Driver’s license: It is still valid for that long

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The days of your old driver’s license are counted

Driver's license: It is still valid for that long-driver
dpa/federico gambarini/illustration From 2021 the driver’s licenses must be changed

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The old driver’s license has to go. And much earlier than noted on most paper driving license in the expiration date. Germany thus implements an EU directive defined in 2006. What you have to pay attention to not to miss appointments.

110 different driving license documents that are currently available in the EU are standardized and controls are simplified. And the driver’s license tourism, in which drivers who were withdrawn from the driver’s license, simply got new documents in the neighboring country, should be contained in this way. In order to prevent an application chaos at the competent authorities, the changeover is gradually introduced from 2021.

Driving license in the new format

Anyone who got their driver’s license from 2013 already knows the new format: it is like a check card and fits into every wallet. However, 45 million old rags must be exchanged by 2033 at the latest, because from this point on only the card format is issued.

To person

Tobias KlingelhOfer is a lawyer and has been a legal expert for Arag for many years. As a guest columnist for site, he informs consumers about their rights and obligations in different life situations.

There are new driver’s licenses according to the year of birth and the date of exhibition

First of all, the 15 million drivers are on their own, their driver’s licenses up to 31. December 1998 were exhibited. Restricted after born years, their old documents will be renewed until 2024: owners who were born between 1953 and 1958 must get a new driver’s license as early as 2021. Born before 1953 have time until 2033. From 2025 to 2033, the approx. 30 million driving licenses, from 1. January 1999 were issued, exchanged in plastic cards, graded after the exhibition year.

1. Fair aus until 1998

Driver's license: It is still valid for that long-long
Federal Council Exchange obligation for driver’s licenses: This applies to older drivers

2. Fair auses from 1999

Driver's license: It is still valid for that long-valid
Federal Council Exchange obligation for driver’s licenses: This applies to newer driving licenses

Driving license with a temporary term

The validity of the uniform driver’s licenses is significantly shorter at the age of 15 than before. But a new examination does not have to be taken in the future if the driver’s license has expired. The advantage: With the regular replacement of the document and the owner photo, it is always up to date in terms of safety. This makes false and thieves making life more difficult.

VW digital boss explains why the driver’s license will soon become superfluous

Driver's license: It is still valid for that long-driver

Site/Wochit VW digital boss explains why the driver’s license will soon become superfluous

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13 thoughts on “Driver’s license: It is still valid for that long”

  1. Total nonsense!
    The EU Directive 2006/126/EC says in Article 13 ABS. 2:"One before the 19. January 2013 granted … Due to the provisions of this guideline, the driver’s license must neither be withdrawn nor restricted in any way." I don’t think you need more to say!

  2. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that
    I will take my pink rag into the grave. In 40 years or so. Or I just throw it away. It’s big fashion to lose papers. Then I just show my cell phone…

  3. Golden Cart !!!!!
    You have to say very clearly. With the driver’s license, the petty bourgeois is really ripped off. I recently made further training 95. Completely unnecessary. Nothing becomes safer there.

  4. Right, unlimited is unlimited
    Here again the intensity of will or the submissive on carcass obedient German behavior will show if you can hand over your officially unlimited driver’s licenses by command. question." If we have a united Europe, in that all rights and obligations are the same, this also means this "new" Leaving or not? When the Germans one "Ass in the pants" if they would be against this "Confirmation and exploitation" defend a strict rejection. In the end, the migrant gets his FS free of charge without ID, but this regulation does not apply to the neighboring foreigner. Finally defend yourself, it is slowly already embarrassing with the Germans!

  5. Unlimited is unlimited!
    If the one like this " Law " knock out, then it must have existing protection. That means from a key date, a limitation to 10 years. What is done here is arbitrary. The ID card has always had a limitation. If they now reduce this validity to 5 years, they naturally also take a lot more money. A person can age within a short time, so many factors play a role. The connection of our driver’s license with the ID card provides enough information about identity. How about the event that nobody goes to? The most important certificate you have is the birth certificate. If you don’t have it, it will be difficult. But here are so many that cannot show off at all. It really is enough, with the rip -off.

  6. Millions of refugees without clear identity
    And I should renew my driver’s license? That strikes the bottom of the barrel. Every German citizen can legitimize Mittlels ID, has a tax number, a pension insurance number etc. from birth. We are glasses to the skin and then we should also participate in such a nonsense. There are no more important construction sites? And if the self -driving car dominates road traffic in 2030 what else do we need a driver’s license for?

  7. Ingenious answer
    …without ridicule and irony or whatever. Even if one has nothing to do with the other, it clearly and clearly places the thoughts of this administration. Thanks.

  8. Sue Germany?
    Couldn’t just be sued as soon as the time comes to sue the German state for damages in the amount of the cost of the exhibition incurred? If Canadian companies can do this through Ceta in the future if the German state issues a law that harms them, then this should probably apply to German citizens. On the occasion, of course, one should not forget that one also has to complain that the German state has to bear the costs for the future at the end of the driver’s license. You could do that in the form of a class action law.

  9. Sure, of course!
    And a lawsuit against the state because I can no longer be recognized in my picture from 40 years ago! And because the driver’s license is now becoming more contaminated with counterfeiting: Destroy my business model (admittedly: rather few ;-)) conclusion: How much bullshit is written here if something is introduced in Germany, which is well established worldwide for a long time!

  10. One must
    give the child a name so that the citizens and of course the driver’s license holder can be ripped off. I have mine "Rag " Exchange years ago. The whole procedure that was connected with it was exaggerated. New eye test, official medical eye examination bring money into the cash register. Of the"New" was more than double !!! as expensive as mine "Age". I say yes, pure rip -off. The politicians really don’t know how to fill the cash registers. Above all, their pensions have to be financed.

  11. Not with me!
    Exchange for a driver’s license for which you have already paid a lot of money? how so? With old driving license, you can easily only exchange the picture. I no longer participate in this nonsense! We have completely different problems in this country.

  12. Administrative regulation
    One day you will receive a letter from the district office in which you are asked to find your way around the authority with an old driver’s license and passport photo. If you do not meet the friendly invitation, a fine flutters into you. When implementing administrative regulations, the apparatus does not know any …

  13. I find strange
    That one person who was born before 1953 had to be exchanged by 2033 at the latest. Hi ? Then in the best case this person turned exactly 80 years old. XD


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