Driver’s license: New expiry data – millions have to exchange papers earlier

Delivery data for driver’s licenses

Millions are supposed to exchange driver’s license earlier than planned

Driver's license: New expiry data - millions have to exchange papers earlier-millions
dpa/federico gambarini The driver’s license was gray in the past, then pink.

Drivers in Germany have to exchange their driver’s licenses earlier than planned beforehand. Like the Monday edition of the "Saarbrucker Zeitung" reports, the countries want that "Expiry date" Prefer staggered for the driving license.

According to the newspaper, this emerges from a recommendation of the traffic committee of the country chamber for the Federal Council meeting next Friday.

Approached exchange of the driver’s licenses

Since 2013, driving licenses have only been valid for 15 years. All driving license issued up to that point should actually keep their validity until 2033. Now the approximately 15 million driving permits are to be replaced by 2024, which are up to 31. December 1998 have been issued. The approximately 30 million from 1. January 1999 assigned licenses must then be graded depending on the year of the exhibition until 2033.The planned regulations for "Approached driving license exchange" be necessary to relieve the authorities. "It’s about an equalization", said a spokeswoman for the Federal Council of the newspaper. The new regulation ensures that the authorities could manage the large number of future applications.

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10 thoughts on “Driver’s license: New expiry data – millions have to exchange papers earlier”

  1. Yes England
    Greetings. Where does politics believe the causes of a, initially unique EU exit, … to search!?

  2. Some call it equalization
    To relieve the authorities, the others call it the right name: early money tailoring!

  3. I’m sorry, what ?
    "The planned regulations for "Approached driving license exchange" be necessary to relieve the authorities. "It’s about an equalization"," Equalization ? I think the state needs money, also because our population rose by at least 1.5 million last year !

  4. I’m now for the D-Exit
    What actually became out of stock protection? I have my old one "Rag" under the premise made that this had no conditions. The FS is valid indefinitely. How can a law come now and want to take away my permanent FS at the time??? Why do I have to pay for something? Is this not a real retroactive effect that is prohibited from the outset? You can’t complain against it?

  5. Total control
    This is only about making new coal every 15 years. My appearance is ancient and will always remain valid. The values in the control craze department should read the article on existing protection well. Because who actually made his driver’s license in 1983 "Exchanged", only receives a new plastic card with a 15 -year expiry date. The citizen should only be incapacitated and ripped off again. Or actually believes that the new plastic card costs less than 80 euros? Poor D-Land.

  6. What was thought,
    In order to bring undermined national workers and civil servants out of their lethargy, it is not possible now. Well, at least the compulsory exchange is free of charge.

  7. Tailorship is that. If I at least
    9 years earlier, at least mind you, because by 2024 the last papers that actually apply by 2033 should already be exchanged, need a new appearance, and after that I am also due every 15 years I can spend more money on our dear authorities in life. Politicians treat us people like piece cattle.

  8. Fees and gangelung
    The German state is urgently reformed and such nonsense regulations are abolished. The driver’s license was valid for life and that should be again ! My grandfather drove until 95 and that kept him fit.

  9. The head of the office
    First we have introduced a complex award, then the bureaucracy is supposedly not finished and what do you do, you increase the frequencies. It is obviously just about tailoring. What do we actually pay for our taxes?

  10. Delivery data for driver’s licenses
    That’s just a new rip off the government to take extra coal. I, like millions others, have made and paid the driver’s license without expiry date and it is a bottomless rip off that you now have to exchange your driver’s license at your own expense. Next, they probably also want a driving test and a medical report, of course at our expense….


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