Driving service Sixt Ride enables booking of electrical and hybrid cars

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Driving service Sixt Ride enables booking of electrical and hybrid cars-service

The international mobility provider Sixt is expanding its Sixt ride service to include a sustainable, CO2-saving alternative: travelers can now explicitly choose hybrid or fully electric vehicles when booking a transfer or limousine service. Sixt ride customers on business trips, on vacation or in everyday life are not only comfortable, but also environmentally friendly. In addition to Berlin, Dresden and Munich, the hybrid or fully electric models are available in numerous other European cities in Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Turkey.

Sixt ride offers customers worldwide a large network of taxi, limousine and driving services. Together with partner offers, the Sixt app includes what it says is one of the most comprehensive offers of its kind in the world: In more than 250 major cities in Europe and the USA, customers can be picked up at short notice or book transfers in more than 60 countries in advance. With the integration of sustainable hybrid and fully electric vehicle models, Sixt ride now offers passengers in many cities and regions a CO2-saving option for their journeys.

Drive green and save: 10 euros discount to start with

At the start, passengers can benefit from a special offer: If they book a Sixt ride trip in the Green, Business Green or Business Green XL classes, they will receive a 10 euro discount on the total price with the voucher code GREEN10 until the end of November.

The hybrid or fully electric vehicles can now be selected when booking trips online at Sixt ride or via the Sixt app. In addition to the taxi and driver service, the app also bundles car rental via Sixt rent, car sharing via Sixt share and the Sixt+ car subscription and offers customers a suitable mobility solution according to their needs. The app is based on the ONE mobility platform, which gives Sixt customers worldwide access to a fleet of more than 200.000 vehicles, the services of 1500 cooperation partners and around 1.5 million drivers.

In addition to Berlin, Dresden and Munich, the hybrid and fully electric vehicles are available in the following cities: Paris, Essonne, Seine-et-Marne, Vexin and Yvelines in France; London, Crawley, Edinburgh, Farnborough, Gatwick, Glasgow, Guildford, Heathrow, Luton, Oxford and Reading in the UK; Milan in Italy; Amsterdam in the Netherlands; Stockholm in Sweden; Zurich in Switzerland; Barcelona in Spain and Istanbul in Turkey.

A good third of Sixt share’s car-sharing fleet already consists of electric vehicles and, thanks to the integration of e-scooters and e-mopeds, offers further options for low-CO2 mobility. With the addition of hybrid and fully electric vehicles in Sixt ride, Sixt is expanding its sustainable offering to include driving services and offers customers an additional option for getting around sustainably.

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  1. If you try what I did, at first glance a Tesla is displayed under Green, but on closer inspection it is a Toyota Hybrid, which looks similar from the outside. I wouldn’t have driven a Tesla because I dislike the brand, and a Toyota isn’t green at all. D.H., so far there is not much to offer. Where is the EQS, where is the EQV?


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