Driving license test: The coalition ensures competition for Dekra and TuV

It’s about hundreds of million euros

Coalition regulates new driver’s license test: Dekra and TuV tremble before competition

Driving license test: The coalition ensures competition for Dekra and TuV-license
dpa The traffic light coalition wants to regulate the driver’s license test.

  • Author Oliver Stock (business courier)

So far, TuV and DEKRA have a lucrative million monopoly on taking the driver’s license test. Because they are completely overloaded, there are long waiting times for candidates. The new coalition now also wants to allow other examiners. This has enforced the FDP, which was previously violated by the test organizations.

Those who get a driver’s license in Germany have to bring one thing above all: patience. It takes an eternity before the training is finally in sight in sight. Six weeks are standard in many places, sometimes it takes longer. Anyone who takes a job in which the new driver’s license is indispensable will skid in time.

In addition: In the meantime. You are obviously badly prepared. The second attempt not only costs money and nerves, but again a lot of time. The new government coalition now wants to change this: At the FDP printing, the negotiators of the traffic light coalition have written to their common program that "the monopoly should be lifted during the driving license examination while protecting the quality standards".

The driver’s license is about hundreds of million euros

What can at least mean an improvement for the driver’s license candidates ensures that the organizations are involved in the state of emergency. It’s about a cake of an estimated 250 million euros. So much for the approximately 1.5 million newcomers to driving licensees a year to "exam fees" for the theoretical and practical driving test. So far, this money flowed into the TuV and DEKRA funds, both organizations have the monopoly per federal state on the examination.

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In the west it is more of the TuV, in the east rather the DEKRA that run the profitable business – and have defended with claws and teeth for decades. Of course, the word "money" never falls, but it is always about "quality": "The technical test centers ensure a high degree of neutrality and objectivity and only serve the goal of increasing traffic safety," says the Federal Association of TuV’s.

However, TuV and DEKRA have to admit that waiting times for the test subjects are annoying and expensive for several weeks – if only because further driving lessons are due. The waiting times would be due to Corona pandemic. Lockdown and hygiene regulations have tightened the situation. In addition, the practical driving tests have gotten longer, which is why more personnel are required for checking, but what you work on, according to the TuV.

Dekra and TuV get competition

On the other hand, the unsatisfactory situation encouraged an eternal competitor of TuV and DEKRA to start a campaign. The Society for Technical Surveillance GTu hit the notch: Against the waiting times must be remedied. "The existing monopoly of the driving license examination urgently needs to be opened," said Robert KOstler, spokesman for the management of the GTu on time when the parties met their preparations for elections. And KOstler did not listen to the speech, but invited Christian Lindner and two regional FDP greats a week before the election to visit the GTu headquarters in Stuttgart.

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Lindner confessed that his first word he could say was "car" and received a guest gift that suits his passion, namely extracts from the GTu Classic Archive about the Porsche 911 SC. Hospitality, encouraging words and good arguments apparently worked afterwards. In any case, it now says in the coalition agreement that the rules for the driving license examination change in such a way that the GTu and other organizations can come into play. The next Minister of Transport, who is convenient with Volker Wissing, also comes from the FDP.

The driving instructors follow the course of things with interest. They have been complaining about the inadequate capacities of TuV and DEKRA for a long time and, as the GTu proudly makes known in a message ". So far, no one wants to take the driving instructor even after a corresponding qualification. A third party in the group is necessary for quality reasons – there is agreement on this.

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The GTu, which last time three decades ago TuV and DEKRA, successfully chased the monopoly for regular vehicle examination, is now in the star holes. It fits well that many examiners work for the GTu who used to travel to TuV and DEKRA and are also trained as a driver’s license auditor. You could step in ad hoc and shorten the exam jam.

Test companies can already be found with new regulation

The TuV, on the other hand, does not find the intended new regulation funny. However, what he has to say sounds like retreat: he welcomes all steps "that lead to a higher quality of driving training in order to reduce the high diarrhea rates during the driving tests and make a contribution to traffic safety". After all, this is important, since beginners are more often involved in traffic accidents above average. But: The current system has proven itself and is also "modernized" according to "current scientific knowledge". However, because this modernization has not led to shorter waiting times for the candidate for the candidate for the first time, it looks as if TuV and Dekra have to hand in something from their 250 million euro cake.

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Driving license test: The coalition ensures competition for Dekra and TuV-competition

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Driving license test: The coalition ensures competition for Dekra and TuV-driving

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14 thoughts on “Driving license test: The coalition ensures competition for Dekra and TuV”

  1. The driver’s license is also an obligation!
    What use is it if people get something in the driving school but after the … Forgot the driving test very quickly or. categorically ignore? That one.B. A closed line is not allowed to be interested in many, because such simple rules can not be forgotten so quickly. Thick SUV or transporter that should not use the third lane in construction sites because they are wider than 2.10 m (outside edge of the mirrors) seem to be clearly overwhelmed by many of many. Among a way on motorways, actually very simple, but it is still not used. Many apparently drive according to their own rules. The Section 1 of the StVO is no longer quite present. Examples could be listed there.

  2. The first sensible action of the traffic lights
    That would be the first meaningful act of the traffic lights. This rip -off during the driver’s license test is no longer acceptable. Nowhere is it as complicated and expensive to get the driver’s license as in Germany, I have to change that urgently.

  3. @Jansen @komle
    That doesn’t work at all that there is no.Fees are required. If I remember correctly now, the prudish fees are specified by the legislator. Fees for measures in road traffic this means the O.It was time. U. When it is.More test subjects, gives the two old ones, then all three are full. In the past there was only the TuV as a memory.

  4. the
    The simplest and fastest solution would be that the TuV and the DEKRA must be obliged to remove the driving test within two weeks! With income of 250 million euros, it should be possible to provide enough examiners. The driving schools could then also offer their learner drivers: offer enough hours inside.

  5. the
    Limit validity of the driver’s licenses (driving license) to two years. Every two years a theoretical examination and a driving lesson with examiner. The whole thing then considerably cheaper than today. Then there is still more money in and incompetent are sifted out.

  6. Yes yes Eric Manoli
    And they are the capable. Whoever drives according to the regulations as it is an exceptional talent. The world definitely doesn’t need that. Senior teachers are enough.

  7. Terrible
    So honestly ! 40 % fall through? With me, 80% would fail! Whoever falls through today must be an idiot! See this also for journeyman’s exams or other final exams! It has never been easier than creating an exam today! Corona has probably also arrived in the head!

  8. arrogance
    is never good. In the 1960s, many fell through my examination, namely from 13 driving students 7. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that "Everything was better before".

  9. TuV and DEKRA
    have crushed in their monopoly for a very long time, they felt important and indispensable, but they have become more and more negligent in their brass, but they have no longer fulfilled their tasks until it was noticed. Instead of hiring more staff to guarantee smooth processes, they simply slept and now they get the receipt, no more and no less. An overdue decision, but revolutions look different.

  10. driver’s license
    For what a German driver’s license does no matter who takes the exam if North African driver’s licenses are recognized without any problems even if they are done with the donkey.

  11. The foreign driver’s licenses are
    Here only six months valid according to the place of residence in Germany. After that, the driver’s license must be rewritten. There is a list of countries for third countries with simplified procedures for this. Don’t worry, the North African region and the Middle East are not included, there is again a theoretical and practical examination due.

  12. Theory for all road users
    I would welcome it if the theory (including. Exam) would already be taught at school. I noticed that youthful cyclists drive better from the time of the driving school because they then suspect how the driver perceives them and also deal with ancestral rules and stops. I assume that the driving behavior and the accident rates of the cyclists could improve. The traffic education of primary schools here in the region is very underdeveloped, although there is a practice site on a school premises. There would be systematics and curricula.

  13. There is a first time for everything.
    This time an FDP law that does not hurt the consumer. Quite different from the laws.B. Data protection that protects the fraudster or criminal and lets the cheated and damaged citizens stand in the rain.

  14. Do not allow driving instructors to check.
    At our association we also have courses with exams. It is considered a law that those who teach, should not be present at the exams. Has proved its worth. In addition to the GTu, there are so many freelance motor vehicle experts who can also train as examiners. The range of examiners would be widened in one fell swoop without the quality having to fall. This area is heavily regulated, i.e. cemented. Big boards have to be drilled until an civil servant moves here. Because Dekra and TuV are something like for me "Freelanding civil servants".


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