DS automobile is 100% electric in 2024 – one year earlier than planned

DS automobile is 100% electric in 2024 - one year earlier than planned-earlier

DS Automobiles has been founded in 2015 for the “Spirit of Avant-Guard”. Thus, the brand underlines the claim to face courageously and to take a pioneering. Since this time, however, the minimization of CO2 emissions is also being worked on. From the year 2024, the company would only introduce electrified models; One year earlier than planned. This is supported by a purely electrical version of the DS 4. In addition, another stromer was planned based on the Stla medium platform.

Thus, DS Automobiles will be the first brand in the Group, which brings another purely electric model with ranges of 700 kilometers on the market. Equipped with a high-performance battery with up to 104 kWh for a range of up to 700 kilometers, this future model will provide exceptional technology and refinement. Thus, DS Automobiles represents the electrical spearhead in the Group and anticipates the far-reaching changes in the automotive industry. With this alignment, the brand continues to step towards the direction of electrification, which one has put into the center of its own strategy.

“The automotive industry is in a change whose extent and speed are unprecedented. As a pioneer, DS Automobile has anticipated this development and the electrification puts the center of its strategy. The next developments in the legislation and ecosystem of electric cars offer possibilities we want to offer our customers who already appreciate our electrified offer. I’ve made the decision to accelerate the development to create a new, 100% electrical type of travel, desirable in terms of pleasure and remarkable in terms of quality and performance; A new way of traveling, constantly highly technologically and still as refined. It is a brave plan that will accept from 2024 shape.”- Beatrice Foucher, CEO DS Automobiles

With the 100% electric DS 3 crossback e-tense, the plug-in hybrid DS 4 e-tense, the DS 7 crossback e-tense and the DS 9 e-tense with up to 360 hp, each DS is with an electrified drive offered. In 2020, DS Automobiles is the leading multi-energy brand in Europe with the lowest average CO2 emissions (83.1 g / km), thanks to the electrified product range (> 30% of the approvals).

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