Driver’s license, gasoline price, speed brake: that changes in 2022 for drivers

Important deadline runs

Driving license exchange, gasoline price, speed brake: That changes in 2022 for drivers

Driver's license, gasoline price, speed brake: that changes in 2022 for drivers-price

Bit projects 43 million driver’s licenses will soon invalidate due to the EU rule: who has to be exchanged now

Fueling will be more expensive again because of the new CO2 tax 2022. An important period ends with the driving license obligation. Site shows what drivers have to expect in the new year.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More info15 million electric cars by 2030 – that is the goal of the traffic light coalition. This has to be submitted to everything that means for the vast majority of drivers: it has to finance the plans through higher taxes. For example, by the third CO2-based tax for drivers, which has been charged since 2021 and increased in 2022. But that’s not the only important innovation for drivers. For example, the first deadline for the obligation to exchange the driver’s license has been known for years. The AutoClub Europa (ACE) explains four of the most important changes in the new year.

1. CO2 tax increases – so expensive refueling

"To 1. January 2022 the next stage of the CO2 prize is in force and increases from 25 euros to 30 euros per ton of CO2. Since fossil fuel emissions for traffic and warmth in particular are occupied with the CO2 price, the price of diesel also increases by 1.6 cents per liter and the liter of petrol is more expensive", the ACE calculates.

How high the prices climb depends on many factors, also on the oil price. But the largest part of the fuel price still have the many taxes raised on him. It may be even thicker for diesel drivers: The traffic light coalition is considering the tax rate on diesel to compensate for the gasoline. Diesel would then be around 18 cents more expensive in one fell swoop. Incidentally, millions of tenants and homeowners are also affected by the increased CO2 tax, because heating oil and natural gas are also taxed higher.

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2. Driving license obligation: "cardboard" soon invalid

Out for the "cardboard": The unlimited German driver’s license must be exchanged for the EU check card driver’s license. And it has an expiry date, so it has to be renewed again and again – although you don’t have to take a new test. The exchange happens in seasons, in 2022 a first period ends: "Anyone who was born between 1953 and 1958 and has a driver’s license before 1. Was issued in January 1999, must be exchanged quickly. The exchange period runs to 19. January 2022 from. The years 1959 to 1964 have a year longer", So the ACE. Anyone who is checked by the police with an old driver’s license is not yet due to driving without driving license; However, a warning money can be due.

3. New car with speed brake and other assistants

New cars have already have a consumption monitoring system on board with which the EU data collects . However, the EU wants to regulate even more into the car – for example with the mandatory speed brake. A completely new, first produced model is already equipped in 2022, all other new cars already presented already presented in 2024 at the latest.

Also mandatory in Germany: you already know the tank symbols?

Driver's license, gasoline price, speed brake: that changes in 2022 for drivers-speed

Site Also mandatory in Germany: you already know the tank symbols?

Other systems are also mandatory, such as emergency brake assistants and fatigue warning. Advantage: There are fewer traffic accidents. However, the technical effort should also make the cars more expensive, especially in low-price segments and for small cars. In the compact segment, on the other hand, many of the electronic helpers and inspectors are not so new, even standard in the premium segment.The following driver assistance systems will be introduced for all new vehicles from 2022:

  • Intelligent speed assistant (ISA – Intelligent Speed Assistance, simplified "Tempo brake")
  • Device to install an alcohol -sensitive immobilizer
  • Warning system in the event of fatigue and declining attention from the driver
  • Warning system in the event of a declining concentration of the driver
  • Emergency brake light (brake lights flash in a quick sequence when fully braking)
  • Reversing assistant
  • Event -related data acquisition ("Black box")))
  • Emergency brake assistance system
  • Emergency tracking assistant
  • Data acquisition of consumption and CO2 emissions

Driver's license, gasoline price, speed brake: that changes in 2022 for drivers-speed

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Underestimated danger: ADAC tests lighting systems on new vehicles

Driver's license, gasoline price, speed brake: that changes in 2022 for drivers-price

Site Underestimated danger: ADAC tests lighting systems on new vehicles

Tempo brake: never again speed camera?

The pace brake works with a traffic sign recognition by camera and warns via an advertisement in the cockpit or a pulsating accelerator pedal. Optionally, such systems have been available from manufacturers such as Audi or BMW for a long time. Advantage: If you overlook a speed limit sign, you will be braked in this way-and possibly also preserved from a speed camera ticket. Disadvantage: The defeat of the drivers is progressing.

Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

Driver's license, gasoline price, speed brake: that changes in 2022 for drivers-speed

Site Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

The pace brake can be oversteered and switched off completely, but sooner or later, insurance could be keen to get data from the car after accidents. So the data of the "Black box" can only be evaluated anonymously to improve accident research. But whether this always stays the case is not guaranteed.

4. Plug-in-hybrid: Rang-flops fly out of the funding

If you order a plug-in hybrid with a long waiting time, you should make up whether the criteria for the electrical subsidy ("Innovation bonus") Fulfills. Because hybrids with too poor e-range should no longer be funded. The ACECLUB ACE explains the details: "From the 1. October 2022, buyers of a plug-in hybrid only receive funding from the state if the vehicle has a minimum electrical range of 60 kilometers. So far, either the minimum range of 40 kilometers or the CO2 criterion that prescribes a maximum CO2 vapor from 50 grams of CO2 for one kilometer. The latter now falls away as a funding criterion." The traffic light coalition is currently even considering taking hybrids completely out of funding in the future . This step has not only been required by environmental associations for a long time.

French substromer for 99 euros a month: it only hooks with the range

Driver's license, gasoline price, speed brake: that changes in 2022 for drivers-gasoline

Site French substromer for 99 euros a month: it only hooks with the range

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  1. It works differently
    Why don’t you finally introduce the daytime running lights in Germany? It improves and … Why don’t you finally introduce the daytime running lights in Germany? It improves recognition and prevents accidents. And the best, it would be easy and cost -neutral to implement. But only what the "administrative industry" uses makes sense.

    Actually, you can tell from holding the deadline that the authorities are once again leaving the coronas situation outside. The number of infections are just high and restrictions on contact, but official orders, including those that only change the format of the ID card are of course continued in time. why? It is written everywhere, contacts avoid and then something like that. If you want to rely on the sentences that arise when the exchange is not filled? Since then.

  3. Speed brake
    Yes immediately. But not switch -off, then fatal illegal races are in urban areas as well as outside of the place. That must be introduced immediately. Also max 85dba for all cars. Especially at night in the big cities, the V8 roaring of the mostly young men is very annoying.

  4. E-mobility
    Sure, more and more cars with electrical drives are supposed to come, but nobody builds charging stations or asserts it that the combustion engine is not in the loading parking spaces. If there were a decent store network in my city and the neighboring town, I almost never have to drive with petrol with my hybrid. And in my rental apartment it takes ages until such a charging station will come, let alone speak of the apartments the germs have parking spaces yesterday. When you deal with it, you can tell how little thoughts the politicians of medium -sized companies with e.g. Rental apartments. The main thing is to name an impossible date first.

  5. On the subject of diesel
    Hopefully the state will not forget to reduce the vehicle tax for diesel. Of the 100 cm3 displacement that is started, you currently only pay 2 euros for a petrol engine, for a diesel 9.50 euros vehicle tax.

  6. Distribution upwards
    We not only see a redistribution upwards, in which people who cannot afford a new car have to subsidize the electric cars, but also an abolition of private transport operated by the non -democratically legitimized political commissioner of the EU. Through senseless control and security systems, cars become so expensive that the rabble can no longer afford anymore. If you can’t move freely, you cannot demonstrate everywhere. The EU is becoming more and more a dictatorship Light, without any populism.

  7. driver’s license
    My driver’s license is without expiry date. If a traffic control gives me a fine for driving without a valid driver’s license, I will definitely go to a court with it. The driver’s license does not go out if it was not withdrawn because of a offense. So a fine is not permitted.

  8. insanity!
    Go to court because of the renewal of a document. Because I fall off from faith! As someone said here, the driver’s license remains yes.

  9. Example CO2
    Not only fuels are more expensive via the CO2 tax. Even the common carrot and potato is affected. It is the new tax that strikes in almost all areas of human life and hits the end consumption as a multiple tax.

  10. We live in socialism
    Everything is regulated, regulations and I am surprised that it is still a little worse. The system has to go, Germany is no longer my country

  11. Rules
    You would be surprised how a world would look without rules. You definitely don’t want to live there. Maybe. times in the good old wild west …

  12. With H-license plates no problem
    Even 30 years ago there were good cars of the upscale price range with ABS and airbags as well as an unlimited driver’s license. The EU can want what it wants, but without me.


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