Driving bans only the beginning? Why you will be taken away from them

Driving bans only the beginning?

Why you will be taken away from them

Driving bans only the beginning? Why you will be taken away from them-them
Cattle man Forever driving ban: This car no longer drives a meter

  • Site guest car Guido Bellberg

In the end, the discussions about e -mobility, driving bans, environmental zones and traffic calming in the end only have a single purpose – namely to limit the automobile mobility of the citizen so far that it is at some point without a car? A snappy column.

Do not be fooled. Behind the never -ending talk of "security", "accident avoidance" and "environmental protection", which rains down almost daily on German media consumers, often only contains pure hatred of freedom, especially the automobile.Just take a look at this increasingly popular vision: Autonomous driving will provide cheaper taxis and cheaper car sharing, so that in the future no German will need your own car in the future. Great, or?Rather not. Without going into the almost damage happy, but in any case, unsocial joy over thousands of unemployed taxi drivers, truck drivers and car sellers, it remains to be remarkable that it is only about taking away something in the end again, dear reader and dear reader. In this case your car.

A few years ago, diesel bans were unimaginable

They don’t believe that? I can even understand that, but what would you have said if I had asked you ten years ago whether you could imagine that our well -meaning government will in future ban smoking in your favorite pub? Unimaginable, or?And what if I had predicted five years ago that the new diesel, which they bought from self -proclaimed environmental fans under a similarly loud applause, will be banned a short time later? Absurd, or? Can you see it.

Driving bans only the beginning? Why you will be taken away from them-bans
Private Like cars, even if he has trouble with you: Guido Bellberg

Professional politicians and their bureaucracy monsters

We live in time -loving times when professional politicians and members of our exuberant bureaucracy give birth to monsters, who were still unimaginable a few years earlier. Believe seriously that something will change in the near future?Let’s be honest: If every joke that could hurt someone- that is, every joke- is prohibited and the tax screw is impossible to be attracted even more, the people’s educators in the state and federal parliaments (once to be silent from Europe) will be satisfied lean back and leave us alone? Or will they just look for new opportunities to make life difficult for normal citizens?

Heavy oil in, diesel out: Hamburg’s ban on diesel is so crazy

Driving bans only the beginning? Why you will be taken away from them-beginning

Site Heavy oil in, diesel out: Hamburg’s ban on diesel is so crazy

The alleged freedom without a car

Why shouldn’t one actually in, let’s say, for 15 years the private ownership of automobiles completely ban? Believe me that such a proposal would probably find mass approval in politics today. If there are car sharing offers and autonomous cars across the board, such a socialist imagination will probably be waved through in the parliaments before the coffee break.But why actually stop cars? There is so much to forbid and the way to socialist paradise is always longer than its supporters can imagine. The impatience that arises can best be combated with prohibitions and re -education measures. Does anyone really need sugary drinks or electrical bicycles? And that when the children are all too thick anyway? No, it is best to ban both. Even cruise ships and city tour buses also fulfill no purpose, so you can also safely dispose of them.


All the traffic in general. Even if in 2030 all citizens have given their cars in the then responsible political office, some hard-working small spirit certainly ask the question of whether all trips in taxis or car sharing cars are really necessary-even if these vehicles electrically with electricity from French or Ukrainian nuclear power plants should be on the way. If people were better organized, they wouldn’t have to go to the city center twice in one day – so it would be true in many brain.And even if it rains, you can get there almost everywhere. Keywords for this are already "public health" and "public space in the city centers".

Only every fifth should have a car: Greenpeace demands radical traffic transitions

Driving bans only the beginning? Why you will be taken away from them-beginning

Site/Wochit Only every fifth should have a car: Greenpeace demands radical traffic transitions

Standard model MAO must be enough

In addition, nobody is forced to visit foreign cities or even buy them at the discounter on the green meadow, all Germans who finally have to stop.In the end, however, I have a good news: If everything was finally regulated in Germany or it has even worked out in the United States of Europe, at least they have the comforting thought that there are other beautiful countries in which they are saved in their savings can hit the head. What you should also do urgently before they are drawn in and output for speed cameras to catch us if we go over the traffic lights at red at red.

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12 thoughts on “Driving bans only the beginning? Why you will be taken away from them”

  1. Right!!!!!
    Finally the truth. Now you can read it without the Nazi or. Club … Finally the truth. Now you can read it without the Nazi or. Reich citizen Keule felt. After countless comments from me, which were censored here, there is again a touch of hope. Keep it up!!!!!!

  2. Finally one who speaks from my heart
    Germany the country of regular and prohibitions. Everything must be prescribed. A paradise for the green followers. Finally you can enforce your regular dictionary in Germany. They tell us what we have to eat, how we should move and also how and where we have to live. In other words, they shape our lives. Soon we are no longer called the German Michel but the stupid German lemmings

  3. Great article
    In order to better control the citizen, such machinations of the red / green world savior are quite possible. Today I am happy to have reached an age where I no longer need to be annoyed. I’ll drive until the end of the car the only freedom you really have I decide when and where I go.

  4. Who is not with the UN agenda 2030
    busy, of course tapps in the dark. First, private cars are abolished, then flying will be so expensive that it can only afford one elite, people are driven by the villages to the cities, where they are then allowed to claim 35 square meters of living space, football players and other "stars" – driven by Social envy – just get a workers’ wage. The rest of the population is used. If you don’t want to believe all of this, you should deal with this agenda.

  5. At least since last Mo evening the
    Last in D that are pure and measured values pure esoteric from the glass ball of dark green pseudo-Okojunkies and do not withstand any scientific evaluation. If such serious cuts based on such esotericism based on the German ammocal lawsuits "Blue" Resch should be enforced and waving courses instead of pounding on reliable facts and resching up his complaints on the right and left around the ears. As well as the first hackers start to accept them and the repression bureaucracy digitally in rubble and ash, the war drivers will find that they are not understood or dominate the weapons with them. PS: In FR, 60% speed cameras were scraped analogously.

  6. When I tell someone in the 1980s
    That you ca. 30 years later, so small round colored stickers needed the windshield to go to downtown Hanover with my own car, then people would have declared me for crazy….. Today, something like that has become a matter of course that cars have small green stickers sticking on the windshield in order to use the city center of Hanover’s downtown legally…..

  7. @ Mr. Herbert KOpenick
    Unfortunately, they do not seem to have noticed that one is about to destroy the largest branch of industry and the suppliers! Yes, VW built Bockmist, was arrogant and snooty. The whole scandal could have run more glimpse. But it is forgotten that the automotive hindrike is the largest taxpayers with the Chrmie industry. When that breaks away and Mio. Unemployed creates, I want to hear them how they see the whole thing. D should be de -industrialized, and hardly anyone notices it… Think about it.. Beautiful evening.

  8. Herbert KOpenick
    This program of de -industrialization was already tackled after the II WK. Many have only read tray leaves instead of informing themselves.

  9. Great contribution
    I only lack the reference to the surveillance options if there are no more private vehicles. A horror should go there the trip there.

  10. Good and critical article
    We have certainly all been brainwashed by UN, EU, mass media for many years. However, changes are eminent. It is actually only important that you come comfortably (and dry) from A to B, remain freedom and that we are not all caught in a warehouse or a megast city as slaves. The private automobile will disappear whether or not by a inhumane EU politician.

  11. I just get along…
    Phnom Penh back and have to laugh about our eco-Stalinists, because I would send them for a whole week through the fitting city traffic of this metropolis. Here you could really let off steam, because all vehicle models from Toyota/Lexus, Range-Rover or Nissan, which are no longer allowed to be sold in the pingely eco-europa, that run splendidly there. The business of the large corporations there runs over the rail of one’s own German economy suicide…Many thanks to the green -painted communists of red green.

  12. Emigrate
    The only answer to this would be emigrated. They should be happy with the newly traveled . I think we are sitting on the descending branch here in the EU. We develop backwards while other continents go forward. So on new shores.


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