Driving report Cupra Born – The Flamenco -Stromer

Driving report Seat Cupra Born

Spain’s flamenco-streak has VW technology, but does not look so bark

Driving report Cupra Born - The Flamenco -Stromer-report
Seat Cupra Born – Seat’s sister model of the VW ID3

  • Site author Jurgen Wolff

Seat’s noble branch Cupra is entering the electric car market with the born. This should convince with range and sportiness. That could work. Site tested the car for the first time.

The same technical basis is under the body of the new Cupra Born as in the VW ID.3, in the ID.4, in the Audi Q4 e-tron or in the SKODA ENYAQ IV. All of these Stromer from the VW Group use the one developed since 2015 "Modular e-drive construction kit" (Meb). The Spaniard developed in the Martorell at home near Barcelona is consequently also built together with the e-tron and the IDS in the German plant Zwickau, which was converted specifically for the production of electric cars.

Seats electric branch: more chic than the ID.3

However, the Spaniards have not been satisfied with just putting a copy on the tires. A few wishes could not be realized, one regrets at Cupra – for example a version with all -wheel drive. But wherever possible, they have re -sharpened in Matory. The body design, for example, that you have tailored around the MEB platform is much more sporty and aggressive than that of the other corporate power.

Driving report Cupra Born - The Flamenco -Stromer-flamenco
Seat Cupra Born

From the dimensions, the born corresponds roughly to those of the VW ID.3: 4.322 mm long, 1.809 mm wide and 1.537 mm high with a wheelbase of 2.767 mm. In front, however, the body is 15, at the back of 10 mm lower. The born looks so closer to the street than a common SUV. And even with the tires, Cupra did not use pure energy saving, but more on optics: In addition to the 215 mm wide tires, which are raised on 18 or 20-inch rims, you can also order 235 mm wide tires.

Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

Driving report Cupra Born - The Flamenco -Stromer-driving

Site Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

Optically a winner

In addition, Cupra ensures strong 3D effects on the body at Born. The lush air inlets at the front should not only give him a sporty face, but also serve to cool the batteries and the drive train. New the full LED headlights with the usual jagged daytime running lights. Side sills, sharp fold lines that run over the entire length of the body and the couped swing of the roof to the rear spoiler are also responsible for the sporting look. At the rear, a lush diffuser and a light bar running over the entire wide range of light.

Driving report Cupra Born - The Flamenco -Stromer-flamenco
Seat Cupra Born

At first glance, nothing reveals that you have a pure electric car in front of you at Cupra Born. And at second glance? Neither. Even the cover flap of the socket can be found where the fuel cap sits with a burner. Nothing changes in the impression of a normal compact compact crossover when you get in. Even a "Cardan tunnel" There is between the seats. Although it no longer has a technical function in electric cars – in the Born, however, it acts as a lavish – filing.

Cockpit uses all the advantages of the e-car

Cupra has moved functional elements such as the gear selection lever to the side of the small but clear combination instrument. This has slipped onto the steering column and so clearly visible with every steel clamp tendency. In addition, on the dashboard itself, the central, 12 -inch touchscreen, through which infotainment and passenger settings can be operated, as usual. A easily readable head-up display projects the most important information in front of the driver onto the windshield.

The sports scarf seats at the front can be adjusted enough, are comfortable and offer great side attitude even on long journeys. The place in the back is available in terms of class: usually sufficient, but quite narrow for large drivers. Behind the loading flap, a trunk with 385 liters of volume opens – around a quarter more than with a VW Golf. There are plenty of assistance systems on offer, voice control, connection to smartphones, navigation, an app to manage and monitor the vehicle from the outside – the born is based on the state of the art.

Driving report Cupra Born - The Flamenco -Stromer-report
Seat Cupra Born

The eye-opening experience comes when driving. Because the born willingly delivers everything that makes an electric car so special today. It starts with the calm. But only when starting. No sound. It is different if the born gets going: Wind and rolling noises of the tires – the bottom line is the born, at least insignificantly quieter than a modern combustion engine. For this he goes off immediately when you press the accelerator pedal. As usual, switching is superfluous with the electricity – it pulls up from a standing start without interruption up to the top speed of 180 km/h. Of the "small" ACCI enables an acceleration to 100 km / h in 7.0 seconds, with the stronger battery, 6.6 seconds are sufficient – a little faster than, for example, a Porsche Macan in the basic version.

This Tesla fuels petrol! Electro hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers with a mini battery

Driving report Cupra Born - The Flamenco -Stromer-flamenco

Site This Tesla fuels petrol! Electro hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers with a mini battery

In 7 seconds to 100 km/h

The electric motor with either 110 kW/150 hp or 150 kW/204 hp and 310 Nm torque from the first revolution acts on the rear axle. The permanent magnet synchronous engine runs with a maximum speed of 16.000 rpm. and is installed above the rear axle in front of the middle of the wheel. The torque is transferred via an in-hand gear with differential. There is an optional e-boost package that pushes the engine output for around 30 seconds to up to 170 kW/231 hp. In the base, the water-cooled lithium-ion battery in the vehicle floor has a capacity of 58 kWh, which, according to Cupra, longs for a range of around 420 kilometers. There is also an optional battery of up to 77 kWh. That then brings around 540 kilometers of range. On the way with the "huge" The battery was displayed at the start of 444 kilometers of range. A few hours and around 200 kilometers later, the display was still just under 300 kilometers of residual range – a sign that the recuperation works perfectly. If you want, you can also drive the born sporty: a pressure on the Cupra button right at the bottom right of the steering wheel makes the accelerator pedal more sensitive and the progressive steering is much more direct.

Driving report Cupra Born - The Flamenco -Stromer-cupra
Seat Cupra Born

The chassis uses McPherson spring legs at the front and a multi-steering axis at the back. The rear wheels have drum, the front wheels disc brakes. The weight between the front and rear axles is almost perfectly distributed with 50:50. Since they are installed up to almost half a ton of batteries at the bottom of the vehicle, the born has a deep focus – which benefits the driving dynamics. In curves there is almost no tendency to wear, the born pulls like on rails. The Cupra Born can already be ordered – at least in the basic version. It then costs from 37.220 euros. If you pull off the various funding, you should real with 27.650 euros will be there. The top model with 77 kWh batteries should be on the market in the first half of 2022.

Tesla driver lists his costs: after 120.000 kilometers is clear his conclusion

Driving report Cupra Born - The Flamenco -Stromer-born

Site Tesla driver lists his costs: after 120.000 kilometers is clear his conclusion

Manufacturer: Cupra (Seat)
Type: Electric car
Engine: Permanent magnet synchronous engine
Perfomance: 150 kW
(204 hp)
Top speed: 160 km/h
further data…
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h: 7.3 seconds
Transmission: Infinitely varied
Drive: Rear -wheel drive
Battery type: Lithium ions
Range electrical: 420 km
Consumption: 16.7 kWh/100 km according to NEFZ
Loading option to household socket: Yes
Length: 4322 mm
Broad: 1809 mm
Height: 1540 mm
Empty weight: 1859 kg
Pay: 401 kg
Seats: 5
Purchase price: 37.220 euros
Battery included in the price: Yes

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