Driving report Citroen DS5: luxury spacecraft with diesel hybrid

Driving report Citroen DS5

Luxury spacecraft with diesel hybrid

Driving report Citroen DS5: luxury spacecraft with diesel hybrid-citroen

Citroen DS5: no goddess, but cool

  • Site editor Bernhard Santer (Nice)

With the DS5 Citroen crowns the DS series and drives the old claim for luxurious extravagance to the top. Also technologically, for example in the form of a diesel hybrid model.

Many Citroen fans still have not completely wounded that the French last year did not revive the famous two letters DS in the form of a new goddess, but "only" for a model line. It started with the DS3, a noble small car, which has nothing in common with the legendary DS. The compact DS4 recently followed-and with it an idea of what Citroen really intends to do with the DS line: offer avant-garde alternatives in all vehicle classes.
The DS5, which will come onto the market in February next year and was able to drive the site today, is the preliminary top model of the series: A mid-range crossover with a brave design and extraordinary technology. In addition to conventional drives, there is also a variant with diesel hybrid drive. What the DS5 can do – and, if necessary, better than the classic C5 – clarifies the first driving report.

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10 thoughts on “Driving report Citroen DS5: luxury spacecraft with diesel hybrid”

  1. quality
    I think it is out of the question that DT car manufacturers deliver the best products. however they … I think it is out of the question that DT car manufacturers deliver the best products. However, they can be paid for accordingly. Foreign carmakers follow up extremely quickly in terms of quality and get BMW, Audi U CO. The price-performance ratio of foreign cars is better there. This is clear if you compare the full equipment of a DS4 with A3

  2. quality
    If I look at how often the highly praised German products in my circle of friends have to go to the workshop, it cannot be that far with quality.

  3. French design experiments
    When I look at this design experiments from France, I realize why the three big Audi, BMW, and Mercedes not only lead the number of inflation in this country. Then small 1.6 liter four -cylinder and the car is ready that nobody wants. Oh, and if I want plastic in the interior, I prefer to buy American cars that have at least good engines.

  4. respect
    I don’t have to admit much of cars from France, but the DS5 is very big cinema. The German manufacturers can take care of a disc. Keep it up!

  5. Outstanding!
    You have to experience this car directly and have taken a seat in it. One is reluctant to get out again. Visually, this citroen inside is a blessing with an excellent quality and the best materials on the outside. No other manufacturer offers a car in this unique way. The DS5 plays here in an absolutely own league.

  6. Nice
    Without a doubt a stylistically beautiful car. Part of this beauty is already generated by the fact that the vehicle does not look like a unit long-time premium audi.

  7. and then
    Should you know that VW had successfully tested a Golf 2 with this hybrid technology at the time. Unfortunately, however, the project did not follow any further.

  8. He is beautiful…
    But that’s all too. A car of this size and this space included. The catastrophic all -round view should get a stamp "Use for an incorporated danger". Reverse camera, lane keeping assistant, emergency brake assistant, etc. etc. are just the beginning. If the cars continue to be built, you will soon need the K.I.T.T. System as the Knight Rider once had.

  9. sure, of course
    Visually interesting, no question! Spatial miracle? Nonsense, see report. Pure luxury with such a lot of plastic? Questionable. Selling hybrid with a tight chassis as an eco -mobile. With this vehicle on the country road or motorway in Wieseln, the function of the hybrid levers. Enormous superiority of Franz. Drive concept ggu. dt. Vehicles WG. Hybrid? Factual u. in fact wrong.


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