Dongfeng Motor Company Limited Plant Introduction of 20 electrified models up to 2022

Dongfeng Motor Company Limited Plant Introduction of 20 electrified models up to 2022-company

Dongfeng Motor Company Limited (DFL) is a joint venture between Nissan Motors and Dongfeng Motor Group. Together they decided to introduce the “Green 2022 plan” with a focus on green products, to accelerate production and reuse of materials. The “Green 2022 Plan” is based on Sustainability 2022. We already know this from Nissan: A plan to reduce the company’s environmental impact, increase diversity and inclusion and improve corporate governance, in line with the medium-term plan Nissan M.O.V.E. the company.

With the Joint Joint Venture Dongfeng Motor Company Limited (DFL), the introduction of 20 electrified electro cars and e-power models – vehicles are planned under their four brands up to 2022, whereby the Nissan E-Power technology is available for the core models. The goal is for 30% of joint venture sales to come from electrified vehicles by 2022. The company plans to localize 100% of key e-components within three years.

As part of the green production, energy-saving processes are applied and three solar parks are built with the aim of reducing energy consumption by 20% and reducing CO2 emissions, equivalent to the absorption of 200.000 mu of forest (accumulated up to 2022).

In addition, intelligent water systems will help reduce water consumption by 35%. To reduce pollution, investments of around USD 145 million will be made to modernize 27 paint shops in Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Xiangyang and Dalian and reduce VOC emissions – volatile organic compounds – by 50%.

In addition, the joint venture plans the introduction of advanced battery regulation technology to reduce the environmental impact, increase the value of vehicle eccleses and reduce waste. Commercial Energy Stores will use recycled batteries that ensure a stable power supply for local communities and industries as soon as energy consumers reach the highest power consumption.

“Since Its Founding 15 Years Ago, DFL Has Delivered High Quality Automotive Products to Our Customers. We Will Continue To Do So In This Period of Industry Change, Understanding That Excellence In The Green Area Is A Key Factor To Successfully Navigate This Change. Our Green Development Will Underpin Operations Throughout the Value Chain.”- Uchida Makoto, Nissan Global Senior Vice President and DFL President

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