Driving report Porsche Cross Turismo: This will

Driving report Porsche Cross Turismo

600 hp and 90kWh battery: This will be the second electric porsche

Driving report Porsche Cross Turismo: This will-turismo

Press inform / Porsche
Porsche Cross Turismo becomes a reality: Electric Porsche number two

This message cannot be so surprising. The concept study of the electrical mission E Cross Turismo becomes a reality. The series car should roll onto the street at the latest at the end of 2020.

After Porsche has announced that the Taycan as a competitor for the Model S from Tesla will be positioned in terms of price between Cayenne and Panamera and thus at less than 90.Will start 000 euros, the Zuffenhauseners are now giving the green light for the number two electric model. The study of the electrical mission E Cross Turismo celebrated its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in spring. In around two years the 600 hp electric SUV should be ready for series production. For the production of the vehicle, the sports car manufacturer builds 300 additional jobs at the Zuffenhausen headquarters. The four-door Cross Turismo is technically closely related to the Taycan and has a quick charging network including 800-volt architecture. By 2022, Porsche has been investing more than six billion euros in in -house electromobility.

The acceleration of the Cross Turismo puzzles the US cops

"The Mission E Cross Turismo is on the J1 platform, so we could react quickly", Stefan Weckbach explains and already defines the parameters for the electric vehicle. The battery is in the underbody and this helps with the focus, which is deeper than the 911 and an almost parity axle load distribution. Both indispensable ingredients for agile vehicles. The first kickdown becomes aware that this mission of e-downholstery is well in the juice. The needle flies to the 100 km/h mark in no time, and so quickly that the US cops, which are transmitted by arrangement, puts up the eyebrows. The Porsche crossover will have at least 441 kW / 600 hp and is from zero to a hundred in less than 3.5 seconds. The juice is said to be more than 500 kilometers, which suggests that the batteries in which pouch cells are in place have a capacity of at least 90 kilowatt hours. "We have placed the highest demands on the performance of the battery", Porsche developer Stefan Weckbach says.

Driving report Porsche Cross Turismo: This will-report
Press inform / Porsche The Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo should reach the 100 km/h mark in less than 3.5 seconds

Above all, the Porsche should also survive several full throttle arias without it becoming too hot for the drive train and the vehicle stretches the wheels from itself. "We have devised very complex cooling circuits for this", explains the head of the series. The stability is well put to the test, even if we don’t get everything out of the Cross Turismo during the trips. The chassis is based on the Panamera, is adapted to the higher weight and shows that the mantra "The e-turismo is a Porsche, only with a different drive train" There are no empty words. Like Mission E, the SUV will get everything that makes the models quickly with a conventional drive – from the rear axle steering to the precise steering and a easily dosable, stable brake.

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Driving report Porsche Cross Turismo: This will-cross

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Inside, the Cross Turismo offers more space than Mission E and the instruments already give a very specific view of the series model. "We are quite close to the series of the hardware, with the software or the graphic user interface it is about 80 percent", says Gantimurur Meissner, who is responsible for the design of the user interface. So there will be a curved screen in Mission E Cross Turismo on which the well -known Porsche round instruments are encouraged. However, the central analog rotary meter is omitted and two 10.9 inch screens are integrated into the dashboard, one of which is tailored to the passenger. He can watch films or edit the navigation and almost hand over the app to the driver. As with the smartphone, it can put together his screen according to your smartphone and the operation mainly works by voice input. "There is no point in copying Apple. We take a close look at which functions are effective", says Meissner and refers to the specific requirements in a car. So that the distraction is as low as possible, the font and the controls are larger.

The fuel lid disappears under the fender

The driving modes are also based on those of the combustion engines: "normal", "Sports", "Sports plus", "Individual" and "Range". In the latter, the name is the program and everything is subordinate to energy saving, if necessary the performance of the air conditioning system. When driving off, it is by default "normal" hired, then the Mission E Cross Turismo can also sail if necessary, i.e. roll away when idling. An off-road mode may be added. Incidentally, the curtain falls when tinking about the electricity: Because the lid does not jump up how this is usually common, but drives up buzzing and disappears under the fender. But that will certainly not remain the only gadget when the Mission E Cross Turismo goes into series production. But as I said, it is more likely that the question is: how does it go on? Porsche repeatedly emphasizes the electromobility model range as well as the current with combustion engines. This means that different derivatives with different batteries and drive lines are also possible on the scalable J1 platform. It will not stay with the two electric models Taycan and the series model of the still nameless Cross Turismo. Finally there are also some diesel pieces to close.

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