Due to software problems, VW Golf 8 calls back – 220.000 cars in Germany

220.000 cars in Germany alone

Massive software problems: VW calls all Golf 8 into the workshops

Due to software problems, VW Golf 8 calls back - 220.000 cars in Germany-cars
dpa/Volkswagen AG/dpa-MAG VW Golf 8

Due to persistent software problems, Volkswagen is calling around 220 in Germany alone.000 Golf 8 models in the workshops. A software update should now solve the problems.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More infosder carmaker Volkswagen asks the latest model of its bread and butter series Golf for the software update in the workshops. Because the Golf produced in the future received 8 new hardware and software elements, the copies that have already been sold should also be installed new software, said a VW spokesman on Wednesday. Among other things, the Wolfsburgers want to improve the voice control in the car.The Golf 8 had had problems with the software and electronics features that were clearly expanded compared to the previous version, which did not work as smoothly as intended. Last year, VW called the cars into the workshops for functional disorders in electronic emergency chores.

The Golf 8 started in 2019. The specialist magazine "Auto Motor Sport" reported from 220.000 vehicles delivered in Germany alone until November 2021, which are now to be in the workshop. The VW spokesman did not want to provide any detailed information about the number of cars. It is not an ordered callback from the Federal Motor Transport Authority, but a voluntary service measure, he said. Customers are expected to be contacted at the beginning of the first quarter.

Due to software problems, VW Golf 8 calls back - 220.000 cars in Germany-software

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Due to software problems, VW Golf 8 calls back - 220.000 cars in Germany-calls

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Due to software problems, VW Golf 8 calls back - 220.000 cars in Germany-software

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8 thoughts on “Due to software problems, VW Golf 8 calls back – 220.000 cars in Germany”

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  2. Perfect?!?
    Just good that everyone always chew on the evil Teslas! Respect VW once again a perfect one … Timing for a perfect product!

  3. golf ?
    Well, if you look at the I-Net, it doesn’t just affect the Golf. They have the hardware and software in many models across the entire group. The whole drama is due to the margin. Surprisingly, this does not come, you can’t understand that who is currently buying a golf or the like there…… For VW itself this is anything but advertising. Works that of the eidie ?

  4. Oh if it were just the software…
    …The Golf remains loyal to driving behavior and the outer look. So everything is said. The operation is a cramp, not only through the software, but also the hardware. Touch areas instead of haptic feedback on good (!) Switch. Free floating operation through a fluctuating arm in front of the main display. Unlocked buttons. Simultaneous operation of comfort functions such as (seat) heating of the driver and front passenger and other functions impossible – bottle neck only a display. And then ongoing, unmotivated warnings. Drive in the middle, touch the steering wheel, lost data connection, sensory, bring me a workshop… Only real VW fans with masochistic tendencies are thrilled.

  5. Security risk
    Had the golf 8 times as a rental car. This car is with all this IT or. Computer tools no longer operated and basically a security risk in road traffic. In the event of an accident, insurance coverage will probably go out because you had tried in vain to set the heating on the large screen.

  6. This
    Cucumbers should not be called in the workshops – but on the scrap places of this republic! You can only shake your head about what kind of Murks of this group has been producing for years.

  7. No Mr. Konz, Man "could" .
    Prerequisite one, the full package was ordered for a fee. Prerequisite two, it would actually work well. that’s not the case. Or do you think the recall happens from jug?


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