Driving report Denza Elektro-Auto: First test drive in the Denza: Why don’t we have this electric mercedes with us?

Driving report Denza electric car

First test drive in the Denza: Why don’t we have these electrical mercedes from us?

Driving report Denza Elektro-Auto: First test drive in the Denza: Why don't we have this electric mercedes with us?-test

Denza: Nails with heads

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Four years ago, Daimler and BYD decided to build an electric car. Numerous shifts followed. After only 36 months of development, the Denza is finished and impresses with great range and high practicality.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More Infoschina and Germany – that works. At least with Denza, the cooperation between Mercedes-Benz and the car manufacturer BYD. For a long time, the joint venture was more of a source of constant anger . In the meantime, the waves have smoothed – and probably the most famous electric car China is ready.

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Purebred electric car

Mercedes man Frank Schweickhardt is entirely impressed by working with the Asian colleagues. "The work is very pragmatic," says the Denza development chief. The first result of this cooperation between the Chinese manufacturer and Daimler is a purebred electric vehicle. The concept for the Denza comes from the Mercedes B-Class (W245), as can be seen from the double underbody. This is the only way to do the fast development time of around 48 months – for automotive conditions -. However, the Chinese-German E-Mobil has nothing in common with the Mercedes-Benz besides the door handles and a few small parts.

Driving report Denza Elektro-Auto: First test drive in the Denza: Why don't we have this electric mercedes with us?-denza
Manufacturer The Denza behaves neutral in the curves

A trunk of a car

Compared to the Mercedes, the Asian relative is quite a trunk. The Denza is 4.64 meters long, thus beating the Swabian relative by 28 centimeters and brings an impressive 2.1 tons to the scales. This is mainly due to the battery, which has a capacity of 47.5 kWh and weighs 550 kilograms alone. There is a range of 335 km on the hab side of this monster battery. Electric cars-The large PDF guide to the electromobility of the electrified B-Class, on the other hand, creates around 200 kilometers with a 28.5 kWH battery. However, the use of electrical consumers also robs the large battery in Denza Energy, so that the route until the next electricity tank stop is noticeably shortened. The technicians in the BYD Center, which is near Hong Kong, opted for a lithium iron phosphate-energy memory. With this they accepted a lower energy density and therefore more size, but they got a battery that is better off temperature fluctuations. Therefore, the battery does not have to be chilled and works with minus degrees.

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Driving report Denza Elektro-Auto: First test drive in the Denza: Why don't we have this electric mercedes with us?-test

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Accident reliability in sight

Also a mandrel that is driven across the cells or an extensive petrol shower including subsequent fire is the battery away. Just like any kind of accident. The trick behind it: A 95 kilogram aluminum frame surrounds the battery and protects it. "The battery was fully functional after every conceivable crash," says Frank Schweickhardt. Another electro from BYD E6 had got into the headlines because of a fire accident .Around 650 kilograms in the double underbody are of course a heavy load, which increases the weight of the Denza to over two tons. On the other hand, a low center of gravity helps with driving dynamics. Even if the curves are quickly taken, the e-mobile is good-natured and can quickly be calmed down with a reduction in speed before the ESP has to intervene. The Denza swims easily in road traffic and can be moved without any problems. There are two driving modes to choose from: normal and sport. If you choose "normal", the technology focuses on achieving the greatest possible range. Then it is recuperated and the engine does not react to the acceleration commands with full power. With the exception of the kickdown. The Denza also gets everything out of itself in normal operation. .

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  1. A wrong way
    What experience do you have with the battery of a cell phone? Right, great when buying, then linear … worse, as good as flat after 2 years. Cordless screwdriver? The same picture. camera? Indeed…. I would only get an expensive electric car when the ACCU technology is so far that my cell phone runs after two years as on the first day.

  2. Mobile phone battery after 2 years flat…
    …is quite wanted too. But does not have to be, because today’s technology can do it much better – if it wants. On the safe side you are when you rent the battery as with Nissan or Renault, the manufacturer is interested in a long service life itself. After 2 years as on the first day, of course, nonsense is, the combustion engine cannot do that either.

  3. The 45.000 euros that in China for this car
    Nobody in Europe would be asked for voluntarily in Europe. Where Mercedes is not a Mercedes in there, see Ssangyong. Even Porsche had once developed an engine for Lada Samara, but a Porsche never became out of it. Such prices can at most be realized in China, where the demand exceeds the supply and imports are unaffordable due to the undervalued Renminbi. I think more than 25.000 euros are not possible in the automotive -technically oversaturated Europe.

  4. From the outside more of a Lada Kalina, but from the inside
    this Chinese looks very appealing. At least for women. If you would be right the price, I would give this electrical spring role in Germany a real chance. For the 40 kilometers that I drive to work every day, the range would fit exactly. A whole week without reloading and Friday overnight to the socket. That would fit. At the moment Chinese cars have no too good reputation, but with what dubious reputation do datsun/nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Seat, Skoda and other manufacturers started? 20.000 euros (including battery) would be an attractive price. Other manufacturers of electric vehicles could not even begin to stink against.

  5. Too high demands, too stupid
    Why is it not sold in D? Because the German car buyer to high demands ("at least aluminum rims" Etc.) and accordingly "as stupid" was raised. From all: manufacturer, insurance, state, clubs, car workshops.

  6. @Andreas Weber
    When "stupid" behaved. An Audi drives LT. earlier advertising "under water", Car reviews in site and spon prefer to deal with top cars from Mercedes BMW etc., as if there is only this clientele as a customer. In D you also managed to establish the starting speed at the traffic lights an important feature for a car. And the consumption of e-cars on the first 100 km (e.g. 2.1 LT.) How stupid

  7. And in 2 years the Chinese build the under…
    …another name and offer it here. So it will come. Betting? Mercedes will only offer something like that completely overpriced so that it is not bought.

  8. The Chinese have long been driving a new tactic
    In the former realm of mediocrity you can no longer build only bad copies, you want to become innovative. Word is not surprised why despite a defect in the MINT professions, not primarily the one a few years ago "too expensive" Dispose of engineers "50+" be reactivated? Quite a few of them bring just as "Senior Expert" the Chinese innovative techniques.


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