Driver’s license: Exchange period for certain years up to 19. July 2022 extended

Until 19. July 2022

For selected vintages: Driving license exchange period is extended

Driver's license: Exchange period for certain years up to 19. July 2022 extended-exchange
Demy Becker/dpa/archive image By 2033, millions of driving license must be exchanged so that they are more fake -safe. The deadlines are staggered according to the year of birth.

Whether gray rag, pink cardboard or white plastic card: by 2033, every driver. January 2013 was issued, to be exchanged for the new EU driver’s license. This happens gradually. The first period actually ended in January 2022, but the deadline for certain years of birth was now extended.

In view of stress in corona pandemic, the first period for the compulsory exchange of driving license is to be extended. The Federal Council decided that now.

Specifically, for drivers of the years of birth from 1953 to 1958 with old paper license, which until 31. December 1998 were issued, which are extended by half a year – from 19. January on the 19. July 2022. There should be no postponement of the other exchange deadlines.

The Interior Ministers’ Conference had already decided on the longer period in mid -January. Technically speaking, this has now been inserted into a regulation of the Federal Ministry.

43 million driver’s licenses must be exchanged

By 2033, around 43 million driving licenses in Germany must be exchanged. The reason is EU requirements. In the future, driving licenses should be counterfeit-proof and uniform. In addition, all driver’s licenses should be recorded in a database to avoid abuse.

The next period after the now extended year for the birth of 1953 to 1958 is the 19. January 2023 – Until then, drivers from 1959 to 1964 have to exchange their driver’s license. The last period is 19. January 2033. This applies to drivers who were born before 1953 – as well as to driver’s licenses, from 2012 to 18. January 2013 were issued. After this date, driving licenses issued correspond to the new EU requirements.

After the respective deadlines, the old driver’s license will be invalid according to the Federal Ministry of Transport. In addition, there is a risk of warning money of ten euros. However, the driving license itself remains unchanged. A new driver’s license test is therefore not necessary.

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Driver's license: Exchange period for certain years up to 19. July 2022 extended-driver

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8 thoughts on “Driver’s license: Exchange period for certain years up to 19. July 2022 extended”

  1. I like to treat myself to the 10 euros
    Had to show the driver’s license twice in 45 years. So what the hell. Again 45 years, and … I am 108.

  2. Haha
    We are the same age and so far I have only had to show my driver’s license twice! Under no circumstances will it be exchanged because of this DRE… EU! 10,-€ ok or it is best to say in the case of a control you don’t have it with you ..

  3. Exchange..
    serves as a new source of income, since it has to be paid and in the future a la ID card will be provided with an expiry date. So there are always new income in the future …

  4. Awkward
    Your comment is the stupidest that I was able to read today. You confuse profit with sales. Of course, the state does not earn anything in the new driver’s license, because the fees also face expenses. In addition, they could also know that Germany only implements EU law.

  5. How awkward is that?
    In pandemic, of all people, where the offices are overloaded, you send even more people to the districtist and creates renewed syntress. But you really don’t have to be surprised.

  6. Not flat but
    realistic. I am not doing this online because then my gray lpen is shredded. In addition, you then drive at least for days without a valid driving license, as it is even more slow in the pandemic period and it takes until you get the replacement confirmation. It also takes before the Bundesdruckerei sends all expensive new driver’s license card. Nobody can tell me anything.

  7. I see that
    calmly opposite. I don’t want to give up my gray rag alone because of the hammer photo. I’ve been trying daily since November. At any time to get an online appointment. So far without success. It’s a good thing that pandemic has existed for two years, with which you can justify everything and the authorities can do easy going. Lack of staff and pandemic and nothing works….a scandal


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