Driving report Renault Eolab: Extremely economical: This is how the 1-liter car works

Driving report Renault Eolab

Extremely economical: This is how the 1-liter car works

Driving report Renault Eolab: Extremely economical: This is how the 1-liter car works-driving

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Renault Eolab: No ugly duckling

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Renault works with high pressure on a plug-in hybrid. The EOLAB is a technology carrier that many elements will go into series production. By the way, a one-liter car has also come out in which you can also drive too four.

Automobile studies are not uncommon for air locks in which designers and technicians let off steam. At first glance, it is similar with the Renault Eolab: many aerodynamic attachments, a silver shiny body and the wind -slip drop of drops. Project manager Laurent Taupin, however, says: “Many of the developments are gradually going into series production. It was also important to us that the car would not be an ugly duckling.“At second glance, the EOLAB does not necessarily become a swan, but a plug-in hybrid, in which around 100 patents are registered. 40 of them alone for the drive train.A maxim in the development of the Eolab was the proximity of the series. After all, e-mobility should also be affordable at some point. That is why the prototype is based on a current Renault Clio. However, the French did not simply transplant a hybrid drive into a body, but turned every technical component of the small car. The weight reduction was at the top of the specification. The result: the EOLAB is around 400 kilograms lighter than the Clio 120 TCE. In some cases, this diet is compensated for by the 145 kilogram hybrid system. Nevertheless, the struggle weight of the Eolab of around 995 kilograms is considerable.

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The EOLAB is a weight chamber

In the body, the engineers saved around 130 kilograms compared to the reference clio. The French opted for a mix of materials. The roof made of magnesium weighs only 4.5 kilograms, the front of the car consists of light and high -strength steels and the rear and the chassis largely made of aluminum. In addition, there are details such as thinner seats, a shorter and lighter exhaust and a windshield, which is 1.5 millimeters, a 1.5 millimeter. The floral group made of fiber optic composite saves additional kilograms and thus fuel.

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Driving report Renault Eolab: Extremely economical: This is how the 1-liter car works-economical

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In order to reduce the benzindurst to just one liter per 100 kilometers, the French also improved aerodynamics. In order to reach the wind -slip drop of drops, the rear track is ten centimeters narrower. The EOLAB is also five centimeters lower than the Clio. So that the passengers have enough headroom at the front and back, the seating position was also reduced.From a speed of 70 kilometers per hour, the EOLAB whip again by 25 millimeters deeper over the asphalt and offers the wind less resistance. At the same time, the active front spoiler fits out for ten centimeters and rear aerodynamic elements in order to steer the air in a convenient way. So that the inmates have as much space as possible and pedestrian protection is guaranteed, the engine was rotated by 49 degrees. Charming: When getting in, the air springs stretch the EOLAB by 25 millimeters at the top and make the passengers easier to board the interior. Another cornerstone are the 145 tires with significantly lower rolling resistance than conventional tires.

54 hp electric boost

The drive train (without hybrid system and battery) is 160 kilograms lighter than in the conventional Clio version. Instead of a four-cylinder, a three-cylinder petrol engine now does his work. In addition to the 78 hp of the burner, the 54 hp of the electric machine are still coming, which, according to Renault, adds up to a system output of around 130 hp with a maximum torque of 300 Newton meters.Sounds quick and drives like this too. The gearbox has three courses, two for the electric motor and a longer translated for the petrol engine. In total, nine driving modes are possible. The 6.7 kWh lithium-ion battery is sufficient for a maximum of 60 kilometers purely electrical sliding. In short -haul mode, the petrol engine is up to 120 km/h. This is also the top speed that is electrically feasible. On the weekend trip, at which kilometers are eaten, both engines work together and everything is designed to save fuel. In addition, the e-aggregate supports the combustion engine with a boost function for overtaking processes.

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