DTM continues to advance all-electric “DTM Electric” racing series

DTM continues to advance all-electric

In addition to Formula E, more and more all-electric racing series are receiving special attention. Now the DTM is following suit and presenting their vision for a revolutionary electric racing series. That’s our message almost exactly a year ago. In the meantime, the plans have been developed a little further and the all-electric racing series “DTM Electric” is being pushed forward. After we were shown a vision film on the racing series last year, this year we were able to see the first demonstration vehicle.

The occasion was the 2020 DTM season finale in Hockenheim, where the Stromer from the new DTM Electric racing series was presented. The development of the E-vehicle was carried out in close cooperation between the DTM umbrella organization ITR and the renowned automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler, the serial and innovation partner of the DTM. Together, the partners show what the future of motorsport can look like.

As can be seen in the article photo, the future is green, high-performance and electric. In addition to the successful DTM, which will start in 2021 with adapted technical regulations, the goal is to establish an electric series on the platform that will take electric motorsport to the next level. In the next step, a DTM Electric prototype is to be developed as early as next year.

The electric vehicle was driven on its maiden voyage on the Hockenheimring by Formula E driver Daniel Abt, former DTM champions Hans-Joachim Stuck and Timo Scheider, and Schaeffler brand ambassador Sophia FlOrsch. The Stromer achieves over 880 kW/1.200 hp thanks to its all-wheel drive and is therefore on the same level as Formula 1 performance. It has battery electrical drives as well as the Steer-by-Wire-Wire Technology for Motor Sports Space Drive of Schaeffler and a fluid-cooled high-voltage battery.

The e-car is regarded as a technology carrier for DTM Electric and already combines all the core elements of the future prototype. The body design (designed by moodley and Ideenion) is also a possible harbinger of what will be seen not only in racing but also on the road in the future. Instead of the typical racing car design, a puristic design was used. It is currently planned that the racing series will start in 2023 for the first time.

DTM continues to advance all-electric DTM

The e-racing series will be designed as an independent series that will in future form one of the five pillars of the DTM platform alongside DTM, DTM Trophy, DTM Classic and DTM Esports. The DTM Electric is intended to unite technology, innovation and high performance in an appealing motorsport format in which future electric series vehicles from manufacturers or mobility providers are used to attract the public. It promises spectacular racing with powerful, efficient and fast cars, a cost-efficient, modular concept and safety at the highest level. The plan includes sprinklets with a duration of around 30 minutes and the possibility of automated battery change during compulsory pit stop.

“Together with Schaeffler, our first strategic partner with which we cooperate in the future, we want to lead the DTM platform into a successful future. Our goal is not only to show the state of the art in the DTM Electric, but also to bring central innovations to the racetrack that enable spectacular racing. So we also want to win the classic MOTOSPort fans for future technologies and inspire them with attractive racing.”- Gerhard Berger, DTM boss

Flopsch commented your test drive with the DTM Electric Stromer as follows: “The car is so cool! The acceleration is incredible!! 1200 hp are fully exploited as soon as you press the accelerator pedal. The car is easy!! Brakes and weight still need improvement, but it’s only a demo car so I’m sure there will be more improvements over the next few months.”

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