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Around 43 million driver’s licenses have had their day and have to be exchanged for counterfeit -proof documents – this does not only apply to the pink or horror "Rag", but also for 28 million check card leader certificates. An step plan regulates who is on when when. The deadline for the first group is already on 19. January 2022 from. Who is affected and what you can do if you no longer get an appointment with the authorities.

First of all, the most important thing: the compulsory exchange applies to

  • Everyone Paper guide notes, exhibited up to 31.12.1998 and
  • Everyone Check card leader certificates, Exhibited between 1.1.1999 and 18.1.2013.

Until 19.1.The entire exchange process must be completed in 2033. A step plan regulates who is on when when. The respective deadlines depend on the birth or. From the exhibition year. The reason for the exchange: Fair aus certificates should in future be counterfeit-proof and uniform across the EU in the future. In order to avoid abuse of the documents, the new driver’s licenses are also recorded in a database. The new driver’s license is only valid for 15 years and must then be renewed.More on the subject: Incomprehensible digits on the driver’s license: You mean that

The deadlines at a glance:

The deadlines for the paper guide notes in pink or gray (exhibited before the 31. December 1998) hang from the driver’s year:

  • The years 1953 to 1958 are first. Their deadline for the exchange is on 19. January 2022.
  • Driver’s license holders who were born between 1959 and 1964 come to it a year later.
  • The years until 1970 have until 19. January 2024 time,
  • While all years afterwards your driver’s license up to 19. January 2025 have to be exchanged.
  • Drivers who were born before 1935 are allowed until 19. January 2033 drive with your old driver’s license.

In the case of driving license, which from the 1. January 1999 were issued (i.e. already in the check card format), the deadline depends on the date of exhibition.

No more appointments. What now?

A current problem is allocation due to the corona pandemic. Many driver’s license points are overloaded, the appointments are fully booked. If you no longer find an appointment before the deadline, you will not have to expect a fine right away. In the event of a check, showing an online booking for your exchange date can help. So you could get away with an oral warning.More on the subject: Drive electric car with an old driver’s license: Are there any problems because of combustion passports?

This has to be considered when exchange:

When exchanging the driver’s license, you need your ID card or passport, a biometric passport picture and your old driver’s license. In addition, a processing fee of around 25 euros is due. Also note the processing time. It can take between four and six weeks for you to hold your new driver’s license in your hands.If you are afraid to give your deadline, you can voluntarily exchange your driver’s license at any time. All nostalgic drivers can also take home the old paper driver’s license. However, punched and devalued.

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  1. One compulsion after the other
    How many constraints endure intelligent, mature citizens? Now the driving license compulsory exchange, … Then the corona vaccination compulsion! What else is coming? Load compensation?, 10-15 percent savings credit tax? Refugee compulsory ingressing, cat tax? Demonstration bans? There is nothing, but also nothing at all, which I don’t trust the ruling.

  2. Let’s wait
    I already have my new driver’s license so that I don’t have to pay a penalty. However, ask me why our guests are allowed to stay here without a fermentation -proof ID card. What about them with the driving license? I only see an additional income of the taxpayer for the state. I’ve had my driver’s license for almost 50 years and so far I have had to show it 1x. With Corona measures you can only pick up the finished driver’s license with an appointment, but that doesn’t matter after all, the German Michel always has time or. then have to see how he does it


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