Driving report Audi RS 3 sedan: pictures, data, prices

Driving report Audi RS 3 sedan

Five cylinder concert in the new Audi RS 3

Driving report Audi RS 3 sedan: pictures, data, prices-audi

Audi AG
Driving report Audi RS 3 sedan: Fifteen-cylinder concert in the new Audi RS 3

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With the new RS 3 double, Audi offers a hot city with 400 hp, all -wheel drive and lots of good mood.

“Good morning dear neighbors!“This greeting can save owners of a new Audi RS 3 from coming summer. Because they fell out of their beds after the first sound of the two oval tailpipes of the sports exhaust system. No wonder, with 400 hp, a total of 33 hp more than with the predecessor for the brute fanfare from the cheek. That dog doesn’t bite the barks seems sufficiently known. With the from 55.900 euro Audi RS 3 sedan – it is also available as a sportsback for 54.600 euros-however, it quickly becomes clear that this saying only applies to the four-legged friends and not to the RS all-wheel drive from Ingolstadt. In addition to the aggressive soundscape and the PS increase, the 480 Newton meter torque also ensures a permanent grin on the face of up to five occupants. The new RS 3 should be up to 280 kilometers per hour and the sprint up to 100 km / h after 4.1 seconds should be history.

Traditional five -cylinder on board

The 2.5 -liter fifth cylinder engine behind the grim -looking front grill is responsible for the ordinary portion of fun. "The five-cylinder is a legendary part of our corporate DNA," says Stephan Winkelmann, Managing Director of Audi Sport GmbH. “Now he takes over the top position worldwide with 400 hp – and not only in the RS 3 Sportback, but also in the RS 3 sedan. With both models we offer our customers an attractive introduction to the RS world.“What is often swept under the table with all the praise and in any case with sports cars of any kind are the consumption values. 8.3 liters of super per 100 kilometers should be enough for the 4.48 meter long and 1.80 meter wide RS 3. But even with the most defensive accelerator pedal use, the settlement can hardly be reached.

Driving report Audi RS 3 sedan: pictures, data, prices-audi
Audi AG The big air intake on the front is striking.

If that, and that should actually be all RS drivers, it doesn’t matter, they will not only be tempted to make use of the launch start start. Briefly lay the ESC into sports mode and switch the seven-speed automatic transmission to S and nothing stands in the way of the horizontal rocket start. Except maybe one or the other dromedar, other road users or speed limits. To the automatic transmission, it must be added that the S-mode is not only available for sporty, ambitious tours, but actually always when many gear changes can be expected.

Driving report Audi RS 3 sedan: pictures, data, prices-audi
Audi AG Also a real eye -catcher from behind.

And unfortunately it always has to be in the basic setting. The sports car changes too quickly to the next higher and more consumption -efficient gait. And you get on your nerves too quickly this constant back and forth or subtle driving. But not only that. Because if you face a spontaneous overtaking maneuver, you can get sweaty hands despite the existing over performance. Talking about a felt eternity would be unfair, but the RS 3 treats itself for a short second in spontaneous kickdown until the speed dad is moving to red areas.

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Driving report Audi RS 3 sedan: pictures, data, prices-driving

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In total, the compact athlete slimmed down 26 kilograms

What speaks surprisingly for the RS 3, however, and that even though he wants to be a sports car, his civil engineering vote is his city -compatible chassis. This does not mean that he floats a litter over any berth of streets. Its strength is that despite 25 millimeter deeper, he is not constantly looking for contact with his front apron compared to his series of production. However, it does not become the perfect shopping companion again. Because under his short tail lid, the 1590 kilograms of athletes, which was 26 kilograms lighter, reveals only 315 liters of loading volume. By folding down the rear seats, this can still be expanded to 770 liters. The reason for joy provide his seats, which offer sufficient lateral support in every driving situation and do not cause any problems even after several hours.

Driving report Audi RS 3 sedan: pictures, data, prices-audi
Audi AG The RS 3 rolls on with carbon ceramic brake slices.

They only come up to the driver, he wants to take the curves as sporty on not perfectly prepared roads as he is used to from home. Then the permanent all-wheel drive no longer helps and the Audi RS 3, equipped with a full-packed carbon ceramic brake discs. Then a lively use on the leather steering wheel, which was flattened below, helps nothing more. If in doubt, the passengers did not notice anything from the little maneuver, since they are deepened in their mobile devices connected by WLAN hotspot. In this regard, the driver remains his 12.3 inch Audi virtual cockpit, on which he can display any information about his latest, steel family member.

Driving report Audi RS 3 sedan: pictures, data, prices-driving
Audi AG The trunk volume is limited to just 315 liters of loading volume

Type Audi RS 3 sedan
engine Five-cylinder turbo petrol engine
Displacement (cm3) 2480
Performance in PS (KW) at U/Min-1 400 (294) at 5850
Max. Torque (nm) at UMin-1 480 Nm at 1700 rpm
Speed (km/h)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec.))) 4.1
transmission Seven-speed automatic transmission
drive permanent all -wheel drive
Fuel great
Consumption EU third mix (L/100 km) 8.3
CO2 emissions (g/km) 188
Length (mm) 4480
width (mm) 1802
Height (mm) 1397
Weight, manufacturer-
Specification (KG)
Price (euro) 55.900.00 €
Exhaust gas standard Euro 6
Addition: Price corresponds to the basic price for the RS 3 sedan. The RS 3 Sportback starts at 54.600 euros.

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7 thoughts on “Driving report Audi RS 3 sedan: pictures, data, prices”

  1. A car that the world doesn’t need.
    Only the color is exciting. Otherwise auditary stubborn design. A few more horsepower than … the predecessor, otherwise no significant innovations. As long as you only pay for a surcharge for the 4 rings and get VW technology at Audi, this car / this brand does not represent an option.

  2. Should be ironic
    When Audi attaches a hot city with 400 hp, all -wheel drive and lots of good mood. For what 400 hp in the city? Street races, good mood traffic jams, or just light money

  3. Nice and quick but…
    Hardly anyone can pay € 55,000 for a car. I drive an old Audi myself and am enthusiastic about the brand but a normal working person can only dream of a 55.000 € car. You don’t just want to go to work for the car.

  4. What will be nipped first?
    The turbo or the DSG? doesn’t matter. First of all, you have to beautifully talk about the Wolfsburg cross-engine construction kit, so that it is really a "Sports car" From this disguised golf becomes. Then you put around 55.000 € to (until not an over -the -fold time ago over 100.000 DM). If there is so much money on disposition, I would buy a car. You can take a look around in the same group.

  5. Oh well
    400 hp, almost a 3 at the front of 0 to 100 for 55t euros is almost a bargain. And the sound is great.By the way, I love my DSG.

  6. Mega
    Cheaper than the beginner Porsche 718 and much stronger and with better driving performance. Mega sharp part, what comes from Ingolstadt. No one needs more car and yet he will remain unreachable for many. Great, Audi.

  7. Mid -range?
    I can no longer call a vehicle that should cost as a losin from € 55600. With a reasonable equipment, Audi is certainly slightly over 60,000 €. There are great super athletes for the price. You have lost reality, you are doing too well.


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