DPD Switzerland relies on E-truck with 680 kWh battery and 760 km range

DPD Switzerland relies on E-truck with 680 kWh battery and 760 km range-relies

If Switzerland is pleased to say that everything is concerned with a little quieter and more relaxed, you are not so slow in terms of e-mobility at all. As an example, the Swiss Cleantech company can certainly name design work. Their thinking industry implements projects in the field of electromobility, such as fast load systems, electric vehicles and battery systems for electric vehicles and mobile energy storage. The company also develops own products such as modular high-voltage batteries, mobile fast chargers and fully electric trucks produced by the subsidiary Designwerk Products AG in series.

For DPD Switzerland you will use an electric truck to provide packages CO2-neutral to deliver. The completely electrically powered truck is equipped with the largest battery available in Europe and has a range of up to 760 km per battery charge. The truck of the type Futuricum Logistics 18e was ordered at the mentioned Swiss company Designwerk Products AG. From December 2020 this should then be in use.

“I am very pleased that DPD Switzerland can use these new and innovative Swiss electric trucks as one of the first companies. When the E-truck goes into operation in December, this is like a premature Christmas present for us and for the environment.”- Tilmann Schultze, CEO of DPD Switzerland

The logistics 18e build on a vehicle from Volvo and has been equipped with a 680 kWh battery, which makes the electric truck to the electric truck with Europe’s largest e-battery. Thanks to the dimension of the energy store, the electric truck has a range of up to 760 kilometers. “This is the vehicle in terms of range also compared to hydrogen vehicles on longer routes very competitive”, illustrated Adrian Melliger, Managing Director of Designwerk Products AG.

DPD Switzerland wants to benefit from the elimination of diesel costs in the long term with the use of the e-truck and from the still valid exemption of the truck from the heavy traffic tax. These two set screws are elemental to implement this project also from economic perspective. The Futuricum Logistics 18e is used on the route set by DPD Switzerland first on the route MOhlin – Buchs and is expected to be at least 80 per year.Drive 000 kilometers. The E-truck saves against comparable, diesel-powered trucks about 90 kilograms of CO2 per hundred kilometers – which corresponds approx. 72 tonnes saved CO2 per year. In the deposits dedicated by DPD, he is also charged exclusively with Swiss green electricity.

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5 thoughts on “DPD Switzerland relies on E-truck with 680 kWh battery and 760 km range”

  1. Nu Yes, if you look at the datasheet, https: // http://www.futuric.COM / WP content / uploads / factsheet_logistics18e_futuricum_en.PDF weighs the battery in the variant with 340kWh 2.240kg, so at 680kW 4.480kg. Thus, this variant remains a payload of 4655kg. And that with a truck of the 14.345kg weighs. Whether this makes sense? The 340kW battery needed at 150kW charge 2.2 hours until it is full again.
    The fuel cell pendant requires 7 minutes.

  2. Surely this is worth a try. Hyundai also comes with a waterproof truck and CNH / Nikola with a battery powered from 2021 and in Switzerland. Over the economy alone, one currently does not need to discuss, but this could be one of the development options with the development of further battery technologies. There will be no king’s path in electromobility. Here, application-specific must be done. Nevertheless, who does not try, will not learn!

  3. As long as one is the first to come to the column. Otherwise, the hydrogen must only be precomputed in the corresponding pillar. Then there are 40 minutes at least.

  4. As mentioned in the article, the LSVA (heavy traffic tax after km and weight) is eliminated for E-trucks.
    At a 18-tonner and 80’000 km / year you save approx. For. 32,000 a year (compared to Euro 6 diesel). Add to this the savings in the company and maintenance costs.
    Fuel / energy saving I would with FR. -0.Appreciate 20 / km. At 80’000 km So FR. 16,000. When maintaining, I have no idea, maybe 4000.-?
    Savings so fr. 52’000 per year. In 10 years Fri. 520’000. This is the same for additional costs for acquisition more than. In the long term, but also E-trucks M.M.probably have to pay a reduced LSVA.

  5. I think basically n good approach.
    It will show the time as practitionable it is or will.

    The battery size could have to do Vlt with range buffer WG loss in cold or weight.
    The Swiss are at least the same time as the Germans, if not even penibrers in the calculation of facts and timing of things (Swiss movement ^^)

    Thus, the already thought of something ..

    I suspect that at some point will give the induction charge, this induction field could be before each load ramp ..

    It remains exciting


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