Drivers: Please do not have sex on the license plate!


Please do not have sex on the license plates!

Drivers: Please do not have sex on the license plate!-license

The driver who opted for the “SE-XY” license plate probably doesn’t just want to express that he comes from Bad Segeberg.

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Many drivers reveal something about themselves through their license plate. However, a survey now shows that funny ideas don’t always get across. A certain combination of letters was even banned.

M.ith hardly any other consumer good can you present yourself as well as with your own vehicle. Often the car brand can be used to identify the owner directly, but the color of the car also reveals a lot about the driver. And if you want to find out more, you should pay attention to the license plate. With a look at the license plate you can often find out the birthday, wedding day or how the driver assesses himself.

Even if it is said that men are especially fond of their cars, many women also have a strong personal bond with the vehicle: A recent study by AachenMunchner Versicherung, in which 1,000 Germans took part, found that 36 percent of the female respondents insist on their desired license plate number, while it is only 31 percent for men.

In Germany you can reserve a license plate of your choice for a fee of 10.20 euros. There are hardly any limits to your imagination. According to the survey, women are amused by creative letter combinations. 53 percent of them find it funny, only 45 percent of the men are of the same opinion.

Funny license plates often land on Facebook

For many, however, the fun stops with labels of the “ST-AR”, “SE-XY” or “PI-EP” variety. At 49 percent, almost half have to smile about it. But even two out of five drivers find such license plates "absolutely silly".

38 percent say they don’t care about their license plate number – they still don’t want ominous numbers like “666” or “13”. A third of all respondents even insist on the highest degree of individuality.

For them, it is essential that they contain their own initials, date of birth or desired combinations. Almost every tenth person has already registered their car at least once in a different location, for example at a second home, just to get a specific license plate.

Even if supposedly funny license plates divide the nation, ten percent of German citizens write down particularly entertaining letter combinations, show them to friends and acquaintances or share them on Facebook.

Represent your home country with your license plate

"My license plate belongs to me – like my name on the door", many Germans would underline this sentence. 66 percent of them welcome the fact that you can now keep your license plate even if you move to another region.

59 percent of Germans think it is good that they represent their own place of residence with their license plate number, for example when they go on vacation. When traveling – also in traffic jams – the letters can also prevent boredom: 64 percent of those surveyed like to play "guessing license plates" on the autobahn.

However, this guessing game has gotten more complicated in recent times, especially for younger people. Suddenly new license plates appear, but many older drivers are still familiar with them. The reason: For several months now, it has been possible again in many areas of Germany to get old license plates that had fallen victim to administrative reforms in the past.

Combination of letters BUL-LE is prohibited

For example, the town of Burglengenfeld in the Upper Palatinate district of Schwandorf has regained its old BUL license plate. The letter combination BUL-LE was particularly popular there.

However, the Schwandorf district office recently withdrew this desired number from the market because it was offensive. However, a police officer had also ordered the license plate for himself.

It is even easier to get your own individual license plate in Denmark, Iceland and Latvia. There you can choose the complete labeling yourself.

In Sweden you can apply for your personal identification number for a fee of a few hundred crowns. And you keep that for your entire driving life. Because there the label is personal and valid for life.

In 2008, Sheikh Saed Al-Khouri in the United Arab Emirates paid the highest price to date for a custom license plate with the equivalent of around ten million euros for the number 1.

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