y to the Cinque Terre (Ligurian coast of Italy), we were able to experience live how brilliant the Tesla Supercharger network works and how bad the rest of the industry is.
    On the way to Moneglia we made 1 charging stop at Lake Lugano and should then arrive with 9% SOC.
    Since there was no charging option in the holiday apartment, we wanted to charge at a public charging station shortly before our destination in order to save us the 25 km to the supercharger in La Spezia.
    It’s just a shame that our Mobility+ card and our Maingau card didn’t work even though the charging station was listed there.
    It also worked – just not for us.
    So back on the autobahn and for a “cheap” 79 cents the minimum for “local trips” loaded, so that we can definitely get to the supercharger there on the way home via Genoa.
    In Moneglia, a local “hardware store” made us a 10m extension cable, so that we could then, including a 5m juice booster, fully charge the Tesla via a socket on the 2nd floor to our parking lot when we left.
    On the way home (680 km) then another supercharger stop – that’s what you want.

    In the future we will only book hotels / holiday apartments that have a guaranteed charging option.
    Every landlord should therefore be clear about this increasingly important selection criterion and provide the charging infrastructure accordingly, otherwise it will cost more and more customers.

    at, a corresponding filter (charging option for e-cars) is already standard 😉

  2. In this context I can also recommend the Hotel Retter in POllautal in Styria. Sustainability is very important there … there are enough charging stations for e-cars and the hotel’s fleet also consists of e-cars …

  3. This was by far the least interesting podcast so far. 20 minutes advertising for the hotel and approx. 5 minutes of superficial talk about electric cars. Pity about the lifetime.


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