Drivers from 2022 must adhere to these new regulations – car

With the turn of the year there are also some new regulations that drivers have to adhere to. But what rules are they? We tell you everything you need to know about it.

Higher fuel prices, mask regulation and finals for certain driver’s licenses: 2022 there are some innovations for car travelers.You still have an old driver’s license? Then you have to do your "rag" by 19 at the latest. Exchange January for counterfeit-proof check card driver’s license.From 1. January increases the CO2 price. This means that the liter of petrol costs around 8 cents more. With diesel it is almost 10 cents.Your first -aid kit needs an upgrade. You must also have packed two masks in it this year.The guidelines for plug-in hybrids are strict in 2022. There is only funding if the vehicle has a minimum electrical range of 60 kilometers or at most 50 grams of CO2 per kilometer.If you drive an electric car, you can benefit from the so -called greenhouse quota. Service providers can sell the CO2 that saves your car, namely. You only have to register your electric car with a corresponding provider.

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